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A New Hot Water Heater

Mara and her dad attempted to fix our water heater by replacing some parts, but it didn’t work.  So after a week of cold showers, BRRR, we have bought a new hot water tank! Read more »


We tried to grow some romaine lettuce,but the heat wave has made it go to flower :( Read more »

Celebrating 15 years!

Fifteen years ago I conquered my battle with cancer and I have remained cancer free ever since! I was in my twenties when doctors discovered that what I had thought was stubborn belly fat was actually an 18 lb tumor filling my abdomen attached to my ovary. I was oblivious to the idea that my symptoms of bloating, gas and Read more »

Cold January Weekends

I have been obsessed with organizing our home.  I’ve been watching Marie Kondo and I have refolded everything in the house.  It is an amazing feeling to see everything neat and lined up…I may have a bit of a problem,lol. Read more »

Wonderful Holiday Season!

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to spend time lots of time with our families and friends during the holiday season.  We have had so much fun these past few weeks. Read more »

Put the seat down!

I get so upset when Simon leaves the seat up in the middle of the night!  I need to find some way to remind him.  Maybe some type of alarm could sound, lol.   Read more »

Busy Weekend

Well it was a very busy weekend!  Saturday morning we went to the pickle festival in our town, I LOVE pickles!  Simon can’t stand the smell.  After the festival we dropped by the Greek Festival for a delicious lunch.(Festival Hopping!)  Than Simon and Ted went to the airport to pick up Simon’s Read more »

Quick trip to the beach

We live 10 minutes from the beach and don’t get to enjoy it as much as we should.  Last night we had planned to go to the drive in movies but traffic changed our plans. We were lucky to catch sunset at our beach. So pretty! Read more »

Family Hike

With such beautiful weather we set off for a hike with Teddy.  We all had an awesome afternoon, taking in the beautiful scenery, getting some exercise and meeting new pups. Read more »

Beautiful Night!

After ending work early we were able to enjoy a Mediterranean fare for dinner on our deck.  Such a beautiful night! Read more »

Tag Sale The Day After

Well it really rained and then it rained some more.  So our tag sale was not a huge success.  Now the daunting task of packing it all up again, uhh.  I am going to call my friends and get a time to bring our household items over to their organization. Fostering Hope Together.  The organization offers Read more »

Tag Sale

We are having a tag sale tomorrow.  Mara baked some cookies for our neighbors.  She is worried the neighbors will be bothered by people parking in front of their homes.  Fingers crossed the rain stays away! Read more »

Our new favorite gif

Mara and I love sending each other hysterical gifs. Here’s our newest favorite. Let’s just say that it gets a LOT of use, lol. v Read more »

Special Birthday Gift

Mara just celebrated her birthday and received a light kit set for her Lego Cinderella’s castle from her brother.  We will post a photo of the lit up castle once she figures out the directions.  The directions want me to take the castle apart! AHHHH! Read more »

Our little pond is growing

On the hottest day of the year so far, the little pond in the front of our house is just over a month old! We started with about a dozen fish, and now we are down to about five. We think. The pond is so overgrown with algae, it’s impossible to see more than a few inches down. The nice folks at the local pond store Read more »

Saying goodbye

Last week my Grandma passed away.  She had lived a long life and was suffering from Alzheimer’s in the last few years.  I am glad she is no longer suffering but I am selfish and wish she were still here with us. Read more »

Busy, busy weekend!

On Saturday morning we woke up super early to head over to get mulch from the town depot.  51 bags later we covered our flowerbeds!  That afternoon Mara went to see her cousin in her high schools performance of The Addams Family, The Musical.  She was excellent and Mara was so happy to be in the audience to Read more »


After a long week, we are ready to kick off our weekend! Aren’t you? Read more »

Spring is here!

Today was the first day that it was over 70 here on Long Island, so Simon and Teddy took a nice long walk without coats for the first time this season! Read more »

Happy Easter Fools Day!

While we wish Easter and April Fools fell on the same day more often, I don’t think that Mara’s family will be as happy with us by the end of the day.  Mara spent a good two hours unwrapping chocolate eggs and using the wrappers to wrap up grapes.  Hee,hee, heee…can you hear her giggling?  Read more »

A really hard week

Last Saturday afternoon we received a call that we never expected.  One of Mara’s cousins had passed away.  He was only 22 years old.  He was the eldest of the great grandchildren on Mara’s fathers side of the family.  He was a calm, loving presence, the sweetest young man with a heart of Read more »


We found an old puzzle from the holidays. It took a few hours, but we put it together. It looks great! Read more »

Lazy Sunday

With a steady rain outside and no plans, Simon and Teddy decided to lay low and watch TV today. Mara went to visit her Grandma.  It’s always nice to have a chance to recharge our batteries. Read more »

New microwave!

It took about six hours and some help from Mara’s dad, but we got our new microwave installed and it looks great!  Our old one had been broken since we moved in to the house, it worked but the turntable didn’t turn so it always burnt the popcorn. Read more »

Our day trip

Our trip to upstate New York was a bit shorter than we’d like, on account of the late start, but we did manage to get some fun photos. We’ll plan a longer trip when it warms up a bit more, and we’ll be sure to post photos as we go! Read more »

Trip on!

Last night, it didn’t snow as much as we’d feared, and Simon has to pick up something from the office in Westchester anyway. So, we are making sandwiches and heading upstate to our road trip! Read more »

Snow day!

Mara and I had planned on taking a Sunday road trip upstate with Teddy, to enjoy a rare weekend day that we both had no plans. But, it looks like mother nature had other plans for us. Instead, we stocked up on junk food and will be spending the day at home watching movies. Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mara had a late night at work, so I had a beautiful salad and mac and cheese waiting for her when she came home.  She brought me chocolate…my favorite! Read more »

Listening to SiriusXM

Simon listens to Sirius XM in the car, and he heard that they have free streaming available right now on the app! Now we’ll have music streaming through the house all night long! Read more »

Locked out! Oh no!

