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My First Time Cutting Aria’s Hair

Aria turns three in a few weeks, and I had her hair cut once (by a professional) before she was in my cousin’s wedding. Her hair has been getting really long, so I decided I would try to cut it. What’s the worst that could happen, right? And it seems like being a stay-at-home mom and cutting your child’s hair go hand in hand. At least my mom used to cut my hair. So a few days ago I trimmed the back a few inches. It looked good, but I felt like it was missing layers. I wanted her to have long layers to give her hair some Read more »

Visiting Friends

Jason had a business trip in DC over the weekend, so Aria and I went up to New York to visit family. We drove home to New Jersey today, and on our way home we visited my friend Amanda and her daughter, Ella. I’ve written about my friend Amanda in previous blog posts. She has been battling cancer and is almost done with radiation. Read more »

Toddler Prayers

Every night we pray with Aria before she goes to bed. She used to run around the room, unable to stay still while we prayed. But now she’s getting older so she will sit with us and fold her hands (on a good night). Sometimes she interrupts our prayers to thank God for something, and tonight was one of those nights. She interrupted me to Read more »

What Open Adoption Means to Me

Months ago I created a list of what open adoption means to me and my family. As time goes on, I keep adding to this list. I have one more to add today. This is what I think of when I say “open adoption”: - Text messaging you photos and videos when your child reaches a milestone or does something hilarious or adorable. - Having you and Read more »

An Afternoon with Family

My grandparents just got back from Florida and one of the first things my grandma did was call me to tell me how much she missed Aria…and us too of course. She loves to drive down from New York to visit us with Grandpa for the day. So when she called, she asked if they could come down. She knows that as long as we’re available, we Read more »

The Crayola Experience

I’m always looking for creative outings to do as a family, and during cold weather, I look for indoor activities. On Saturday I found out that we were just over an hour away from the Crayola Experience. So Sunday after church we hopped in the car and headed to Pennsylvania. When we told Aria that she was going to do Crayola art, she was Read more »

It’s Official: I Have 20/20 Vision!

I went to the doctor today for my final follow up after LASIK eye surgery. My doctor told me I have 20/20 vision and I don’t need to go back in for an eye exam for three years! Goodbye glasses, goodbye contacts! One of the major reasons I got the surgery was because my contacts were terribly uncomfortable during spring allergies. With Read more »

We Met an Expectant Mom and Dad Today

Last week we received a call that an expectant mom wanted to meet us. So yesterday we loaded up the car and headed to New York. We stayed in a hotel and met the expecting mom and dad today. They were a very sweet couple and we really enjoyed getting to meet them. Their baby is due in just a few days, so they made their decision rather Read more »

Open Adoption and Biological Siblings

I just read this article on adoption.com titled “How My Children Stay in Contact with Their Biological Siblings” and I appreciate the advice. Whether you have children now or have children in the future, we want to give our future child every opportunity to get to know and spend with their biological siblings. Here’s the Read more »

Aria is Sick :(

About one year ago we were all celebrating my sister’s birthday at my parents’ house when Aria pukes on the kitchen floor. Not 24 hours later Jason and I caught the bug. It was awful. So we’re literally about one week difference from last year and we’re visiting my parents again. Aria had a tiny bit of a cough Read more »

II Corinthians 1:3-4

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. Read more »

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This past week has been quite eventful, and I think it’s best summed up in my title. Here it goes: The Good (or really the great) Jason just found out a few days ago that he got accepted to UNC and Duke for grad school. He’s super excited and I’m so proud of him! They are both online programs where he can continue to work Read more »

What I Imagine Being Abducted by Aliens Feels Like

Ok, I have a lot to share about these last two days, but let me clear up something immediately - I don’t actually believe in aliens. Back in November I went for a LASIK consultation, and just talking about getting LASIK made my heart beat out of my chest. I’m pretty terrified of medical procedures - particularly ones where lasers Read more »

What Open Adoption Means to Me (Updated)

A few months ago I shared this blog post, but now I have three more things to add to the list. Here’s what I originally shared: This is what I think of when I say “open adoption”: - Text messaging you photos and videos when your child reaches a milestone or does something hilarious or heart melting. - Having you and your family at Read more »

Making the Dentist Fun

Today is Aria’s third time to the dentist. Her doctor recommended a pediatric dentist close to our home, and we love the dentist and her office! Growing up, I never went to a pediatric dentist, and let me tell you, I missed out. I always went to my parents’ dentist and the only excitement was a fish tank. The waiting area is a Read more »

Valentines Day Cards!

