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Happy Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated a milestone birthday for my mom.  My brother, sister-in-law, and niece came over for some pizza and cannoli cake.  I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful mom and role model.  She is such a strong lady and I hope to be half the mom she has been to me with our own little one. Read more »

First Communion

We were so lucky be able to celebrate our niece’s communion.  She was so grown up and poised and we took such pride in seeing her celebrate this occasion.  Gwendolyn joined our family through adoption 7 years ago.  She is such a blessing. Read more »


Today I made our niece’s favors for her 1st Holy Communion.  I made cookie pops.  They are a big cookie dipped in chocolate with a chocolate cross on it.  They kitchen smelled amazing and it gave me such joy to make one of Gwendolyn’s favorite cookies. Read more »


Last week we finally took our first vacation is 2 yrs. We went down to Fort Lauderdale.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We had such a great time time taking in the sites and relaxing at the beach.  We can’t wait to go back again. Read more »

Our niece- Gwendolyn

Last week, we got to spend Easter with our niece, Gwendolyn.  This beauty came into our lives 7 1/2 years ago through adoption.  My brother and sister-in-law struggled and never believed that they would become parents.  Then Gwendolyn came into their lives.  She’s the best. Read more »


Tomorrow is Easter- that was fast!  Today we’re having Easter with Bill’s family and tomorrow my family will come over.  I have to get the eggs prepared for our niece- Gwendolyn to find. Some of the eggs have candy, and others have some money in them.  The joy on her face warms our hearts. Read more »

Flower Show

So it may not feel like spring yet in NY, but it felt like spring at the flower show we went to.  It was so nice to see so many beautiful attractions.  We got some great ideas for when we begin our planting too. Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day

Who’s getting their Irish on?  St. Patrick’s Day is here! That means the kitchen is going to be filled with homemade Irish Soda Bread.  Bill is so excited and so is the rest of the family and our workplaces (work gets their share on Monday).  It’s a tradition I started years ago.  It’s so easy to make Read more »

March Begins

It’s the first day of March which means 19 days until spring.  March is such a busy month.  There’s Bill’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, and St. Joseph’s Day.  Irish soda Bread one day and Italian pastries two days later.  We wouldn’t have it any other way though.  With Easter a month Read more »

3 Day Weekend

It’s Friday, it’s a long weekend, and we are so happy.  Now, we love our jobs, but who doesn’t need a three day weekend once in a while.  We’re surely going to kick back and relax a little, but there’s always projects to do around the house.  Our friend is also having a Daytona 500 party.  Read more »


Since Bill and I are sports fans, what better way to hang out on a rainy weekend than to watch the Olympics. There’s always something magical about them.  Maybe it’s the unity or maybe it’s good sportsmanship.  Bill loves to watch the skiing and snowboarding, while I’m the typical girl who loves the figure Read more »

Super Bowl

Today’s the day!!!  While my beloved NY Giants and Bill’s beloved NY Jets are not playing we will still be watching.  We’re rooting for the Eagles.  No Patriots fans here, unless I unearth my secret crush on Rob Gronkoswski.  That guy is an amazing player.  When the game starts, the homemade pizza will Read more »

Planning a trip

Sometime this spring, we are finally taking a vacation.  We’re going to go to Fort Lauderdale for a few days.  Bill lived there many years ago, and I finally get to see his old stomping grounds.  We are so excited!!  Sun, sand, and fun are ahead of us. Read more »

Winter warmup

It finally warmed up outside.  50 degrees never felt so good.  After the 16 inches of snow we had 3 weeks ago, we were finally able to take down our outside Christmas lights and finally decorate the windows for Valentine’s Day. Read more »

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas! What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?  Ours is watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  We snuggles up on Christmas eve to watch it.  After all these years, we still laugh like crazy at it.  We were fortunate to have our whole family together for the holiday this year.  We had Read more »

Let It Snow

Today we’re expecting the first snowfall of the season.  We always get excited for the first snow, especially when the Christmas lights are gleaming.  It makes everything look so pretty.  If we’re lucky enough, we can have a snowball fight later on. It’s something both Bill and I did as kids and will continue to Read more »

Christmas Decorating

Christmas is our absolute favorite time of year.  The other day we put up our tree and yesterday we finished the lights outside. We decided to get one of those star power motion laser lights that you see all over.  It looks really good! The lights look beautiful along with the other lights and decorations outside.  One day we Read more »

Turkey Day is near

Who’s ready for Thanksgiving?  We’re close to being ready.  Every year we host.  This year is a bit of a smaller crowd, but that’s ok.  We have our turkey, the stuffing got made yesterday, and the rest will get done on Thanksgiving Day.  Apple crumb pie will be for dessert.  Of course, Read more »

