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The Beach

I love going to the beach, playing in the sand and walking in the waves.  I spent last weekend in the Florida Keys, which is so much fun, looking one way to the Atlantic Ocean, and the other way to the Gulf of Mexico.  There is so much to do, so I enjoyed playing in the sand! Read more »

Spring Time

Tonight was our home opener for baseball.  I love watching the introductions, where every member of the staff is recognized, from the visitors locker room attendant to the star of the team.  It is the only time all year that this happens.  It makes you realize how important teamwork is, that everyone on the team has an important Read more »


I cannot believe it is April already!  It is starting to feel like summer in MIami, although I was watching the news this weekend of all the snow the Northeast is still experiencing, and feeling sorry for people experiencing it.  I spent the weekend watching tennis and next week is Opening Day at Marlins Park.  Happy Spring! Read more »

Painting Class!

My sisters and I took a painting class over the Christmas Holiday!  We had so much fun.  We were testing it out to see how kid friendly the site was before taking my nephew and little ones there, and it turns out, you can paint anything you want with any color!  We stuck to the class, but the children there loved it as much as we Read more »

Christmas Tree

I have had an artificial Christmas tree the last few years, partly because I have high ceilings, so want a tall tree, and tall trees have so many needles on them to fall off and make a mess after Christmas when I take to tree out to recycle.  Anyway last year when I took my tree down, I threw it away since it was beginning to look like Read more »

Gingerbread House!

I’m not sure this is my best effort, but definitely shows that mine won’t be better than a little one I am helping!  It is still so much fun to decorate a chocolate house with candy.  Yum!!! Read more »

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year.  Everywhere I look I see lights, trees, and Santa.  I still haven’t bought a tree, but started getting into the Christmas spirit today with baking cookies.  Rocks, made with fruit cake filling, were always a family favorite growing up, so of course, they are the first type of Read more »

Look What Came today!

Growing up, my mom always had pilgrim candles on the table for Thanksgiving diner.  She would never let us light them though they were decoration!  We used to beg her every year to please let us.  Somehow when I started hosting Thanksgiving dinner and she gave me some of her decorations, the candles didn’t make it to the box Read more »

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