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The Santa Saga Continues

Have you ever seen the Macy’s Believe Meter in Manhattan? I spent a year traveling by train into the city for grad school. My train would arrive in Penn Station and as soon as I would walk outside, there was Macy’s. During Christmas it was beautiful. When the Believe Meter first made its appearance, the scale was really low, but the closer it got to Christmas, the meter got higher and higher.

I’ve thought about the Believe Meter this past week while I’ve been working on convincing Aria of Santa. In my last post, I hadn’t made much progress. But now I think I’m finally getting somewhere.

Aria requested both yesterday and today for me to read The Night Before Christmas to her. She’s starting to get the idea that Santa brings gifts and that he likes cookies and milk.

You can see today’s reading of the book on our videos tab above. The video is in the What Our Toddler Learned Today section.

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