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Pass Along Cards…second round of sending them out!

We have put together 16 envelopes of pass along cards to send to friends and family to leave at school nurses offices, school social worker offices, doctors offices, public bathrooms, restaurants,  stores, ect. Where ever they think someone may see them. It is another way of advertising, hoping that someone who is choosing adoption for Read more »


So my Godson, nephew, my sisters son Colin made his First Reconciliation today (his first confession at church). This is leading up to his Communion in May.  Time flies so quickly….It feels like yesterday when we were in church for his baptism,  12/5/2009.  Colin is a handsome,  caring,  loving,  funny little Read more »

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Michael and I want to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Michael learned how to make shepherds pie….I brought it in to work along with corned beef and it was a hit! Read more »

Maureen’s dad…aka “Big Mike”

We had our annual pre st. Patricks Day party Saturday.  All we can say is everyone had lots to eat and many more laughs. My dad (Maureen) is always the life of the party…and the kids especially LOVE it!! He even played Pie Face Show Down with them!! Read more »

Prepping for the Nor’Easter Tuesday

We are getting ready for the 12 to 18 inches of snow Tuesday into Wednesday.  We were just lucky enough to be given a “new” used snow blower. Just in time!! We are heading out to get Marty cat food…Michael went to the supermarket this morning..geared up for a snow day. Read more »

Pre St.Patrick’s Day Party with Family

We host a St. Patrick’s Day party for Maureen’s side of the family. It is usually the week before. We are just about ready..for everyone to be here today!! What a great day!! So much fun and good food…12lbs of corned beef…10 lbs of shepherds pie…red potatoes,  rye bread….then all of the desserts.  Read more »

The Best 2 Days with Chase and Piper

We were asked to take care of our niece and nephew the past 2 days. We have been walking around with permanent smiles on. We always love these opportunities to “parent” and it gives us great practice. We can not wait until this journey brings us to real parenting.  Whether we adopt a baby or twins, we can’t wait for the Read more »

Special Day

Spending the day with our niece Piper! And then Surprised another one of our nieces McKenna at her school…she and Piper are the same age. They were so excited to be with us and see each other. We went to Friendly’s for lunch! Picking Chase up soon from school. Read more »

Chase and Piper

We are soo lucky….we have Chase (6) and Piper (3) for the next 2 nights. Having fun watching Kate and Mim Mim, having milk and cheerios. Then brush our teeth and off to bed! Read more »

Visiting Friends

It is always nice to take a drive and see friends. We never miss an opportunity to appreciate the NY scenery. This is from the Brooklyn Promenade. Read more »

Pass along cards

We are so excited,  and I could not be any prouder of Michael. He designed our “pass along” cards that we will use as another way to advertise that we want to adopt. We will send them to our family and friends in other states to help get the word out that we are bursting with love and want to adopt! Read more »

Breakfast and a movie

Michael and I read the book The Shack several times, starting when the book came out. Today, before our craziness starts, we are doing breakfast and a movie. The movie was amazing! Read more »

Ash Wednesday

Our family will meet for mass at 6pm, receive our ashes and get something to eat for dinner. Big year for our Godson/nephew Colin, he will be making his Holy Communion in May! Italian it was for dinner ..fun times the family together! Read more »

Girl’s Day with Kameryn and McKenna

Girl’s day with Kameryn (5) and McKenna (3), the best day! We went and got our nails done, walked around Barnes and Nobles looking for St. Patrick’s Day books or Easter books, then Michael’s craft store (crayon’s, marker’s and coloring books for pur upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Family party) and finally IHOP Read more »

Movies-Batman Lego

Well we finally got to go to the movies..but not as many nieces and nephews as planned. It was what we expected and the kids loved it. It was just great to spend the time with them. Read more »

Beauty and the Beast

We were at a surprise birthday party for Michael’s dad tonight. Our side kicks at these functions are always our niece Amanda and nephew Daniel. We made a date with Amanda to see the new movie Beauty and the Beast coming out in March. This is special to us because Amanda was Belle for Halloween 4 years straight.  We would always get Read more »

Partner’s in crime….