Aria’s Valentines Day cards are ready to be mailed to her grandparents and great grandparents! Visit our Instagram @jasonandbethany to take a peek at Aria’s artwork. We’re hoping that next year we’ll have a few more cards to send to new grandparents and great grandparents through adoption. With love, Bethany Read more »

50’s and Sunny!

After two very boring days of rain and gloom, the sun came out today and for January, it felt warm out! After grocery shopping this afternoon, Aria and I went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Click on the Videos tab and go to the Out & About section for a short clip of our adventure. Read more »

Our Long Island Weekend

My (Bethany’s) cousin got married on Long Island over the weekend. My mom has three siblings on Long Island and they are all married with children (that are mostly adults now), so family weddings are big get togethers. And before I send you over to our video, there’s one thing I have to tell you. No one throws a wedding like people Read more »

Princess School & Disney on Ice

A few nights ago, Jason and I decided it would be fun to take Aria to Disney on Ice. The show has four princesses - Tiana, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Cinderella. Since Aria had only seen Tangled, I knew we were going to have to do some prep work to get Aria up to speed. So yesterday, we had Princess School. You can see Aria’s vigorous Read more »

Daddy-Daughter Breakfast

It was snowing this weekend, so I took Aria for a daddy-daughter breakfast. Had great blueberry pancakes and caught snowflakes on our tongues when we were walking out to the car! Read more »

Proverbs 3:5-6

Today when I was feeling stressed out, these verses came to my mind. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” With love, Bethany Read more »

We Found Nemo

Or Nebo, as Aria likes to call him. Over the past few days, we’ve been watching a lot of Finding Dory, so today we decided to show Aria a real aquarium! To see a video of our outing and Nemo, click on the Videos tab and go to the Out & About section. With love, Bethany Read more »

Happy New Years Eve!

Yesterday my parents arrived from New York to spend the weekend with us. We took them out to our favorite pizzeria in Princeton last night. The meatballs at this place are incredible. Seriously incredible! Today we spent the afternoon playing a board game. For dinner, I made baked ziti and I just took brownies out of the oven. After dinner, Read more »

“I Have Daddy’s Lipstick”

Last night when we were getting Aria ready for bed, she announced, “I have Daddy’s lipstick!” Things you never thought you would hear… At first it just made me smile. Then I got nervous. Does she have my lipstick? Aria reached into her wallet which she calls her “wobbit” and pulls out Jason’s Read more »

Aria’s Temptation

Aria loves to help me throughout the day. Today we grocery shopped and she was helping me put away groceries in our kitchen. Everything was going well until she ran away into the living room. That’s her tell that she stole something. Today it was pears. It’s funny - I bought these pears because they looked like the pear Aria had Read more »

Our Virginia Christmas

Last week we traveled to Virginia to spend Christmas with Jason’s side of the family. To see our trip and meet our family, visit the Videos tab and watch our Christmas video under Meet Our Family. Merry Christmas! Read more »

We Saw Reindeer

Well, according to Aria we did. I corrected her the first time, but the second time I decided to just go with it. This morning during breakfast, I saw two deer outside. Aria loves seeing animals, so when we were done with breakfast, we decided to get a closer look. I thought that as soon as we stepped outside, they would run away. They Read more »

Matthew 11:28-30

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Read more »

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

The song was playing this afternoon while Aria was working on an art project. I (Bethany) told Aria about the song and then I asked her, “Should Mommy kiss Santa?” She gave me a disgusted, shocked face and then put her hands over her eyes. It was hilarious. Read more »

We Saw Santa Yesterday

Every year we hear fire truck sirens around Christmas time. The first few times, we thought there must be a fire. Now, we know better. It’s Santa! So yesterday we heard the sirens and immediately threw on coats and shoes to run outside. We got Aria out just in time. Santa waved to us from the fire truck and wished us a merry Christmas. Read more »

Check Out Our Video of “Fake Christmas”

Over this past weekend, we celebrated Christmas early, calling it Fake Christmas. Bethany’s parents, grandparents, sister, and brother-in-law came to our house. We woke up Saturday morning and Santa brought presents and snow! Our video can be seen on the Videos tab under Meet Our Family. And just to clarify - the knife mentioned in Read more »

“We Broke a Table”

Yesterday Aria and I went to Macy’s to buy Jason a watch for Christmas. (We celebrated Christmas today with my side of the family.) Finding the watch was easy. Aria behaved, I gave her a snack…everything was good. Then I decided we should go get Jason a tie. This was when everything went downhill - literally. As I’m Read more »

