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A really hard week

Last Saturday afternoon we received a call that we never expected.  One of Mara’s cousins had passed away.  He was only 22 years old.  He was the eldest of the great grandchildren on Mara’s fathers side of the family.  He was a calm, loving presence, the sweetest young man with a heart of gold. He was so very loved by his parents, brother, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and really anyone who met him.  He adored his younger cousins; he was there to protect them, play with them and offer his “older cousin” wisdom.  He adored animals, always stopping to play with a pup or just give them a scratch behind the ear.
We traveled to his family home on Tuesday to say goodbye.  His home he shared with his brother, mom and dad as well as his two dogs.  We gathered as a family to comfort his immediate family and to share in celebrating his short life that touched us all so deeply. The day was difficult at times, but beautiful at moments. We remembered those moments of how goofy he was on Christmas Eve, and told stories of how each of us met him for the first time when he was born.  His life was a blessing to all of us.  We will treasure our memories of him forever.  He was loved beyond words. He will be missed greatly.

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