Not everyday can be a good day. On the worst of days, we made a pact a long time ago to try to find other good no matter how bad the day was. Our good is always knowing we love each other, and can always put a smile on each other’s face. Read more »


Having a very big immediate family, we average at least 1-2 (or more) birthday’s a month. Birthday’s 3&4 are in February.  Michael’s dad and our sister in law Susan this week. Read more »

Batman Lego Movie

Our nieces and nephews are off this week for winter break. Taking 8 of them to see the Batman Lego movie!! SOLD OUT at the local theatre..try again tomorrow. Read more »

3 Day Weekend is Over

Back to work…Our nieces and nephews have off this week and we are am hoping to have lunch one day with them one day!! We have a busy week ahead!! Enjoy your day! Read more »

3 Day Weekend

We have been looking forward to this 3 Day weekend for a while.  We will be hanging home, but alot to do! Today was about putting Valentine’s Day decorations away and taking out and putting up the St. Patrick’s Day ones. St. Patrick’s Day is big around our house (we attached a picture from last year).Tomorrow we are Read more »


We got our taxes done and took the opportunity to learn about the 529 plan for future college costs. This is something we have talked alot about as we continue our adoption journey. We want our child/children to have every advantage afforded to them. Read more »

Sweethearts Forever

I really thought we were celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend BUT, I came home from work and Michael had made dinner and had a little gift for me. Dinner was heart shaped ravioli’s and my gift was a “Mickey and Minnie” ...Sweethearts Forever! I just love that man! Read more »

Pre Valentines Day

We are getting ready for Valentine’s Day. We will be celebrating this weekend, but we are getting our little Valentines gifts ready for the nieces and nephews.  Skylanders ordered for the boys and stuffed animals for the girls. The girls theme was “Poppy” from the movie Trolls. We can’t wait until tomorrow! Read more »

Now Michael’s heart is over flowing…

Today one of our nieces Kameryn who is 5 (who has Uncle Mike wrapped around her little finger) colored a picture of a cat. She went right up to Michael and said “I made this for you, it’s Marty. Now I am making one for you of Marvin (they are our cats…aka “the boys”). This made Michael’s day! Read more »

Aftermath of the Snow Storm

Two great/beautiful things come from a snow storm. 1) we get to spend a day or 2 together. We snuggle on the couch, make each other laugh and FaceTime our families!! 2) The second would be how beautiful it looks outside. When we eventually make the adventure outside..the cleanup begins. This snow storm, we got 11 inches. It started with Read more »

Prepping for the Snow Storm

We got our “eggs and milk”. We are supposed to get between 8-12 inches of snow. Work and schools already closed. We can’t wait to spend our day in Jammie’s watching Game of Thrones. Friday will be sledding and playing in the snow with our nieces and nephews. Read more »

The BEST of Nights

We love the nights we are asked to watch our nieces and nephews. Hearing their laughter is priceless. It is the little dose of medicine we need to get us through the week! Read more »

Persistence Pays Off

We have hit many rough patches in our marriage, but we have always pushed through. Persistence has been our “mantra”. Tonight, once again it paid off. It is a wonderful feeling. With our choice to adopt, we are relying on our consistency as a “team” and our persistence to become parents. We crave that elated feeling of Read more »

Adoption Parent Committee

2/4/17- Tonight we went to the APC meeting. It was about success stories. Two stories that were told gave us goosebumps and brought tears to our eyes. It never amazes us at the gift of adoption. To see these two new families tell their stories with the emotion they were feeling was incredible, they were so moved about their new bundles of joy. Read more »


2/2/17-We are featured on Instagram tonight! We are so excited!! We hope and pray our birthmother finds us!! Read more »

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