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Anne & Ed
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We are a loving couple who are excited to expand our family. We value education, creativity, together time, and getting outside to play. As a couple, we are committed to loving your gift unconditionally. We want your child to know you and know where they came from. We understand this child will remain a piece of your heart, and your hopes for him or her will always be there. Our beautiful adopted daughter, Lena, is five years old. We find it hard to express the gratitude for having her in our lives. She is creative and very active. And, she loves babies too. She is a 'big girl' and cannot wait for a little brother or sister to take care of! We hope our children grow up with a love of nature, a spiritual faith, and the freedom to be whatever they choose in life.

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Our first date was in a West African restaurant in Washington, DC. It was a fundraiser to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. It ended up being a group date since Anne came with her friends, and even some of her high school students. Ed showed his warm nature, and Anne (and her friends) loved him. We realized after dating for a while that we both shared a strong desire to create a family. We had other things in common too: we both love to cook, and when we were kids we both read the encyclopedia and dictionary just for fun. We both love a good laugh. We have a loving marriage, and try to create a secure home for our family. We were both involved in musicals in high school and believe that music is important. Ed is a gifted singer; he kicks butt at karaoke. And Anne just likes to sing all the time. We take annual trips to Wisconsin, West Virginia to ski and ice skate, and to the beach at Assateague or Florida. We have a lot of friends and relatives with young children. Lena has a lot of playmates, including some who are also adopted. We are both spiritual people. Ed was raised 7th Day Adventist, and Anne was raised Catholic. We teach Lena to grow her heart and to care for all living things. We believe that God is everywhere, including in us.

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Anne & Ed

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Anne & Ed