Happy Anniversary

Today is our wedding anniversary.  Three years strong.  It has gone by so fast an we are hoping to share our 4th year with a little one.  Marriage has taught us patience, understanding, and learning to give and take.  We had a great night- ordered in and now we are sitting and enjoying our time together. Read more »

Baking time

It’s finally cool outside, which means it’s time to make apple pie.  For some reason, I need it to really feel like fall before I make apple pie.  It’s one of Bill’s favorites too.  I think this time, I make a crumb topping for it instead of the traditional crust top.  Sometimes you just have to Read more »


TGIF!!  The weekend is here and we are ready to get going with it.  Friday night- nothing like relaxing at home for a change.  Tomorrow we have one of our adoption support group meetings.  This is such a wonderful group we belong to.  Then I will be cooking up lots of good things.  Spaghetti, meatballs, chicken Read more »


How did the weekend go so fast? Ours was busy.  Friday night we met up with some friends for dinner and Saturday we want to see our friends new baby girl.  She is precious.  In fact, she was matched right here on Adoptomist.  It’s such a blessing to see.  Yesterday was baking and church.  Let’s all see Read more »

Thursday Eve

So happy tomorrow is Friday.  We plan to get together with our good friends and Mary’s godchild.  Then on Saturday we are going to one of our adoption support group meetings.  It’s a great group of people. Then, there is some baking that needs to be done and some baseball playoffs to watch.  Go Yankees!! Read more »

Football pool fun

We’re 5 weeks into football season and Bill and I are close with our scores.  He’s been leading me int he standings a bit, but I’m getting closer. Right now we are doing better than our friends.  Nothing like a good tag team. Read more »

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of my favorite places to visit. What happened yesterday is tragic and unbelievable.  Please let’s say a prayer for all those directly affected an for America.  All this hatred must stop. Read more »


We made it through the week.  Don’t you just love a Friday night? We do.  I do a no frills dinner. Usually it’s breakfast for dinner.  Tonight was pancakes. I think breakfast for dinner is one of my favorites, especially when you go to the diner.  There is nothing like some eggs and home fries.  Now Read more »

This Is Us

Who’s watching This is Us?  I started watching it last year and I was hooked.  Not because one of the children is adopted, but because it’s just a well written show that tugs at your heart.  The end of each episode always leaves me wanting more. Read more »

Fall Begins

Fall is here on the calendar and by this weekend it will start to feel that way.  We’ve been having a heat wave in NY.  It hit 88 today.  I’m ready to put my scarecrows out and get my pumpkins.  I bought some new Halloween decorations.  We’ve got a cute witch for the outside and some purple lights for Read more »

Dreams Come True

So happy for some good friends of mine who are in the same adoption process as we are.  We are still hoping and praying for our miracle, but today they got their miracle.  So happy for them. Read more »

Hump Day

We all know what today is- hump day.  There’s something about Wednesdays.  You know you are one step closer to the weekend.  I don’t know about you, but I start to feel excited once Wednesday comes. Read more »

Pirates Day

So today is apparently Talk Like a Pirate Day. Did you all know there was such a day?  Well, there is.  So, now Bill and I are trying to come up with our best pirate voices and phrases.  We are always up for a competition with one another.  I happen to think my pirate impressions are better, since impressions are a hidden Read more »

Monday Monday

Ok. It’s Monday.  Caffeine in hand and ready to start the week.  I can’t believe we are in the middle of Sept. already.  It’s warm and muggy in NY today, so it does not feel like fall yet.  They only thing I’ve decorated for fall so far is the dining room.  I just can’t put a scarecrow out Read more »

Football time

Are you ready for some football?  I know we are.  Football is a big sport in our home.  Bill and I both love Notre Dame is our college team, but we differ on the NFL.  Bill loves the NY Jets, but I’m a NY Giants fan.  It’s a good rivalry between us. Plus we play in a football pool, so that really amps up the Read more »

What a weekend

Wow, the weekend literally flew by.  Friday night, Bill and I were lucky enough to score tickets to see a taping of Kevin James’ sitcom, “Kevin Can Wait.”  First off it was hilarious!! We laughed so hard.  There was a warm up guy who grabbed a hold of me an started to razz me- all in good fun though.  I Read more »

Prayers for Texas

We are currently praying for Texas as we write this.  We have family outside of Houston.  Up until today they were ok, but had to evacuate this afternoon.  They did make it safely to a friend’s home, hoping and praying they soon will be able to go back to their normal lives.  So, I ask all of you reading this post to Read more »

