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What Open Adoption Means to Me

I recently wrote a blog post on our other blog about my thoughts on open adoption. Here’s what I shared:

This is what I think of when I say “open adoption”:

- Text messaging you photos and videos when your child reaches a milestone or does something hilarious or heart melting.
- Having you and your family at your child’s first birthday. After all, you will be giving birth to your child. It only seems right that you would be there.
- Family get-togethers with our family and yours.
- I want your child to call you “Mama (your first name)” and your parents Grandma and Grandpa (or whatever version they prefer). And I want my family to feel unified, so I would like to ask your parents if Aria could also call them Grandma and Grandpa.
- I want you to be there at your child’s high school graduation.
- I want you to be there when we drop off your child to college.
- If you have a son, I want to share his first dance at his wedding with you. Obviously, he would have to be ok with that, but this is my desire. And whether you have a son or daughter, I want you to sit next to me in the front row at your child’s wedding ceremony.

I know we won’t always get along or agree with each other, but I can promise you that we will always be there to work it out with you. We won’t disappear.

We understand the importance of a child knowing where he or she came from, and because of that, we are fully committed to having a lifelong relationship with you. And I think it goes the other way around as well. We understand the importance of you knowing your child, and so we want you to have a relationship with him or her.

We understand that open adoption may mean something very different to you, so please know that this list isn’t a “take it or leave it” list. We would be happy to edit it with you so that it fits all of our comfort levels.

We look forward to meeting you!

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