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I am hoping to have a connection with an expectant mother and get to know each other in hopes of creating my family

Hello! My name is Candy and I am from New York. I am fun, kind, loving and so excited to become a first time mom.

I would like to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I realize this may be a difficult time and how emotional this decision may be. I will be as helpful and supportive to you as I can. I admire your strength and courage for considering an adoption plan. Adoption is a courageous, selfless decision and truly is a precious miracle of life. May you find the strength and peace in your journey.

If chosen to parent your child I will forever be thankful. Your child will always know the love you have for him/her and you will always be honored and respected.

I am blessed to have a life filled with a loving family, wonderful friends, great career and good health. I dream for a child to complete my family and become a mom. I look forward to providing guidance, support, a great education and unconditional love. I can promise you your child will be protected and nurtured in a safe, happy home with lots of love, laughter, family and friends. I will share all of life's joys...kisses on boo boos, building sandcastles and forts, baseball games, apple and pumpkin picking, sledding, bedtime stories, play dates, baking cupcakes, celebrating birthdays, help with homework, trips to Disney, cuddling and lots of love from family, cousins and friends. My family and friends are eagerly waiting with love and helping hands. I am excited to become a Mom and accept the most rewarding, challenging, emotional and joyful experience ever.

I am very honored to be considered as an adoptive parent to your child.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

May you find the strength and peace in your adoption journey regardless of what your decision may be.

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With warmest regards,

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Who I Am

I am friendly, considerate and a warm hearted person who enjoys being around family and friends. I can be described as a patient, loyal and a trustworthy friend with a big heart. I enjoy music, photography, antique shopping, decorating, animals, snorkeling, traveling, reading, hiking and baseball.

Family is everything to me. They are my foundation and the source of support and love. I am fortunate to have a very close knit family. My immediate family consists of my parents, my brother, sister-in-law, nephews and niece. My parents Julio and Gloria are retired and very active. My brother Anthony is married to Alexandra and they have four children Andres, Alejandro, Adrian and Amelia. My brother and I were very close growing up and continue to be close friends.

My family gets together for dinners, nephews/niece sports/games, holidays and special occasions. My childhood was filled with many family getaways and fun memories which included camping trips, amusement parks, baseball games, vacation at Walt Disney World and family holidays. Holidays have always been very special times; filled with great food, close friends and family creating life long memories. Your child will be very loved by many friends, family and special attention from many cousins and extended family.

Great friends are as important as family. I am lucky to have a close group of friends from childhood and college. My friends are very encouraging and supportive of my journey to become a mom. Unconditionally, the emotional and moral support I receive from my friends has been very helpful. I have been honored to be the godparent of my friend’s children and play an important role to this day. My friend Sandra and I have known each other since early childhood. We've shared many great memories in high school and continue to remain very close friends. Sandra is a pediatrician and there is no question she would be my child's pediatrician. I have many friendships with both males and females who are positive role models.

I have a successful career in the insurance industry as a consultant. As a consultant I guide my clients with insurance law. I am fortunate to take time off from work to stay at home with my child. I balance my life between family, friends, work, exercise and fun.

Adoption Diary

Positive energy

Positive thoughts brings positive things! Always try to see the positive in everything.

The best Dad ever!

I am so blessed and lucky to have such a great dad. I am thankful for all the life lessons, positive influence and most of all for just being there. My dad is always there with a helping hand. All I need to do is ask.  xoxo

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