Total Eclipse

So who saw the eclipse today?  Bill and I saw some of it.  i looked quickly at work, but Bill had a better view from his office and he had the glasses.  The nerd in me set the DVR so I could watch it.  Bill’s brother sent us a cool video of the total eclipse from his home in Tennessee.  It really was a sight to Read more »


This weekend we celebrated our nephew’s 1st birthday.  Conor had a great day.  He had an awesome beach party.  He is so close to walking too.  Any day he’s going to let go of his momma’s hand and go!  Yesterday we also had our niece’s 3rd birthday party.  Paw Patrol was the theme.  It Read more »

Summer is flying by

Who else is with me- summer is going way to fast.  It’s August already. It seems like children juts got out of school here and now all the back to school stuff is in full swing.  I’m waiting for the Christmas decorations to go up in the department stores any day.  Notice how they put them out earlier each year. Read more »

Friday Fun Day

Do you love Fridays? We do.  For us like everyone else, it means the start of the weekend after we get out of work.  We like to think of it as a night to sit back and chill out.  The weeks get busy and this is the one night we just get to hang out with each other.  It’s also a night where there’s no huge meal Read more »


Ok, so the title of this could mean two things.  Yes, it’s hot as blazes outside, so we’re baking in this weather.  What I really mean is that I was baking cookies inside.  I love baking.  Plain and simple.  It is a passion of mine and a passion for Bill’s tummy too!  Since I have an at home Read more »

Hot, Hot, Hot

Wow!  It’s hot out today in NY.  The best place to be is at the beach, which is where we spent today. The breeze was good, the water was warm, and the kayak gave us a great workout.  Bill likes to try his hand at the paddle board, but I like the kayak more.  So, we compromised.  I hung out while bill paddle Read more »

So many good things

I’ve been studying hard for a board exam the past few weeks.  The exam was the other day and I passed.  Bill was so supportive and kept down the fort, while I was cracking the books. We were able to celebrate with some family this weekend.  We went out to the North Fork of Long Island and spent time with some family that Read more »

Candle lighting

Today was candle lighting day is one of our adoptive parents support groups.  Those hoping to adopt, like we are, light a candle from someone who has adopted this past year. It’s a great meaningful event, but fun too.  We do some fundraising as well.  The candle we took home today will be lit each night for a minute or two Read more »

Birthday Celebrations

On Saturday we celebrated my mom’s birthday.  It was wonderful to have everyone together.  My brother, sister-in-law, and niece came to our house.  What did mom want?  Pizza and strawberry shortcake.  Simple and wonderful.  Saturday was also one of our nephews birthday,so we made a quick call to Tennessee to Read more »

Gearing up for the weekend

One more day of work and them we are off for a four day weekend.  We have a family wedding to attend on Saturday.  We are so thrilled for my cousin!  Then it’s back to reality- studying for me.  One month to go until my board exam.  Nervous?  That puts it mildly.  Bill is so encouraging though.  He Read more »

Spring Flowers

Finally, spring has sprung which means that we went to the nursery for our plants for the season.  I love it each year when I start shopping for the flower garden.  There’s just so much to choose from!  This year we got Zinnia for the front of the house.  Mixes of reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows.  For the Read more »

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is going to be good this year.  We are going to make it a positive one.  Bill just came home with flowers for me, since I was a mom for a short time.  I’m also an aunt to 8 wonderful nieces and nephews, a godmother to one of my nephews and a godmother to my best friend’s son.  We will spend Read more »

Texas visit

Last week, Bill and I took a trip to see my cousins in Texas.  They moved there 3 years ago and I miss them so much.  They are more like a brother and sister to me than cousins.  We had the best time.  Texas is a beautiful state!  The weather was great and the people are so welcoming and nice.  Their block held a Read more »


April showers bring May flowers…wait it’s still raining.  Ok, we are only 2 days into May, so I will think positive.  Lately, it’s like living in Seattle, foggy, humid, and rainy.  But on the plus side, the lawn looks great and soon I will be able to plant our flowers.  Definitely going to plant Zinnia Read more »


Getting down to the grind and studying for an exam I have to take for work.  Last year, I had to go back to school for some additional training for new equipment.  Now that all the clinical training is done it is time to crack the books and study hard.  I have to admit- this hurts my brain and I am scared at the same time.  Read more »

