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Work Love

Many of my closest friends started out as colleges.  I suppose that makes sense—I am attracted to people with similar passions and goals.  A few years ago I became close with a co-worker with whom I shared an interest in social justice and education.  When she left the office to explore another love of hers, art, we remained close and stayed in touch.  Recently, she gifted me a few of her paintings to hang in my office.  I love them.  They are a reminder of our friendship and of the Read more »

Holiday Highlights and New Year Reflections

I was so fortunate to have peaceful holidays shared with some of my closest friends, my chosen family.  For Thanksgiving a group of dear friends and my eight-year-old nephew Cole traveled with me out to Montauk where we spent the holiday cooking and giving thanks for all the blessings in our life.  We curled up Read more »

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