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My sister and I always wonder why we didn’t stay with cheer or kick line..even just for the outfits!!! This is a picture of our nieces Kameryn and McKenna. Little Beauty’s Read more »

Praying for our family in Florida

As the heart of the storm hits, and we have numerous family members in Florida from West Palm, Miami Sarasota, St. Augustine and most in Naples and Fort Myers, we pray for their safety. We lived through Super Storm Sandy and still recovering from it’s aftermath so we know what they are in store for….again we pray and ask all others Read more »

Please call 917-975-9487

After spending many of our summer days with our nieces and nephews, 6 of them age 8 and under, constantly reminded us we belong on this amazing journey. We cannot wait to be matched with our Expectant Mom. We are eager to start our family through adoption with a child and/or twins, and know that they will be surrounded by so much love we and Read more »


Check us out on Facebook! @michaelandmaureenadopt ! Scan our messenger code, if you have any questions ! Read more »

The Emoji Movie

Today we took 6 of our nieces and nephews to see the Emoji movie, and to Friendlys for lunch! We all had an Awesome day!!! These kids are too funny..posed all on their own!!! Read more »

Happy Father’s Day

Big Mike…Maureens dad is the go to guy for everyone in the family. You can be a son/daughter in law, grandkid, his own kid or anyone else who is family. What a great day…...and what an awesome dad! Read more »

Boat Launch Day

Dad, our nephew Colin, our brother in law Michael and Michael (yes, dad, Michael and Michael) launched the boat this past weekend. The smiles are worth a thousand words! Read more »


We are at the start of our weekend with our family at Montauk.  It is quality time with us all together. The kids and adults go from room to room to eat, play, drink ECT. We hang out at the pool, walk to the beach or into town. We dream of one day having our child with us and be apart of the family vacation!!! Read more »

Derek Jeter retiring his jersey May 14th 2017

Michael and I were able to attend the Yankee game on Mother’s Day,  but it was also the night Derek Jeter’s #2 was retired. It was a great day for many reasons, the history and memories that were relived that night. My sister, one of our nieces and 2 of our nephews were also there. We were elated that we could be together and Read more »

Our nephew(Godson’‘s) Communion

We could not be prouder of Colin. My sister sent this to us just before mass this morning.  She asked Colin what he was doing. He said he was praying the Act of Contrition Love this kid!! Read more »

Michael’s dad

In June 2016 Michael’s parents took a vacation with the intent to buy a condo in Florida.  They were having a great time, until 6/14/16. Michael’s dad had a stroke that left him paralyzed on the left side. It was touch and go when it first happened,  and with God’s grace he has come a long way. We had him come back Read more »

Yankees win 8-1 Opening Day

A great way to start off the baseball season here in NY, the Yankees win the home opener 8-1!! Michael and I dream of the day we can teach our child/children all about baseball and the NY Yankees. Read more »

Great Trip!!

We had a great trip..well needed weekend just to relax. We have been “running on empty” and this was definitely what we needed. We left our pass along cards at several rest stops in New Jersey,  all over the boardwalk in Cape May, and many little shops in Washington Mall in Cape May. Read more »

Cape May

So we are here in Cape May. It is beautiful. What a quaint area, very much reminds us of a combo of Long Beach and Montauk back at home on Long Island. We had a really nice dinner, and now back at the hotel “relaxing”...what we came here to do. Our friends are at our house keeping our cats company! Weekend is Read more »


Today is the start of our weekend getaway. Our friends are here to house/cat sit. Michael and I are on our way!!! Our first rest stop!! Read more »

Beauty and the Beast with our niece Amanda

Sleep over with our niece Amanda.  Seeing Beauty and the Beast at the movies! We went to AC Moore to buy some crafts..then Chili’s for dinner! Great night!!! Amanda is excited for a new cousin to be able to share time’s like these in the future. Read more »

Mini get away….Cape May, NJ

Michael and I are looking forward to a mini vacation next weekend in Cape May,  NJ.  It is about a 2-3 &our; drive from our home.  We have been on the go literally non stop for almost a whole year. We had promised ourselves some down time, and we are so looking forward to this.  We plan on visiting the little shops, maybe go Read more »

Pass Along Cards…second round of sending them out!

We have put together 16 envelopes of pass along cards to send to friends and family to leave at school nurses offices, school social worker offices, doctors offices, public bathrooms, restaurants,  stores, ect. Where ever they think someone may see them. It is another way of advertising, hoping that someone who is choosing adoption for Read more »

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Michael and I want to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Michael learned how to make shepherds pie….I brought it in to work along with corned beef and it was a hit! Read more »

Pre St.Patrick’s Day Party with Family

We host a St. Patrick’s Day party for Maureen’s side of the family. It is usually the week before. We are just about ready..for everyone to be here today!! What a great day!! So much fun and good food…12lbs of corned beef…10 lbs of shepherds pie…red potatoes,  rye bread….then all of the desserts.  Read more »

Special Day

Spending the day with our niece Piper! And then Surprised another one of our nieces McKenna at her school…she and Piper are the same age. They were so excited to be with us and see each other. We went to Friendly’s for lunch! Picking Chase up soon from school. Read more »

Pass along cards

We are so excited,  and I could not be any prouder of Michael. He designed our “pass along” cards that we will use as another way to advertise that we want to adopt. We will send them to our family and friends in other states to help get the word out that we are bursting with love and want to adopt! Read more »

Girl’s Day with Kameryn and McKenna

Girl’s day with Kameryn (5) and McKenna (3), the best day! We went and got our nails done, walked around Barnes and Nobles looking for St. Patrick’s Day books or Easter books, then Michael’s craft store (crayon’s, marker’s and coloring books for pur upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Family party) and finally IHOP Read more »

Partner’s in crime….

Not everyday can be a good day. On the worst of days, we made a pact a long time ago to try to find other good no matter how bad the day was. Our good is always knowing we love each other, and can always put a smile on each other’s face. Read more »

3 Day Weekend

We have been looking forward to this 3 Day weekend for a while.  We will be hanging home, but alot to do! Today was about putting Valentine’s Day decorations away and taking out and putting up the St. Patrick’s Day ones. St. Patrick’s Day is big around our house (we attached a picture from last year).Tomorrow we are Read more »


2/2/17-We are featured on Instagram tonight! We are so excited!! We hope and pray our birthmother finds us!! Read more »

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