Fake Christmas Eve

My (Bethany) side of the family is here, Aria is in bed, and the presents are all under the tree. We can’t wait to see Aria open her gifts tomorrow! In the picture, we left cookies and milk for Santa and raisins and carrots for the reindeer. Read more »

Cookies for Santa

Today Aria and I baked cookies for Santa. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it was total chaos baking with a two year old. There was flour and sugar everywhere, but I suppose that’s half the fun. Aria’s favorite part of making cookies is mixing. Well, not exactly. The mixing leads to putting her fingers in the bowl and then Read more »

My Childhood Ornaments

Throughout my childhood, I’ve received several ornaments. Many of them came from my grandparents on my dad’s side. They were always good about dating the ornament and signing it to say it was from them. I love these ornaments. When Jason and I got married, my mom packed them up and gave them to me for our tree. Now I get to share Read more »

We’re So Excited for “Fake Christmas”

Since we’re going to be with Jason’s side of the family on Christmas Day, we decided to host “Fake Christmas” with my (Bethany’s) side of the family. So here’s the plan. Tomorrow Aria and I are going to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch for Santa. Friday afternoon, my grandparents, sister, Read more »

Free At Last…

For the past few months, I (Jason) have been studying for the GMAT, a standardized test I need to take to get into graduate school for business. Fitting in study time while working and raising a two year old was a tough task, but I finally finished and got the score I needed. Needless to say, it involved a lot of teamwork and support from Read more »

The Mind of a Two Year Old

Tonight after dinner, I (Bethany) found Aria’s toys lined up like this. (If you can’t see the photo, click on the title of the blog post.) I was a little disturbed why the toys were all facing the wall, so I took a picture and sent it to my mom. She has a Masters in Psychology, so I figured she would have some interesting Read more »

Date Night

We found a new babysitter recently and had her watch Aria for the first time last night. Aria had a meltdown when we left since this was a new babysitter. We know that after a few minutes of us being gone, Aria will calm down and be fine. But it’s still hard to leave. Sure enough, the babysitter texted us that Aria was fine and watching Read more »

Aria’s Favorite Christmas Movie

I checked our On Demand for a free Christmas movie for Aria, and I found Arthur Christmas. I had never heard of it, but it had a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so we gave it a try. Aria loves it! It’s very futuristic Santa, but Aria’s too young to question it. Santa travels in what looks like a space ship in the shape of a Read more »

Choo Choo!

Today’s big excitement was discovering that the choo choo train was back up and running at our grocery store. The store, Wegmans, has been going through renovations, so we’ve been without the train for months. Aria was so excited! I parked her under the train for a good five minutes to take it in. She had a huge smile on her face. Read more »

Can I Go There?

Today marks the third or fourth time that Aria has pointed out the local sewer plant from the car window and requested to go there. Every time this happens, Jason and I have a good laugh. One time Jason’s response was “When you’re old enough to know what it is, then we’ll see if you still want to go.” I like to Read more »

Flower Girl Pics!

My cousin Kimmy sent me a few pictures of Aria from her wedding. It was Aria’s first time being a flower girl. This was my favorite picture. With love, Bethany Read more »

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Aria and I have been listening (and dancing) to Christmas music the past few days. Her favorite song is Jingle Bells. Today while Aria was supposed to be taking her afternoon nap, I heard her on the monitor singing her own rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. She kept singing over and over again: “Santa Claus is coming over, Santa Read more »

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I believe our Santa saga is coming to a conclusion. (If you haven’t read our other Santa blog posts, you can scroll down to find them on the Adoption Diary tab to get caught up.) Today while we were Christmas shopping, Aria met Santa. While she was shy, she was also incredibly happy. As soon as we left, she asked if we could see him Read more »

Meet My Friend Amanda

I introduced you to my friend Amanda a few blog posts ago, sharing our mutual love of Gilmore Girls. What I didn’t mention though is that she’s been battling breast cancer. She was diagnosed in the spring and has been going through intensive rounds of chemo over the summer and fall. But yesterday, she finished her last chemo! The Read more »

Towering Markers

Aria found a new way to color today. She started stacking her markers and then attempted to color using her one long marker. It’s fun to see her get creative! Read more »

The Challenge of a Christmas Tree with a Toddler

Last year, Aria was one and a half during Christmas and there was no reasoning with her to stop pulling the ornaments off the tree. Around Christmas time, people share the crazy videos of cats destroying the tree, but why aren’t there ones of toddlers? It’s just as funny. So last year as we decorated the tree and Aria undecorated Read more »

Our Long Island Thanksgiving

Every other year we battle through traffic to have Thanksgiving with our Long Island relatives. Now that Aria is a toddler, her biggest excitement during our drive to Long Island is the tunnels by the George Washington Bridge. Click our video tab above and under the Meet Our Family section (3rd video), you’ll get to see an inside look at Read more »

Gilmore Girls Marathon

In high school, my friend Amanda and I were always talking about the latest episode of Gilmore Girls. The dialogue on the show is incredibly witty and some of the best scenes were Friday night dinners. Amanda and I rewatched the seasons in college. We even had a Super Bowl get together where we watched Gilmore Girls and had the game on a Read more »

“Cry, Guys!”

