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Karen V


Karen V
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I look forward to talking to you about all your hopes and dreams for your baby and how I can help make them come true.

Hi! I am Karen from Miami. I admire your strength and courage in considering adoption. The joy you might bring is immeasurable. I am eagerly awaiting the day that I can be a mother and raise a happy, healthy child by providing unconditional love, support, and guidance. I can't wait to meet and get to know you; I know this will be an exciting journey for all of us!

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Who I Am

I love learning, reading thriller novels, baking cookies, and sharing those experiences with others. I like to set big goals for myself, and there’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment after working hard to achieve them.

I have a great life with family and friends, and I look forward to one day having a family of my own. I love traveling and experiencing new places and people. There are so many things to see and do that each trip is an adventure exploring new parts of the city and revisiting parts I have found in the past.

I can’t wait to focus my love, time, and attention towards raising a happy, healthy child.

Adoption Diary

Painting Class!

My sisters and I took a painting class over the Christmas Holiday!  We had so much fun.  We were testing it out to see how kid friendly the site was before taking my nephew and little ones there, and it turns out, you can paint anything you want with any color!  We stuck to the class, but the children there loved it as much as we did!

Fun Night!

Christmas Tree

I have had an artificial Christmas tree the last few years, partly because I have high ceilings, so want a tall tree, and tall trees have so many needles on them to fall off and make a mess after Christmas when I take to tree out to recycle.  Anyway last year when I took my tree down, I threw it away since it was beginning to look like Charlie Brown’s tree.  I decided I would buy a live tree this year, knowing how much I love the smell.  Today was Christmas Tree shopping day.  I bought a tree stand last week, and checked my lights this morning.  Once I got home, I put it up and decorate it!  I love going through all the ornaments, the glass balls that sparkle, the ornaments my grandmother and her church made for me every year growing up, the ones bought as an adult to commemorate a holiday trip or memory.  I can’t wait until I’m a mom and have a little boy or girl to buy and make ornaments for and to continue my family tradition of a new ornament every year!

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Karen V

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Karen V