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Trey & Jamie
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We are grateful for this life and the journey it has taken us on. We can't wait for what is to come next...

Hello! We are Trey and Jamie, we admire your strength and selflessness in considering adoption and we feel very grateful that you are taking the time to get to know us! We look forward to getting to know you, as well! Adoption is special and unique, it creates bonds between families that only those close to it can really understand. We are so exited for the future and for the possibility of creating extraordinary relationships, through adoption, built on love for a very special child.

We try our best to make the most each day we are given! We will teach our future child to love others, work hard, and enjoy life! We have so much love to give and are extremely excited to begin our family. With us, your child will be loved, adored, nurtured and safe. We look forward to introducing our future child to a world of fun, play and new experiences.

We invite you to view our profile and encourage you to contact us if you'd like to get to know more about each other.

Thank you <3

Trey and Jamie

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Who We Are

We live in sunny Dana Point, Ca where we enjoy daily glimpses of the ocean and regular trips to the beach! We love the life we have created together and feel blessed to adventure through it as best friends. We met in Palm Springs, while on separate trips with our friends. Trey was on a golf trip with his buddies and Jamie was on a relaxing girl’s getaway weekend. We struck up a conversation at a restaurant, which somehow lead to Jamie pulling Trey out onto a nearby dance floor! Trey is not a dancer, but he could of fooled Jamie - the things you do for young love. We have been together ever since!

Our marriage is built on deep love and mutual respect for one another. We can count on each other through thick and thin, we laugh often and love to spend time together and with our family and friends. We are always up for an adventure, we love to explore and travel.Some of our favorite trips include Costa Rica, Hawaii and New Orleans. We live a very active lifestyle - you will never find us indoors on a pretty day! We love the beach, walking our dog,trying out new restaurants and most importantly spending time with our loved ones. As much as we like being on-the-go, we enjoy cuddling up on the couch together in our cozy home, cooking in, and watching movies (or our favorite Netflix TV series, which is always changing).

Trey comes from a large family who have roots in New Orleans, Louisiana and Cincinnati, Ohio. Much of Trey's family now live close by in Los Angeles, California (where Trey was raised) and also in Orange County, California.Trey's family hosts many gatherings and have many traditions, most of which revolve around eating delicious home cooked meals (thanks to his Italian heritage).

Jamie was raised in Los Angeles, California and comes from a small and very close family. Jamie’s parents (Grandma Gigi and Grandpa Brucey) now live half a mile away from Jamie and Trey. They love being grandparents to Trey and Jamie's three nieces. Grandma Gigi has said she was born to be a grandma!

Our families are made up of the warmest and most supportive people. We would not be who we are today without them. They have been incredible role models, we look forward to providing a similar upbringing to our future child. Our families are beyond excited for us to adopt! Trey's mom is already talking about family trips and Jamie's mom has started knitting comfy blankets. Our future child will be loved very much and by many!

Adoption Diary

Weekend Get-A-Way!

One of the perks of Jamie’s work is that she is on a school calendar. The student’s had a week off for Winter Break ... So, we decided to sneak away for a long weekend together! Being in Southern California, it was a quick hop over the Las Vegas. We know, “What happens in Vegas,” is suppose to, “stay in Vegas.”  But our trip was too fun not to share… we saw a great show, ate too much food, played Top Golf, and made it hope in time to get ready for the work week ahead! We are cherishing these little get-a-ways with the two of us, knowing and hoping that the time will soon come where it won’t be quite so easy to drop everything and get away! Wishing everyone a great week a head!

Playing with Photography

I (Jamie) recently started playing around with photography. I still have a lot to learn! We took the camera out today and took some pictures at our favorite park. It was a little bright, and I struggled with the lighting… But, having fun with this new little hobby! Once we have a little one, I am sure there will be little time for new hobbies, so getting my practice in now! :)

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Trey & Jamie

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Trey & Jamie