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Wheeling trip to NV

One day my mom and I were talking about Halloween and what our plans were.  This year was different for Carson and I because we usually have a big annual Halloween party for all our friends and family for around 100 people. And plus the past two years we were in charge of hosting our church Halloween party for 200 to 300 people. So need less to say we were excited to have a break from Halloween parties this year.  We are known in the neighborhood as the big Halloween go-ers.  But this past few months it’s been harder for me because Carson and I are getting baby hungry and it’s challenging to watch all our friends and family getting pregnant, having gender reveal parties, baby showers, and posting daily pictures when we are doing everything we can to start a family.  So my mom suggested why don’t we get away for the weekend and go wheeling in Mesquite,  NV.  Spontaneously we left for NV two days later.  We had a great time and found alot of great trails that we would like to ride again.  But I hope that next extra year we can have the joy of dressing up and taking around our new little one to take around the subdivision trick or treating.

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