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Josh & Leann
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We're hoping to adopt a newborn girl!

Hi there, I'm Leann and that handsome boy with me is my husband Josh. While we can’t begin to understand the difficulty of the decision you are faced with, I can tell you that we are incredibly thankful that you’ve taken the time to consider an adoption plan!

Josh and I have spent the last five years trying to conceive in hopes of adding a little girl to the family, but it hasn’t been in the cards. Having said that I think everything happens for a reason and given the hand we’ve been dealt, well, that brings us to you… and we’re excited to meet you! You’re looking for a great home and future for your child and we are looking to share our happiness, love, and lives with another child in our family. While this may not have been what either of us originally planned on, maybe we were meant to find each other and build a relationship that provides a wonderful future for your child!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about us and we wish you nothing but the best of luck in this journey you are on, no matter what you choose! If you want to chat with us feel free to send us a text at our number listed here!!

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Who We Are

Leann and I met in college over the summer when I applied for a job as a host at a local restaurant where she was already working and got assigned to train me. As it turned out we both happened to be in the same 7:40am accounting class… which was super boring but really fun studying together for! After dating for three years I surprised Leann with a marriage proposal on my birthday when she would least expect it and she said yes! About a year later we were married here in Arizona!
Since that fateful day we’ve bought a home with a nice big backyard in Gilbert, and we’ve built a family with two amazing little boys, and two dogs (the dogs are pretty great too :) ). We cover our hobbies and a bit more about us individually later on in this profile so I won’t spoil that for you here. :)

Ethan: Age 9

Ethan is an awesome big brother! He is happy, empathetic, has a fantastic sense of humor, very social (started a "Tie club” at school), genuine, caring, thoughtful, sharing, smart and imaginative - likes to be a leader and create new games. He has been asking for a baby sister for years. In school he even wrote down that if he had one wish, then he would ask for a baby sister, where other kids were asking for a $1,000,000. He loves playing board/card games, learning instruments, programming, reading and sports.

Kalvin: Age 6

Kalvin has a real love of life! He is confident, adventurous, athletic, smart, has a great sense of humor, competitive, protective, rough and tumble and stands up for himself. Kalvin loves all sports but he really enjoys practicing "hallway football" with Josh and Ethan during Cardinal games. He also has fun playing board/card games, telling stories, taking pictures, being imaginative and playing with toys.

Our Dogs:

In 2010 we rescued our 2 boxers when they were 9 months old. We love boxers because they have so much fun energy and let the kids climb on them and hug them without a care. These sisters are fantastic with kids!

Our Family Traditions:


We have a party at our house every year for Leann's side of the family that usually travels out of town. We have a gingerbread house contest every year at the party.

We spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Josh's Family every year. We open presents together every Christmas morning taking turns opening with the kids handing out gifts.


Every year we have family and neighbors over for a potluck and go trick or treating in the neighborhood.


We spend the day with family! We love hanging out with family and eating a traditional dinner. Leann's specialty is rolls, pies and stuffing to go with dinner. The boys love waking up and watching the parade! It is so fun!


Every year we take a long vacation to Northern Michigan around the 4th of July. We go boating, canoeing, watch fireworks and enjoy the cooler weather!


We plan a family trip every quarter. These trips can take us to Northern Arizona...or even neighboring states. We especially like taking the kids to Disneyland! We were just there in October during fall break with Leann's family! We even got to trick or treat at Disneyland!

Our Family & Friends:

Josh’s family is split between Michigan and Arizona. His mother lives in Michigan along with his older brother. We visit them at least once a year in July. He also has an aunt and several cousins back in Michigan that we spend time with each year too. Here in Arizona, we are surrounded by family from Josh’s side, including his younger brother & family, two uncles, and lots of cousins.

Leann’s extended family is split between Arizona and Utah. Leann is one of seven siblings, and all three of her sisters live here in Arizona! Needless to say, there are always cousins around! The boys go to school with four of their cousins & they all play sports, games, and after school activities together. Leann’s mom is moving to Arizona over the next year & she has three brothers in Utah.

Having a long history here in Arizona we’ve made lots of good friends that we spend time with too. Leann and I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many good people in our day to day lives!

Adoption Diary

Parenting can be really really hard…

I thought that this was a really great article.  I pray that in the teachable moment(s) that are undoubtedly ahead with all of our children I’ll have the same strength, resolve, and *loveness* that the author writes about. 


All moved into the new house!

A few weeks ago we moved a few miles down the road into a much bigger house.  We went from ~1700sqft to ~3600sqft.  The new house has a room just for the baby that’s gorgeous and will be right next to her big brothers’ room.  The house also has a lot more space for the kids to play and for having friends and family over for dinner. 

It’s also in an amazing neighborhood where pecan trees line the streets along with white picket fences around the neighborhood.  There are lots of parks and community areas for the kids to play or for us to take walks with the boys on their scooters and baby to be in a stroller. 

One of the most fun features of the new house is that we have our own splash pad right in the back yard! With the weather getting warmer and warmer these last few weeks the kids have been really enjoying that.  We’re excited for baby girl-to-be to join us and our boys ask almost daily when they will be able to meet their little sister.  Until that happens we patiently await your arrival baby girl and can’t wait to see you!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Josh & Leann

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Josh & Leann