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Michael & Maureen
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Hi! We are Michael and Maureen happily married couple, who can't wait to adopt a child and/or twins!

"We have so much love that we are ready to share with a child and/or twins. We are humbled and excited to become first time parents and share this journey with you.” We hope you take a moment to read our profile. We can't wait for a child/children to be part of our family.

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Who We Are

Hi! We are Michael and Maureen. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We are so excited to build our family, whether it is with a single child or multiples.

We met online about 12 years ago, way before all the dating websites. We took our time to get to know each other, and after several months we finally had a phone conversation. We met the next day at a Friendly's (for ice cream). After messaging and emailing for months prior to our first meeting, we had instant chemistry (Michael had asked Maureen to marry him 3 times that very first night). "Family is Everything" to both of us and that was the foundation of our relationship.
Two years after our first "date", we were engaged at a restaurant in front of our family and friends. A little less than a year later we were married in a Christmas themed wedding. Christmas is such a magical time of year to the both of us, and it was only fitting for us to be married at that time of year.

We had a "plan" and always thought we would have children as soon as we were married.We were not successful on our own and tried fertility treatments. After numerous failed attempts, we came to an eye opening realization that this was not our plan. This led us on our adoption journey.When we decided to tell our families we were adopting, they were beyond ecstatic and overjoyed for us. Our parents, brothers and sisters, our 12 nieces and nephews are beyond excited for us, and cannot wait to welcome our baby/babies into our family.

Michael is a Graphic Designer, and loves his job, Maureen is a Medical Billing Manager for a large hospital on Long Island. We are both lucky and grateful we love our jobs! Our last piece/pieces to our puzzle is adding a baby/babies to our lives!
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We are at the start of our weekend with our family at Montauk.  It is quality time with us all together. The kids and adults go from room to room to eat, play, drink ECT. We hang out at the pool, walk to the beach or into town. We dream of one day having our child with us and be apart of the family vacation!!

Derek Jeter retiring his jersey May 14th 2017

Michael and I were able to attend the Yankee game on Mother’s Day,  but it was also the night Derek Jeter’s #2 was retired. It was a great day for many reasons, the history and memories that were relived that night. My sister, one of our nieces and 2 of our nephews were also there. We were elated that we could be together and share this piece of history with them. We can’t wait to be able to share these types of moments with our future child!

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Michael & Maureen

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Michael & Maureen