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We have been in a committed relationship for nearly 13 years in December. We met with the help of the internet when we both lived in two different states, so it really seems to make sense that we are building our family using the internet, and will probably have a child from a state other than the one we live in join us! Our common interests are music, arts, movies and sports. Our common values are family, honesty, integrity, a strong work ethic and education, of course. We travel when we can and we love our home and pets. In our recent history we became the guardians of a wonderful young boy. If there is one thing that we have learned since then, it is that parenthood will help you to define your priorities! So far this has worked out well for all of us.

Additional information about our contact info should you want to reach us:
1-877-727-6261 (toll-free voice, no texting), 1-773-800-1433 (texting only) or send us an email at laurenandshaila@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home When we set out to buy our first home in Chicago, we both wanted to live in a truly diverse neighborhood, and we found one. We didn’t know at the time that the zip code marks it as one the most diverse in the nation! This diversity includes racial and ethnic groups as well as nationalities, socio-economic background, religion, family structure and everything else imaginable. Most remarkably, everyone somehow seems to get along perfectly well for the betterment of the neighborhood.
We currently live in one of the units in our extra large brick two-flat on an oversized lot in Chicago. We have one extra bedroom just waiting for a new arrival already. We are very fortunate to have fantastic long-term tenants living in our other unit. Our property is fully fenced in, large and private enough for outdoor movies. Each spring we fill the back and side yards with a variety of flowers in planters and in-ground, which usually last well into fall. We are hoping to expand the vegetable gardens a bit more this coming summer. Gardening has been one of the joys of our home and surprisingly has lead to developing a few neighborly friendships.
While we love living in this home and it has worked out perfectly for us, the ultimate goal is to move into a single family home while retaining an income generating rental unit, such as this two-flat.
We have two small dogs, Harper and Rocco, each with distinctly different personalities and ages at opposite ends of the spectrum. They are both well behaved and quite accustomed to children. LB (a.k.a. the Dog Whisperer) of course adores them, though he also deeply misses our recently passed ol’ buddy Bam Bam.

About Lauren

adoptive family photo - Lauren I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, as an only child. Growing up, I was as likely to be hanging upside down in a tree or clomping around on a muddy riverbank, as I was playing with Barbies. I want to encourage the same for my own children. I dreamed about having siblings but due to circumstances beyond control, my parents were unable to conceive again. I believe strongly that it's important for children to have siblings - they can support and learn from one another.
I am a manager at a healthcare company. I love the dynamic of teamwork. It drives me to succeed, and to challenge and support others to do the same. I work from home two days a week so that I can stay involved in supporting my family. I would like to be a full-time mom should I be so fortunate to have that opportunity come my way.

I love to cook and eat, therefore, I also love to run. Our 9 year old and I have run several short distance races together. He's also my partner in crime in the kitchen where we attempt different regional cuisines with varying levels of success. We like being active with biking, nature walks, romping with our dogs, and playing basketball in the backyard.

My parents have been married for 43 years and I look at them as role models. Like my parents, Shaila and I have similar values - dedication, love, integrity, an equal partnership, an openness to new experiences and hard work are the bedrock of our relationship. We believe in each other at all times, even those really tough moments, and are committed to supporting each other and our family.

Lauren writes about Shaila: She counters all of life's issues head on. With her, there is no problem out there that we can't solve together. She is always thinking about others and how she can help and support them. I admire her passion for her work - she is a talented artist and a devoted teacher. She is selfless and loving, and I feel very lucky to be her partner in life.

About Shaila

adoptive family photo - Shaila For over 18 years I have been an educator in the fine arts and cannot imagine a more rewarding career. I come from a large blended family originating in South Dakota with many younger folks moving all over the U.S. mainly for the adventure of it, just as I did. I have always wanted to have children as part of my life; they were always part of the larger plan.

Lauren says some wonderful things about me in the section above. I can’t argue, she is always right ;) But seriously, Lauren is a very thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive and sensible person. She is probably the most loyal person I have ever known and family is everything to her. I consider myself to be the lucky one here! Over the past couple of years I have learned that she is a very good compliment to my own parenting style. I feel confident that together we can be successful meeting a child’s many and varied needs.

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About LB:
Let us introduce you to our fabulous and fearless super boy: LB. He is 9 years old, hails from a very large family and he is most comfortable in the company of other children, of any age. He is by nature an extremely social hero, and a natural caretaker. We have witnessed this on many occasions in the neighborhood, with his youngest siblings (who live elsewhere) and at school. Teachers, counselors and camp staff have mentioned how excellent he is with younger children so frequently, that we have lost count. This year he was awarded a certificate at the end of the school year for “Outstanding Kindness to All”. He is ready to resume his role as a doting older brother.

At school LB has proven himself to be academically strong and mostly “interested in everything”. His extra curricular activities include cooking, orchestra, chess and multiple sports options, all by his choice. We are willing to support him in any activities that fit his interests, just as we would do for a future addition to our family.

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Lauren & Shaila;

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Lauren & Shaila;