Easter Fun

We had a great Easter celebration this weekend. First, we were at Bill’s family, where there were 19 of us.  All of the nieces and nephews were there.  We had a huge egg hunt for the kids.  We also got to spend some quality time with our Godson.  Conor is getting so big and he will be taking his first steps soon.  Read more »


Last night, we went to go see Kevin James perform his stand up comed routine.  We’ve loved him since his show “King of Queens”, and his new show, ” Kevin Can Wait.”  The tickets were a birthday gift to Bill.  We had such a great time!  Kevin is just so funny and the refreshing thing was there Read more »

March Celebrations

We have lots to celebrate in March. Last week we celebrated Bill’s birthday. I surprised him with a Carvel Fudgie The Whale ice cream cake and tickets to see Kevin James do his comedy.  Then two days later it was St. Patrick’s Day.  We both do not like corned beef and cabbage, but we had plenty of my homemade Irish Soda Read more »

Almost Spring—I think

As I write this, we are just coming off a terrible snowstorm/blizzard/ice storm- call it whatever you want, but it was nasty.  Luckily, Bill’s office was closed, but I had to get to work at the hospital.  Just the other day it was 60 outside. Nuts!!!  The most important thing is that we were all safe.  Plus, I have we Read more »

March Madness

I bet fro the title you think I am going to write about NCAA basketball.  As much as I would love to play the brackets, I’ll leave that job to Bill.  He is better at that than I am.  I would only pick the popular teams and we all know some underdog comes out of nowhere!  March is a buzy month #marchmadness for Read more »


Hollywood’s big night = Bill and I sitting in our pjs watching all the action.  Naturally, I love watching the Oscar fashions.  The hits, the misses, and the what the heck were you thinking.  Looking forward to Jimmy Kimmel!! Read more »

Time with tots

I along with Bill got to see our newest nephew and Godson, Conor, this holiday weekend.  Bill’s brother and his wife came down from Boston with their 6 month old boy.  I should say chunky monkey!  He is growing so fast.  It was great to play with him and see him really interact with us.  The other day, I was off Read more »

Valentine’s Day Baking

This weekend, I baked a heart shaped chocolate cookie for Valentine’s Day.  The kitchen smelled so good and Bill is waiting patiently to dig into my creation for Tuesday.  Once the giant cookie was done, I whipped up some corn muffins for breakfast.  Filling the house with yummy treats makes me so happy. Read more »

What a game

Wow, that was some Super Bowl game.  Bill and I were rooting for Atlanta.  They were killing it, and then Brady came alive in after halftime.  Too bad I had to go to bed before OT started.  I had an early day at the hospital, so i had to get my rest.  But I found out the results when Bill came in shortly.  Plus, Read more »

Super Bowl

Woohoo!!  Super Bowl weekend is here.  This house loves football and we are excited to watch the big game.  We are not having anyone over, but that’s OK.  I’ve got some of Bill’s favorite foods that I’m going to make.  I make great wings and that will start us off.  Then comes the homemade Read more »

Winter Fun

This past weekend, Bill and I finally took down the inside Christmas decorations.  Once that was done, we went to a maple sugaring festival.  It was so much fun.  I know from past experiences with family how long making maple syrup takes, but doing it adds a whole new dimension.  It’s such a great experience to tap the Read more »


Snow!  The first big storm on Long Island.  We got about 10 inches yesterday.  It snowed all day long.  It was beautiful as long as you did not have to travel anywhere.  Bill went out early this morning to remove it.  Then we finally got to see my best friend, her husband, and two children for a late Read more »

Rainy Day

It’s a rainy day here in NY.  That’s ok though. We make the best of it.  We’ve only had a few harsh cold days but snow is coming upon us later in the week. We loved snow as a kid.  We still do- if you don’t have too go anywhere!  Making a snowman, building forts, and of course, a good old snowball Read more »

Happy New Year

Christmas and New Year’s have past and again we built some beautiful memories.  Christmas was very busy for us.  Bill’s youngest brother along with his wife and new baby came in for Christmas, so we were able to spend some quality time with them and our Godson.  We hosted Christmas night dinner for my family.  It Read more »

Happy New Year

Christmas and New Year’s have past and again we built some beautiful memories.  Christmas was very busy for us.  Bill’s youngest brother along with his wife and new baby came in for Christmas, so we were able to spend some quality time with them and our Godson.  We hosted Christmas night dinner for my family.  It Read more »

Christmas Time

Last night, we had a light snow dusting.  Seeing all the lights with a bit of snow on them really got us into the spirit of Christmas.  It was just beautiful to watch. We called our niece and she immediately begged her parents to go outside.  She wanted to try to make a snowman.  Too bad there was not enough snow for Read more »

