Marco, Amir, and little Anna

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Women Rock!

On International Women’s Day we remember and honor all the amazing women in our lives, starting with our own mothers (Rogina and Anna Maria) to our little girl, Anna. Read more »

Have a great weekend!

Thank god this week is over. Between the cold weather and how busy it’s been, we are relieved that it’s Friday and can’t wait for some weekend family fun. (Photo from our Mexico trip in December). Read more »

Home-cooked dinner every night

Last night’s dinner menu? Delicious pressed ham and cheese sandwiches, cheese omelette, feta cheese with tomatoes and hummus. Sometimes breakfast stuff is the best thing to have dinner. Read more »

Swim Sundays

Every weekend we try to spend some time at a local indoor pool in our neighborhood where Anna took some swimming classes in the summer. She is very brave and love to splash around and swim with our help. Read more »

Movie Time

Marco and Anna love to cuddle up in front of the television on Sunday to watch a classic Disney movie. Latest favorites: Mary Poppins, Cinderella and The Aristocats. Read more »

Great skiing weekend

Back in town after a weekend in the mountains. Anna had a lot of fun on the sled. She even did some skiing for the first time. Marco loved teaching her and taking her on the “magic carpet” lift. Amir, on the other hand, was so happy he could still ski even after being away from the slopes for three years. Read more »

Breathtaking fun

While we were in New Zealand, Amir convinced Marco to go parasailing. Amir had done it before in the Red Sea. Marco brushed aside his fears and had a great time. The views on the huge lake we were over were stunning. Read more »

Cooking dinner

Every night we sit down and have a home-cooked meal together, all three of us. It’s a great time to talk about how the day went, what we want to do tomorrow. And it makes Anna try new types of food. She has always eaten what we eat—which means a lot of pasta :) Read more »

We have the most fun in the snow

We had a lot of snow recently in NYC and we headed to the park near our house. Marco and Anna loved playing in the snow together. He can’t wait to teach her to ski (He taught Amir from scratch). Read more »

Marco and Makram

Maro and Amir’s dad, Makram, were great friends. He came to visit us several times in NYC and DC. He often celebrated his birthday with us. He passed away in 2015. Read more »

Climb Every Volcano!

One of the things we enjoy most is traveling. We have been to six continents together. Here we are hiking to the top of a volcano in beautiful Guatemala. Read more »

This is the view from our summer house in Italy.

The house belonged to Marco’s parents who bought it thirty years ago. We now spend a good chunk of our summer there every year. Anna is the sweetheart of the whole village there. Amir fell in love with the village and the house and he managed to improve his Italian a lot after several summers there. Read more »

About This Diary

Missing the warm weather in Mexico where we went on vacation in December.

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Marco, Amir, and little Anna

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Marco, Amir, and little Anna