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Our Story

We grew up a few towns from one another and met in high school. We were good friends, always looking to keep the other smiling better yet laughing. But as we started college unfortunately we lost touch. We met up again years later at a mutual friends party and have been inseparable ever since. We rediscovered how much we love to make each other laugh, we both can go to the silliest extremes to get a laugh from each other. We both want the very best for each other and can motivate each other to climb to the highest heights. Our dream of having a family is something we have pursued for a few years now. We cannot wait to bring a little one to our family, there is nothing better than a baby's laugh.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a sweet town on Long Island in an award winning school district. We are about fifteen minutes from the beach and an hour from New York City. We have a big backyard with a play gym and a play house all ready for a child to explore and make their own.


adoptive family photo - Mara Mara spends everyday doing what she loves, playing with children and mixes some speech therapy in there as well. She has worked with special needs children since she was in sixth grade. She adores her career and cannot imagine her life not having children in it. She loves to cook, everything and anything. She is well known for her chocolate chip cookies. When she asks what she can bring to a party the typical response is her cookies. She is a crafter too. She keeps us organized, always looking for opportunities for us to declutter our lives. She is an animal lover constantly seeking to support local shelters and of course spoil our pup any chance she gets. Mara often gets behind a cause she is moved by (autism, suicide, women's rights, cancer, etc.) and motivate others to join her in fundraising, walks, arranging an event and/or offering support for the cause. She has a very big heart and is always looking to take care of those around her. She will make a great mom/


adoptive family photo - Simon Simon is a computer nerd who cannot contain his passion, and loves nothing more than helping friends, family and total strangers with their technical issues. He is good hearted, never a negative thought, always offering others the benefit of a doubt. He can see the beauty in the world around him and works to make it so for others. He likes road rallies and has participated in a few. is an avid reader, really enjoys historical non fiction. He is a sci-fi lover too, he is more into Star Trek, while Mara is a bigger Star Wars fan. He loves playing with our dog Teddy, hide and seek, fetch and tug of war. Really any dog he meets he becomes fast friends with,lol. He has so much love to give a little one,

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Mara & Simon

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