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A Morning with Aria (by Bethany)

This morning I asked Aria if she would like to be my doctor today. She loves playing doctor, so it was an easy “Yes!”

Each year before my physical, I go to the doctor to get my blood drawn and give a urine sample. That’s what we did this morning.

Before I had Aria, my two and a half year old, I would be anxious about having a needle put into my arm. Now, my anxiety is quite different. It’s - how am I going to contain a toddler while I have to sit still and get my blood drawn. Literally no fear about the needle anymore.

So we arrived at 8 a.m. which is important to note because Aria is tired, but not cranky at this time. Thank goodness! I get called in and the first thing I do is get the cup to pee in.

We head into the bathroom together and I start asking Aria to point out all her body parts to keep her distracted from touching everything in the bathroom. It only worked so well because she definitely tried to hold my cup when it was full.

The funniest moment was when I was washing my hands. You know how a figure skater glides on the ice on one leg with the other leg up in the air behind her? Well, that was me, minus the ice and skates. I had one leg up behind me to stop Aria from touching the toilet and my arms in front of me to wash my hands.

I’m a bit curious what the people outside of the bathroom heard from Aria and me – but they didn’t let on like they heard anything.

When we get out of the bathroom, I ask if its ok to put Aria in the big chair where the people who feel like they’re going to faint sit it. I sit Aria down and remind her that she’s going to be my doctor.

I pull out some Doc McStuffins band aids (that Aria calls bay bands by the way) and tell Aria that when I’m done getting my blood drawn, I’ll need her to put a band aid on me.

And now for the most important part – Aria actually stayed still in the chair, holding the three band aids I gave her. Hooray!

The nurse finishes drawing my blood and asks if its ok for her to wrap my arm. I told her yes – the band aids were to keep Aria’s hands preoccupied and that I’ll have Aria put a band aid over the wrap.

I stand up and Aria announces to the whole room - “Mommy is all done!” I unwrapped a band aid and help Aria put it on my arm.

The nurses thought the entire ordeal was so cute, they asked if it was ok to give her a lollipop. Yes, of course. At this point, I’m so happy we made it through that I would let Aria do or have just about anything. Within reason, of course.

Aria’s eyes lit up when she saw the lollipop. We put on our coats, I opened Aria’s lollipop for her, and we headed to the car.

And that was my first hour with Aria this morning. Every day is completely different from the next, but I can promise you, its always entertaining mixed with a bit of chaos.

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