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Hello from Kerry and Tibi in New York City!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our profile. It takes a courageous woman to consider open adoption, and we're honored that you're thinking about making us a part of your and your child's lives. We hope that this profile gives you some sense of the immense excitement we feel about becoming parents through open adoption. We very much look forward to getting to know you after you read about us.

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Who We Are

Growing up, we never imagined that one boy from the Deep South and another from Transylvania would end up falling in love and being so happy together. Our first date was one of those dates that neither of us wanted to end. What started at a concert venue in Chinatown then moved to a pizza parlor in Soho, then to a beer hall in Hells Kitchen. We kept creating new things to do so we didn’t have to say goodnight. On our second date, Kerry mentioned how Venice, Italy, was the most magical place he’d ever visited. Later that night, Tibi secretly booked a trip to Venice for the two of us one month later. We had already started falling for each other, but that trip to Venice really sealed the deal. A couple years later, we returned to Venice with a group of friends and family to get married.

Both of us have attained success and happiness with our work. We are lucky to be surrounded by fun and supportive friends and family. We love encountering the world and all it has to offer through our travels together. Despite all of this joy in our lives, however, even from the earliest days of our relationship, we’ve talked about wanting to share that happiness with a child. From the beginning, we resolved that we want to create a family through open adoption. We can’t wait to begin this next chapter.

Adoption Diary

Kerry’s Baking Adventures

Over the last year or so, I (Kerry) have become a baking addict. It all started after I became obsessed with the Great British Bake-Off, a reality competition show that started on the BBC in the United Kingdom, but has now made its way to the United States on PBS and Netflix. Since then, I’ve been on a baking tear, trying to make ever more challenging treats. I’ve become pretty great at making breads, and I’ve also done pretty well with tarts and cookies. Last August, I had the great privilege of baking the cake for our niece, Sadie’s, fourth birthday. She insisted on a “Shimmer and Shine” cake. At first, I just though that meant a cake with sparkles on it, but I quickly learned that Shimmer and Shine are the names of two cartoon genies from Nickelodeon. I had a great time translating them to cake form, but I still wasn’t so happy with my decorating. So last weekend, my good friend Tamara and I took a day-long beginner’s cake decorating course together. We had a blast, and I learned a whole lot. (The picture posted with this entry is the cake I decorated for the course.) I think I’ll take a more advanced level soon, but I’m loving practicing what I’ve learned so far. And it goes without saying that I’m really excited about trying out these new skills on our child when she or he comes along. Until them, I’m really happy to have already been commissioned to do the birthday cupcakes for Jack, the son of our friends Kristi and Chris…and our honorary nephew!

Our Interests and Hobbies

When we’re home in New York, we love to cook together. Kerry can’t wait to pass down his grandmother’s fried chicken recipe to our child, and Tibi is excited to share his family secrets of Transylvanian pastries. We love having friends and their children over for dinner and play parties, and we look forward to our child playing hide-and-seek with his or her friends while we parents speak about their latest accomplishments at school. As you have surely already noticed by now, our greatest love is travel, and we are truly enthusiastic about introducing our child to the world. Between the two of us, we speak six languages—including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, and Hungarian—and we are dedicated to raising our child in a multilingual environment so that he or she can more fully experience the world through multiple cultures. We dream of watching our child play soccer in the public squares of Venice and Buenos Aires with the local kids or inhaling a Belgian waffle in the parks of Brussels. But we are also so excited for our child to introduce us to his or her interests as he or she grows older.

In this picture, we’re setting off on a road trip with one of our best friends, Caitlin. We had a little “big kid” fun in Disney World!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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