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Our Story

We met eight years ago at a friend’s birthday party in San Francisco. We were inseparable all evening, bonding over our similar family backgrounds and jobs in the hotel industry and dancing to a really fun band. Did we mention how great of a dancer Chai is! After a date shortly after at our favorite Italian restaurant, Delfina, we lost touch and six months later, Meera got a job at Chai’s hotel, we reconnected, and we’ve been together ever since. It was fate! In fact, we got engaged at Delfina, in the very booth where we had our first date years before. It was so romantic!

Today, Chai still works as a manager for the same hotel and Meera now works from home so will have flexibility to care for our child.

In our free time, we love spending time with our dogs and enjoying the beautiful parks and neighborhoods. We share a love for fitness…Chai runs home from work every day and Meera is addicted to spin classes and yoga. We also both enjoy music! Meera plays the piano (we have one at home) and Chai plays the guitar, so we plan to introduce our child to music right away and have family jam sessions in our living room.

We love to travel! We’ve recently visited England, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bali, Singapore, and Mexico. We love to take trips on our own and travel with our families too. Our own tradition is to drive up to a coastal farm where we hike with the dogs, play board games, and cook veggies picked from the garden. Seeing the world through our child's eyes will be amazing...we can't wait for him or her to join us on our adventures.

Our child will enter a family where adoption is loved, accepted, embraced, and supported.

Our niece, Miralena, was adopted as a baby from Ethiopia and she is the light of our lives. Miralena has an open adoption and maintains contact with her birth family. We just welcomed our adorable nephew, Jun, who was adopted from China days ago. Miralena is excited to be a big sister! Chai’s cousins, Iman and Rayyan, were also adopted as babies from Guatemala and Ethiopia.

We plan to celebrate adoption as a part of our child's individual story and in an open, positive way. We will ensure he or she always cherishes the love and support of his or her birth family.

Meera is Sri Lankan and Chai is East Indian but we were both born in the United States. Our cultures are important to us, but we've been raised to be open and accepting of other cultures and traditions outside of our own. We will make sure that we always celebrate and honor our child's culture and background.

We both have large families with deep connections. Both sets of our parents have been married for more than forty years and are excited to be proud grandparents. Meera's parents live in Connecticut where Meera is originally from. Meera's sister, Mithila, and brother-in-law, Jeff, live in Maryland and she is a pediatrician and adoptive mother herself to Miralena and Jun. Chai's parents now live in India after spending forty years in San Jose, California but visit us every year.

We are lucky to have a few or our siblings close to us. Meera's sister, Mythri, plus Chai's brother, Sam, wife, Deepika, and kids, Aria and Neil, and baby Leia all live an hour away from us and spend weekends with us often. Our child will enter a family with so many loving and supportive grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

We also have a large network of friends who will be a part of our child's life. Most of them who live near us have babies or young children. We can't wait to join them on playdates with our child!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We own a condo on a quiet street in NOPA, a thriving neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco. Our child will have his or her own room and we can't wait to decorate it! Our backyard is our urban oasis with grass, flowers, and picnic tables. We would love to have our child's birthday party there (complete with a jumpy house) or host an Easter egg hunt for kids in the building.

When we are home, we love to cook! Indian, Italian, and Mexican foods are our favorites. Both of us take turns making gourmet meals in our newly renovated kitchen and on the BBQ grill.

We love having friends and family over for dinner parties and movie and game nights. Meera is always entertaining everyone on our piano. A child's joy and laughter will only make our home complete... and we can't wait!

About Meera (from Chai)

adoptive family photo - Meera (from Chai) Meera is my rock and perfect opposite. She always encourages me to open my eyes to grow individually and professionally. I know that, as a mother, she will always encourage our child to reach for his or her dreams and we will work together to create possibilities for him or her. Meera loves family and is always on the phone with her mother, father and sisters. I love this because it makes our family feel so much larger and connected. She always makes time to visit our niece and nephew and teaches them to play piano and different games. Shortly after we got engaged, she visited India with me for my cousin’s wedding. I thought she would be overwhelmed with the new environment and meeting so many new people at once, but she embraced the experience. Meera makes the best out of every opportunity and makes each one a special part of her. Meera will be a wonderful mother, friend, and hero for our child.

About Chai (from Meera)

adoptive family photo - Chai (from Meera) Chai is my best friend and soulmate. What attracted me to him from the first day we met were his honesty, generosity, and commitment to our relationship and family - I find these attributes to be so important as a father. He loves his nieces and nephew as if they were his own and he loves being silly with them. I especially remember the day his niece, Aria, decided to paint his toenails and he was such a great sport! One of the things I find especially endearing about Chai is his sentimental spirit. He always remembers those special moments and places in our relationship and surprises me by celebrating them. He planned his proposal to me to be at the same restaurant and same table where we had our first date, and the whole restaurant was in on the secret plan. I know he will be a loving and caring father to our child and celebrate all the special moments in his or her life.

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