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Date Night

We found a new babysitter recently and had her watch Aria for the first time last night. Aria had a meltdown when we left since this was a new babysitter.

We know that after a few minutes of us being gone, Aria will calm down and be fine. But it’s still hard to leave. Sure enough, the babysitter texted us that Aria was fine and watching a movie a few minutes later.

Jason and I resolved that we should go on dates more often so Aria feels more comfortable with it (and so that we have some time on our own).

We had dinner at Season’s 52. I’ve never had a bad meal there.

Between Jason and I, he’s more adventurous in trying foods we haven’t had before. We both don’t eat seafood, but last night he ordered a crab appetizer. When the waitress left, I asked him, “Do you know how to open up a crab?”

Jason response was “I’m sure they open it for you.” They did not.

It was pretty comical seeing him attempt to open the crab and having no idea what he’s doing. I told him to YouTube it on mute to see what he was supposed to do. But he just guessed his way through it like a typical man.

When we got home, Aria was all smiles. She broke the ice with the babysitter and they became friends. The babysitter told me how cute it was that Aria was having her toys talk to each other.

While we didn’t get a picture of us on our date, I did get a picture of us putting Aria to bed. In this pic, Aria asked Jason to be a dragon.

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