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Our Birthmother’s Journey…. an Adoptimist Success Story

In December 2016, my mother had pulled me away from the self-destructive path I was wandering down. I had been living in Cleveland, Ohio, doing harmful things to myself—mind, body, and soul. I was also in a very unhealthy relationship which drove my spirits into the ground. She saved my life, my mother. I hopped on a plane and moved in with her and her husband in Marietta, Georgia. I did not have my own room upon moving in with my mom, but I did have a couch to sleep on, a roof over my head, and food in my belly. Read more »

Francie’s Entrustment Ceremony

We have been blessed with our little girl Frances Elizabeth. We celebrated our adoption with her wonderful birth family with an Entrustment Ceremony where they entrusted her to our care. Please see attached video for the amazing ceremony. Our thanks to Reverend Anthony Makar, Cleveland Jones and Read more »

Marcus and Joe Get Married!

Our journey to create a family had another milestone- Marcus and I were married on April 29th. We are hoping to expand our family with an open adoption very soon! To check out the video go here——> Read more »

Meet An Amazing Birth Mother

A year ago we had the honor to meet the most amazing young woman who was a birth mother for our adoption agency (IAC). Even though the IAC has declared bankruptcy and shut their doors, their legacy lives on through the good work that they did placing many babies with many happy families. As Savannah says in the attached Read more »

Joe and Marcus Get Engaged!

Marcus proposed at the base camp of Denali, Alaska by writing, “Marry Me” in the snow! Joe immediately wrote, “Yes!” Our wedding was in April 2017 Read more »

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