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The biggest question on our minds is - How are you? We're honored that you're taking the time to get to know us, so we'll try to keep this short.

Our names are Jason and Bethany, and we live in central New Jersey with our three year old daughter, Aria.

The best way to see what we're up to is to visit our Adoption Diary tab above. It's there that you will discover what Aria means when she says she has Daddy's lipstick, how we (accidentally) broke a table at Macy's, and what we did when Aria announced that she wanted her ears pierced. Life is never dull in our family.

And if you hate reading, visit our Videos tab to see how we celebrate holidays, where we vacation, and what activities we enjoy as a family.

We pray for you and your baby each night with Aria, and we look forward to meeting you!

With Love,

Jason & Bethany

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Who We Are

(written by Bethany)

It’s the first day of our sophomore year of college. I’m sitting at my desk and notice this cute guy (Jason) walk into the classroom. I instantly knew I wanted to get to know him. We became Facebook friends – this is back when parents had no clue what Facebook was and you had to have an “.edu” in your email to create an account.

Me, the forward New Yorker, messaged him and asked if he wanted to hang out sometime. He took me out for ice cream and we sat there and talked for the longest time. We had so much in common – I knew Jason was the right guy for me.

Jason, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure. He never called me back after that date. I still saw him around campus and was always nice to him. You never burn a bridge.

Flash forward to the summer before junior year, and suddenly Jason started writing me on Facebook. I could tell this time he was interested, but remembering what happened the previous year, I played it cool. But he kept pursuing me, and I fell hard for him.

That year, we went to lots of coffee houses and movies. His family lived local and mine were eight hours away, so I enjoyed becoming part of his family.

During the summer after junior year, I helped Jason land an internship in NYC, introducing Jason to the Northeast. That fall, Jason proposed to me on our one year anniversary with twelve dozen roses. It was quite the romantic gesture.

Jason graduated from college a semester early and moved to New Jersey to begin his career in finance. We got married the summer after senior year, and I introduced Jason to his first cruise on our honeymoon.

We spent five years living in a one bedroom apartment in central Jersey. We loved it! Keeping up with housework for a one bedroom apartment was simple. One of our favorite summers we bought passes to a whole summer of concerts and spent two weeks traveling through Europe – starting and ending in Rome.

Shortly after, we decided it was time to start a family. We bought a three bedroom condo and I soon became pregnant with Aria.

At the time, I was working as a digital marketing manager for an agency, and once I had Aria, I became a stay-at-home mom. Aria and I have lots of fun together! I love to get out of the house – whether it’s the park, a farm, a consignment sale, or driving up to New York to visit my side of the family.

Jason and I really enjoy introducing Aria to new things. We had so much fun taking Aria to Dutch Wonderland on Father’s Day.

We’ve explained to Aria that we plan to adopt a baby. To prepare her, we read a book about becoming a big sister. We’ve also watched the episodes of Doc McStuffins where Doc’s parents adopt a baby girl.

We’re looking forward to meeting you. And until then, please know that we pray for you and your baby every night with Aria. We may not know you yet, but you’re in our hearts and on our minds.

Adoption Diary

Aria Solved Her First Math Problem!

Today Aria and I spent the afternoon in Target. We picked up our favorite cereal, some baby items for my cousin’s baby shower, and Aria tried on some Halloween costumes.

When we went to check out, Aria was all excited because Target cashiers have stickers for kids. Aria whispers to me: “Can I ask for stickers?”

“Yes, after the cashier finishes with the customer in front of us.”

When it was our turn, Aria asked in a shy voice: “Can I have some stickers?”

I’m always reminding her “How do you ask?”


The cashier found Aria adorable. She gave Aria a sticker sheet which has two stickers.

“Aria, what do you say?”

“Can I have two stickers?” Nope, that’s not what I was looking for.

“You do have two stickers. See - one, two.” Aria was really asking for two sticker sheets. So, she took what I said and did some math.

“Can I have four stickers?” Aria said.

Seriously, this was my response: “Nice math! But no, you can’t have four stickers. What do you say to the lady for giving you stickers?”

“Thank you!”

Aria went on to give me one of her stickers. She told me that if I got lost, this sticker would help me get home.

The cashier smiled and whispered to me, “Can I please give her two more stickers?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

Aria was elated!

While Aria’s first math problem solved was out of greed, I was still really impressed she figured out 2 + 2 = 4.

With love,


The Not So Glamorous Side of Parenting

While many of our posts show cute moments of us as a family, this one is definitely not one of them. And if you’re feeling a little queasy, CAUTION, do not proceed.

A few days ago, I found Aria laying down on the couch in the middle of the afternoon. This is an incredibly rare event. Aria is bursting in energy, so I knew something was wrong.

I discovered she was running a fever, so I set her up with pillows and a sheet on the couch. Within in a few minutes, she fell asleep - which is also incredibly unusual. Aria does not nap, especially in our living room.

While I wasn’t happy she was sick, I did get a lot of house chores done while she napped. After two loads of laundry folded, dishes washed, and the house picked up, I decided it was time to relax.

I sliced up a watermelon and sat on the couch, thinking I could change the channel. But Aria woke up and looked interested in my watermelon.

Now this is where I failed. My mom would share this saying with me - “Feed a cold, starve a fever.” Have you ever heard that saying?

I said the saying in my head, but unfortunately, I said it backwards. So I fed her watermelon. She hadn’t eaten lunch and had barely drank anything, so I wanted her to have fluids.

Twenty minutes later, she vomited all over the couch. Oh, the mess. Now would probably be a good time to mention that Jason was away in Nashville on a business trip. Somehow every time Aria vomits at home, Jason isn’t in the house.

Now while this was not a fun moment, Aria’s reaction was priceless. Aria hates being dirty. So upon looking down at what just happened she said with shock: “Oh no, it got on my dress! It got my stuffed animal! It got on my other stuffed animal! Oh no, it got on my E (her name for her blanket)!”

I went into mom mode. I stripped her down, washed her off, threw the loose things in a garbage bag, brought the couch cushions in the kitchen, put paper towels over the spot on the carpet (so I wouldn’t lose track of it), set up Aria on a new spot on the couch with a mattress protector underneath it, and got a vomit bucket.

I just bought a ton of antibacterial wipes at the grocery store last week. Thank you Wegmans for the oh so timely sale!

I got the washing machine going and then started cleaning the couch cushions. Yuck!

After washing the one couch cushion that got it the worst, I left it to air dry in my dining room. It didn’t dry fast enough though, so it got a musty smell. So I washed it again last night, wrung it out until my hands were red, and then set up this contraption you see in the photo above.

I let the two fans blow it dry all last night, and this morning it was dry and it smelled clean! Thank goodness. I did not want to replace an entire couch. And let’s be serious - I’m sure vomit will find its way to my couch again.

Ok, so there were definitely some funny moments. Besides Aria’s shock, I gave Aria a bucket, and she didn’t really get it.

I told her, if you feel sick again, throw up in the bucket. She interpreted that as “You’re going to puke again, so you need to hold this bucket under your chin while laying on the couch.” She started to fall asleep with the bucket tilted under her chin. I removed it, and told she didn’t have to hold it there.

The other funny moment is that “puke” isn’t in Aria’s vocabulary. So she kept saying to me, “I didn’t have any more of it come out of my mouth.”  So I taught her the word “puke” - always a learning moment ;)

It’s safe to say I will never confuse the saying “Feed a cold, starve a fever” ever again.

A Not So Glamorous Mom,


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