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Visita a Fire Island con amigos

Estoy super agradecida de pasar unos dias con amigos en Fire Island. Los Bradleys son como una familia adoptada para mi en Nueva York. Somos muy amigos por aproximadamente 10 años. Cada año, vamos a Fire Island en familia. Este año, disfrutamos cinco dias perfectos, charlando, sonriendo, cocinando, nadando en el mar y simplemente divirtiendonos. Fire Island es el lugar mas feliz para mi. Estoy muy pendiente de llevar mi niño futuro para disfrutar este lugar muy especial. Vamos a disfrutar los ciervos caminando por toda parte, jugando Read more »

Fire Island with friends

I’m so lucky to have had some time last week to go to Fire Island with friends. The Bradleys are like my adopted family in New York. I’m friends with all of them and have known the family now for about 10 years. Every year, we go to Fire Island together. Five beautiful days of talking, laughing, swimming, cooking and just having Read more »

Family holidays in Greece

I’m so lucky to have family all over the world. One of the wonderful places I can go visit family is in Greece - a beautiful country with wonderful people, food, water and history. I also studied in Greece during college, so it was sweet and a little sad to be there remembering all the fun times with old friends. My aunt and two Read more »

Thinking about motherhood after Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, I was looking at old photos of my mom. My mom was incredibly glamorous. So beautiful. She was a singer and an artist. Then, she became a real estate broker. She did well doing that. It’s amazing to me how different we are in some ways and how much I got from her. I definitely didn’t get the blond gorgeous Read more »

Esqui alpino!

Visité un amigo que vive en Colorado recientemente para esquiar por el fin de semana. Me encanta esquiar. Fue un hermoso fin de semana. Los cielos azules. Los días cálidos. Las pistas soleadas. Todo el mundo disfrutando del tiempo, jugando afuera, golpeando las laderas y sonriendo de oreja a oreja. Vi tantos niños pequeños - algunos de Read more »

Downhill skiing!

I visited a friend who lives in Colorado recently to go skiing for the weekend. I love to ski. It was a beautiful weekend. Blue skies. Warm days. Sunny slopes. Everyone was out enjoying the weather, playing outside, hitting the slopes and smiling from ear to ear. I saw so many little children - some as young as 5 years old - learning to ski Read more »


We were 10 people at Thanksgiving this year! My cousins and their friends, my friends who were still in the city at the holiday - it was really fun. It was also a great spirit of sharing and making by hand. I made a big turkey, Texas cornbread stuffing and 2 pies. Everyone else brought amazing sides - squash, beans, cheesy kale, winter Read more »

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