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Our Story

We met in 2006 through a friend when Tom was living in New York City and Guillaume was in Boston. It was the start of something big--we’ve been together since that day. In 2008 Guillaume moved from Boston to New York to live with Tom. We got a domestic partnership in 2009 and were married in 2013. We celebrated our union in the summer of 2014 with family and friends in the Provence... and it was a great party!

Living together has been such a blessing and so much fun. We’re partners and best friends, and share many interests and hobbies.

We love cooking, and at least one of us is busy in the kitchen every night. Sitting down together at dinner is the most important time of the day for us, and we look forward to continuing this tradition with a child.

We enjoy experiencing our new surrounding whether it’s gardening, walking to the park, working on different projects in the house, finding treasures at estate sales, or heading to a diner with our family or friends.

For the past ten years we’ve greatly enjoyed our roles as uncles to our three nieces and one nephew. Spending regular time with them has made us realize that we want to raise a child of our own.

Guillaume loves playing with kids and clowning around. He’s a hit every Fourth of July back in Ohio. Tom is always happy to take his nephew and nieces around town, to the Museum of Natural History and, yes, to the playground! We’re eager to introduce a child to many wonderful things--but also mindful that they need to discover and develop their own interests.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our small town in New Jersey is vibrant and diverse, and located near New York City. We have a five-bedroom colonial home, with a living room, dining room, kitchen, front porch and back deck. We have a nice yard where we frequently encounter rabbits, deer, raccoon, and other wild animals (including squirrels that we chase out of our garden!). Our neighbors are fun and friendly, and there are lots of small children living in the homes around us. We have a large park down the block with a nice playground and baseball and soccer field, as well as a public library. We have a great public school a five-minute walk from the house.

We have two exceptional cats: Juno (“the shy one”), who we rescued from our former building in New York, and Varla (“Ms. Personality”), who we adopted a few months later. They spend a lot of time on the window sills monitoring the birds. We also have a sweet Beagle, named Elle, who joined the family last year. She loves to go on long walks (sometimes really long, because Beagles smell everything!).

About Tom

adoptive family photo - Tom I grew up in a small town in northern Ohio and moved to New York to attend Columbia University. Growing up with two brothers and one sister (I’m number three), there was always a lot of activity in our house. Probably because of this, I find slightly zany homes with non-stop action to be great, fun places for kids. Throw in some cats and a dog, and you're going to have a lot of fun!!

Both of my brothers live in New York and we see them often. My sister used to live with me in New York, but today resides with her husband and two children in Ohio.

Professionally, I create and run travel-related websites and produce audio content. I work from home and in New York.

About Guillaume

adoptive family photo - Guillaume I grew up in a small village in the Normandy region of France, an area with lots of farms, cows and apple trees! I moved to Paris to attend university, and received my PhD in Berlin (where I learned how to appreciate beer and curry wurst!), and then finished my postgraduate work in cancer research at Harvard Medical School in Boston and at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

My parents moved to the South of France when they retired a few years ago and we visit them often (usually, in summer and for Christmas). My older brother, Jerome, lives in Bordeaux and is a lawyer. He visits us often as he loves the US. Our family adopted my sister, Camille, from Thailand when she was two years old. She studied administrative work for small companies and now works in Barcelona, Spain. Most of my extended family lives in Normandy or Paris.

Today I work as a scientist for a pharmaceutical company that makes drugs to combat heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis and more. I enjoy swimming, biking, yoga and preparing dinners with friends and family.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Tom & Guillaume

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Tom & Guillaume