Birthday Celebrations

Today we celebrate Mary’s birthday.  She was born at the right time of year- lights, trees, all things festive!  We make sure the house is decorated inside and out by her birthday.  Today we went to a wonderful support group meeting, by her choice.  Later I will take her to dinner at one of our favorite Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a one of our favorite times of the year.  Yes, it can be hectic, but it centers us to remember what we are thankful for.  Every year, we host Thanksgiving.  In fact, we host all the holidays. We don’t mind it.  Since we are close in distance to Bill’s family we go there for a bit and then back Read more »

Gotcha Day Remembrance

Today marks 6 years ago that my brother and sister-in-law received that magical call that my niece was up for adoption.  She was born at 28 weeks, 2 pounds 9 ounces, and her birth mom made the difficult and selfless decision to give her a forever family. They met her in the PICU and she was 2 months old already, but only 6 pounds.  Read more »

Great Anniversary

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Bill and I.  We celebrated early over the weekend by going to see the musical Jersey Boys.  We finally saw it before it closes.  Then we had dinner at a great burger place.  Afterwards we headed to Rockefeller Center where you can go to the top of it.  They have 3 levels of observation Read more »


It’s going to be a busy weekend.  Tomorrow, we are headed into the city for an early anniversary celebration.  We are going to see Jersey Boys!!!  So excited.  Then it’s off to dinner, Top of the Rock observation at Rockefeller Center, and hopefully a visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Can’t go Read more »

Awards Night

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my hospital awards dinner for service and longevity.  I started there straight out of school and although I worked a few other places on the side, I always stayed where I was.  It is a family where I work and we all support each other.  It was such a great night.  To see some people Read more »

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!  We hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween night.  We have had many trick or treaters come by and some adorable costumes.  It so much fun to relive Halloween through a child’s eyes.  We always get a little nostalgic and think back to some of our costumes.  Bill remembers dressing up as a Read more »

Minion Fun

Our niece, Gwendolyn, who is six years old is getting into music. Mary has taught her to play a few “Doe a Deer” from “The Sound Of Music”.  She really picks up quickly.  She is learning notes too.  Right now she is really into the Minions.  She loves them!  Well, the other day she took some Read more »


We went to our Adoptive Parents Committee meeting this past weekend.  Bill and I had not seen many of the members since June, so it was great to catch up with everyone.  It was also beautiful to see two new babies to celebrate.  We really enjoy these meetings.  Everyone is in a different stage of the process, whether it be Read more »

Birthday Fun

This weekend, we got together with family and friends to celebrate our niece’s 6th birthday.  Gwendolyn is such a beautiful little girl. She is smart, funny, kind, polite, and has a heart of gold and a smile full of dimples.  She never ceases to amaze us.  Gwendolyn was given the gift of life through adoption.  She was Read more »

Weekend Fun

Summer is winding down, but we are still enjoying some of our favorite pass times.  Last night we went to the Long Island Ducks baseball game.  Bill had won free tickets to the game which included dinner at the corporate suite.  We had a great time, despite the team being shut out.  We even got to meet and take a picture Read more »

A Relaxing Weekend

Bill and I had a very relaxing weekend.  We did some chores around the house, had a nice dinner Saturday night and ended it with a little shopping.  Bill even surprised me with some flowers! Sunday was a day filled with some cooking for the week, belly rubs for Sugar, and attending Church.  We enjoy simple weekends like this Read more »

Being Strong

Be strong!  It is something many of us hear throughout the course of our lives.  We hear it when we are children in some way, when we are teenagers going through the motions, when we are adults looking for jobs, mates, etc.  We also hear it in good times and bad.  We have so many people telling us to be strong, as we look to Read more »

Beach Days

Yesterday we went out to the beach house.  We were happy to surprise our nieces and nephew with a visit.  We also celebrated Bill’s brother’s birthday and were able to visit our friends from London who were here on vacation.  Bill and I love “staycations.”  It is great to take a drive out to the North Read more »

Family Moves On

This weekend Bill and I said goodbye to one of his brothers who is moving to Tennessee.  Our sister-in-law, April is from the Chattanooga area and they are headed close to her hometown along with their 3 boys.  We had one final goodbye with them on Saturday.  We know that this is the right move for them, but Bill and I will miss Read more »

Baking cookies

It’s been a little while since I have been able to bake some cookies. Between work and some extra training, it’s been challenging to find the time.  Today was the day.  I baked chocolate chip cookies for the weekend.  We will be with Bill’s family on Sunday and there will at least 20 people. They love my Read more »

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