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Dear Expectant Mother! Hello & Thank you for taking the time to read our story!

It has been our greatest wish to share the love that we have for each other with a child of our own.
We already consider ourselves a “family”, but to grow that number from two would be our ultimate dream come true. Just know that whatever your decision is we already admire your strength and kindness.
We have been together for 12 years, and we recently celebrated 7 years of marriage. We always dreamed of having a family. We spoke about it early on in our relationship. We never really considered that it might not happen or that we would have an issue in achieving that dream. And, I cannot tell you how many nights we prayed to have a child. Once we knew that the traditional way wasn’t working for us, there was no hesitation in how we would go about becoming a family. To us adoption is simply a natural extension of who we are as a couple, and it is the right choice for us due to our mutual love and respect of children.

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Who We Are

How we met....
We met on New Year’s Eve of 2005. The funny thing is that we are from two very different worlds…literally. My husband, Warren, was born on the East Coast. I was also born on the East Coast, but moved with my family to Europe as a child and was raised there until I was 20 years old. I am from a close-knit Portuguese/American family. He is from a loving German/Czechoslovakian/English and Polish family, but lived all his life in the USA.
We first saw each other on a blind date after speaking on the telephone for about a week while I was on vacation with my family in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were set up by a mutual friend of my family who had requested my telephone number. Our friend said he wanted for me to meet a really nice single guy.
Our friend even got paper and a pen so that I could write my telephone number down. He guaranteed that my husband would give me a call very soon. Warren called me and we connected immediately. As the week away went by Warren was calling me every day to see what I was up to.
Warren asked me when I was going to return so I told him on New Year’s Eve. He then asked me if I had any plans that evening when I got home. I said “No, but why?” and he replied “I would love to take you out to dinner if that is ok, when you return home?” and I said “Yes”.
And the rest is History…

Our Interests...
Elizabeth is very talented in foreign languages she speaks and writes four languages fluently. She loves to travel and has visited many countries in the world and exotic places. We have visited many countries in Europe, many states in the USA and countries in the Caribbean together. We are always open to travel anywhere by plane or on a cruise ship and someday we would love to take our child on some adventures and visit Disney World and Disney Land in our future as a family. Elizabeth enjoys everything from cultural activities and speaking with people from other countries is always exciting for her. She is fascinated by other cultures and would love to teach our child foreign languages. Warren is fascinated with technology and loves playing with the newest gadgets. We also like to try different types of international cuisine together.
We love to spend time with family, friends and children especially our little niece of which we have a very strong bond with and love to go on swings and play with her.
We like to do outdoor activities such as riding our bicycles on the weekend or after work at the park on a nice sunny day. We also enjoy viewing works of art, arts and craft shows, going to museums and looking at Claude Monet’s paintings together. We love theatre.
We love to go to the beach or lakes and go swimming, boogie boarding, boating, snorkeling and parasailing whenever possible. We also like the indoors, watching a good movie, cooking or baking together or simply just enjoying each other’s company. Elizabeth loves to make many Portuguese traditional dishes that she learned from her Mom. Warren likes to make breakfast in the morning on weekends and loves to bake his delicious peach pie. We also share a love for flowers and plants and love to have them in our home or in our garden. Elizabeth likes to go shopping with girlfriends or our sister-in-law and is interested in fashion.
Warren likes to work on cars in his free time and watch a good football game on TV. We both enjoy going to car shows with siblings and friends. Elizabeth also loves to dance and is a good dancer. She also enjoys singing karaoke or just singing for fun or to kids in school. Warren loves model trains. We like to go to soccer and hockey games together.

Our Family...
My Mom is hands down “The” or, at least, one of the best Moms in the world. She was a stay-at-home Mom. It was because of her constant care that my brother and I had such a fantastic and memorable childhood. I plan on being a stay-at-home Mom too when we are blessed with a child. I value what it was like to have my Mom there whenever I needed her, and I feel strongly about doing the same with my own child.
My grandmother, who I was very close to as well, was like a second Mom to me. It was her strength, compassion and incredible love for her family that also provided the groundwork of who I am as an adult and laid the path for my own strong, family values with a focus on education. I have always been around children. I was raised with my first maternal cousins who lived nearby and we are still as close as siblings.
Warren lived in the USA with his Mom and Dad and four siblings and extended family. Warren was close to both of his grandmothers growing up. His maternal grandmother spoke German and his paternal grandmother spoke Polish. Warren’s Mom taught him how to have a sense of humor since they both share the same witty personality. His father taught him family values, work ethic and the importance of education to become knowledgeable and self sufficient in his career. He helped educate his family, children and his students since he was an educator for 26 years. His father set a good example of what kind of man Warren has become. The values he has learned from his father will be a good example of what he could transfer to our child.

Our Traditions...
We go to the Portuguese and German cultural clubs with our families. Another family tradition is that before Christmas we visit a tree farm to search for the perfect tree and set it up together at our individual homes. We decorate our Christmas tree together with many sentimental ornaments. All of our family gather together to prepare our favorite meal at our home for Christmas Eve. We then have a Christmas Eve dinner with our traditional dishes Portuguese, German and Polish. Also for Easter we have a brunch together at Warren’s parents house and the whole family enjoys spending time together. We also go egg hunting with our niece. We get together for Thanksgiving at Elizabeth’s brother’s home or her cousin's house early in the day then we all drive to Warren’s brother’s home and have a Thanksgiving dinner. We spend time with all of our siblings either at our house or at Warren’s or Elizabeth’s family’s home.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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