While on my way to the gym this morning, I got locked out of the house. Of course, it is one of the coldest days of the winter. I was left to pace back and forth through the sunny spots of the backyard while poor Teddy watched through the door. Mara was on her way to her parents, she came home and let me in twenty minutes Read more »

Simon loves his geneolgy

One of Simon’s driving hobbies has been researching family history. Not just his history, but also Mara’s and sometimes trees of total strangers. He says that the people in the tree are like a “giant puzzle” and spends hours putting them all together- much to the chagrin of Mara! Simon posts his work Read more »

Waiting is really hard

Waiting to find an expectant mother that wants to consider us to arrange an adoption plan is so hard.  My best friend is a year older, she and her husband also underwent IVF treatments the difference was they were successful.  Tomorrow she is scheduled to deliver her second child.  I am over the moon happy for Read more »

We Are On A Smoothie Kick!!!

Simon and I are a little late to the smoothie party.  We made a New Years resolution to eat healthier and so this is one of our many strategies to do so.  So far Simon’s favorite smoothie flavor is peanut butter and banana.  I am trying out other recipes, because I DO NOT like bananas.  So far I have Read more »

Big Birthday Month

January is a big birthday month for Simon’s family.  His two brothers are born on the same day 9 years apart in January and Simon’s birthday is this month too.  Lots of celebrations this month. Read more »

Lunch with an old friend

Simon had a few clients cancel today, which gave him to time to have lunch out.  He called me and unfortunately unable to join him because I was with student.  So he reached out to a friend he had not seen in a while, with simple but effective text, “Lunch?” His friend replied, 1:30 @ ChipSyo.  As Read more »

Aghh there is snow everywhere!

It snowed last Thursday here in NY and it has been below freezing ever since so none of the snow melted.  on my way home tonight it was sleeting, leaving a beautiful, although very slippery, layer of ice on everything.  It was so pretty! Until I slipped and fell on my butt, lol. Read more »

Mara Built Her Castle

My brother asked me what I’d like for Christmas this year and I responded a little Lego Architecture build set.  I was thinking the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower.  He knows how I have had a lifelong obsession with Disney and more specifically Cinderella and so he bought me the Lego Disney Read more »

A happy and healthy new year!

We rung in the new year with dear friends and their adorable sons.  We went bowling, Simon beat me by 3 points.  After bowling the boys requested a visit to our home to play with Teddy,.  The sounds of their laughter and joy as they chased Teddy around, played ball and had some snacks warmed our hearts.  Read more »

Holidays 2017

We have been busy for two weeks now, celebrating, preparing, and celebrating some more.  Before Christmas, Mara has a tradition of a marathon shopping day after Thanksgiving with one of her besties.  Then, Simon and his friends always try to take in a movie before the holidays.  We love touring the Island Read more »

Getting Ready For The Holidays

We are trying not to procrastinate this year and wait for the coldest day to get out our holiday decorations.  However, the cleaning, unearthing and decorating can be overwhelming. Especially on a lazy Sunday after eating too many waffles for breakfast.  It never fails we always make a full batch of waffles and then Read more »

Pumpkin Carving

It was a beautiful day here in New York, and I was lucky enough to have someone to help me carve pumpkins for Halloween.  This princess has grown from an adorable little to a beautiful (inside and out) young woman. We adore her weekend visits <3 Read more »


The weather has been so very beautiful, it is warm during the day and cool nights.  We have enjoyed taking walks with our pup after dinner these past few weeks.  Love walking through the crunchy leaves while wearing snuggly a fleece sweatshirt, admiring the foliage as it begins to change color. Love, love, love Read more »

Fur Baby Birthday

Eight years of pure joy!  We love our little pup so much.  He came to us at eleven months old and everyday since has been full of snuggles and love. Read more »

Worried about our family!

Simon and I both have lots of family in Florida.  We are praying for their safety.  We prayed for family and friends in the path of Harvey last week and thankfully everyone we know was safe.  Hope those in the path of Irma heed the warnings and stay safe. Read more »

Wedding Celebration

This past weekend we were so happy to share in the wedding celebration of Mara’s cousin.  We had a wonderful time with her family laughing and telling stories about the past.  We wish the newlyweds all the blessings in the world as they set out on this new and exciting part of their lives. Read more »

Bowling Night

When I was little she was on a bowling league.  I have been asking Simon to go bowling for almost 13 years.  Finally he gave in!  I polished up my bowling ball and set out to the lanes.  We had so much fun even though we bowled terrible games. Read more »

Seven year ago tonight!

Our fur-baby has been with us for 7 years tonight.  We adopted him from a woman going into assisted living.  He had never walked on grass when we brought him home.  He has been a joy every single day.  We were blessed to have him come into our lives. Read more »

What a game!

WOW!  This was a great game! Mara’s brother had gotten us tickets for a Mets game for Christmas.  We have been excited to go and spend time with family at the game.  The game started out with looming rain but the Mets played a great game but the Phillies had tied it up in the sixth.  We were on the Read more »

College Roommate’s Wedding

We had a wonderful time celebrating the wedding of one of Mara’s college roomies.  We laughed, feasted, danced and laughed some more with many of Mara’s dear friends from college.  A wonderful night! Read more »

A Beautiful Wedding

We were so lucky to have Simon’s family all come together to celebrate the wedding of his cousin.  It was a gorgeous beach wedding followed by delicious food, lots of laughs and dancing way into the night.  We made some wonderful memories all thanks to the beautiful bride and groom. Read more »

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