Aria’s latest fascination is with emotions. She tells us “cry, guys” and then “now be happy”. She’s even asked her grandparents to all fake cry. It’s pretty funny. So tonight at dinner, we had a little fun with Aria’s request for us to cry. Aria, believe it or not, likes to eat her vegetables first and leave her meat on her Read more »

What Open Adoption Means to Me

I recently wrote a blog post on our other blog about my thoughts on open adoption. Here’s what I shared: This is what I think of when I say “open adoption”: - Text messaging you photos and videos when your child reaches a milestone or does something hilarious or heart melting. - Having you and your family at your Read more »

The Santa Saga Continues

Have you ever seen the Macy’s Believe Meter in Manhattan? I spent a year traveling by train into the city for grad school. My train would arrive in Penn Station and as soon as I would walk outside, there was Macy’s. During Christmas it was beautiful. When the Believe Meter first made its appearance, the scale was really low, but the closer Read more »

What Do You Want for Christmas?

It seems like a simple question to ask our 2 ½ year old. Aria doesn’t think too big, so whatever she says will be easy to put under the tree. She gives me her answer, and I realize – I’ve underestimated her ability to think BIG. Last Christmas Aria was too young to have any understanding of Santa. We met him briefly at the mall. Aria Read more »

A Morning with Aria (by Bethany)

This morning I asked Aria if she would like to be my doctor today. She loves playing doctor, so it was an easy “Yes!” Each year before my physical, I go to the doctor to get my blood drawn and give a urine sample. That’s what we did this morning. Before I had Aria, my two and a half year old, I would be anxious about having a needle Read more »


Aria loves the outdoors. “I want to go outside” is something we hear regularly. It doesn’t matter if it’s pouring rain or completely dark outside… Aria still wants to go outside. Today was all about bubbles - blowing bubbles, chasing bubbles, popping bubbles. Aria kept requesting that I blow bubbles into her Read more »

Here Comes the Bride…

This weekend was crazy busy! Jason had a business trip in D.C., and Aria and I went to Long Island for my cousin’s wedding. Aria was the flower girl which I was very excited about. But, it meant that I was working, rather than attending the wedding. It was kind of like being a celebrity’s assistant. To see photos and videos of our Read more »

Happy Halloween!

The Freehold Raceway Mall had trick or treating for toddlers this morning. It was fantastic! Dunkin Donuts gave us a dozen munchkins (notice how I said “us”), Old Navy gave Aria a balloon, and then of course there was lots of candy. The mall wasn’t busy at all, so it was the perfect place to trick or treat. Climate Read more »

Our Mini Blog

We use Instagram as a mini blog of our day-to-day life. If you’re curious to see what your child’s life would be like as a part of our family, visit us on Instagram. Our account is JasonandBethany. Read more »

Fun at the Farm

We had so much fun visiting a local farm yesterday. Click on our Video tab above and go to the Out & About section to see a recap of our day. Read more »

A Visual of Open Adoption

This is our first time adopting, so we’re new to this process. We know without a doubt that we want an open adoption. We did a lot of reading about open adoptions, but I wanted to see it - in action. While I was on YouTube, I stumbled across a family that shares their adoption journey with new videos almost every day. The first video I Read more »

My Latest Art Project ~ by Bethany

Over this past week, I’ve been working on revamping this dollhouse I bought on Craigslist. It’s going to be a Christmas present for our daughter, Aria. To see what I’ve done so far, check out our blog: http://jasonandbethany.wixsite.com/adopt/single-post/2016/10/20/My-Latest-Art-Project Or, go to our Main tab up above and Read more »

Welcome to Our Adoption Diary

It’s our pleasure to introduce ourselves to you - we’re Jason and Bethany. We live in central New Jersey with our daughter, Aria. We decided over the summer of 2015 that we would look into adoption. After prayer and research, we decided to work with Bethany Christian Services. We spent last fall filling out paperwork, reading Read more »

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