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March Celebrations

We have lots to celebrate in March. Last week we celebrated Bill’s birthday. I surprised him with a Carvel Fudgie The Whale ice cream cake and tickets to see Kevin James do his comedy.  Then two days later it was St. Patrick’s Day.  We both do not like corned beef and cabbage, but we had plenty of my homemade Irish Soda Bread.  Yummmmm!!  Yesterday was St. Joseph’s Day for my Italian side of the family.  Nothing lie some good pastries and cannoli. We look forward to the day that we can share all these Read more »

Almost Spring—I think

As I write this, we are just coming off a terrible snowstorm/blizzard/ice storm- call it whatever you want, but it was nasty.  Luckily, Bill’s office was closed, but I had to get to work at the hospital.  Just the other day it was 60 outside. Nuts!!!  The most important thing is that we were all safe.  Plus, I have we Read more »

March Madness

I bet fro the title you think I am going to write about NCAA basketball.  As much as I would love to play the brackets, I’ll leave that job to Bill.  He is better at that than I am.  I would only pick the popular teams and we all know some underdog comes out of nowhere!  March is a buzy month #marchmadness for Read more »


Hollywood’s big night = Bill and I sitting in our pjs watching all the action.  Naturally, I love watching the Oscar fashions.  The hits, the misses, and the what the heck were you thinking.  Looking forward to Jimmy Kimmel!! Read more »

Time with tots

I along with Bill got to see our newest nephew and Godson, Conor, this holiday weekend.  Bill’s brother and his wife came down from Boston with their 6 month old boy.  I should say chunky monkey!  He is growing so fast.  It was great to play with him and see him really interact with us.  The other day, I was off Read more »

Valentine’s Day Baking

This weekend, I baked a heart shaped chocolate cookie for Valentine’s Day.  The kitchen smelled so good and Bill is waiting patiently to dig into my creation for Tuesday.  Once the giant cookie was done, I whipped up some corn muffins for breakfast.  Filling the house with yummy treats makes me so happy. Read more »

What a game

Wow, that was some Super Bowl game.  Bill and I were rooting for Atlanta.  They were killing it, and then Brady came alive in after halftime.  Too bad I had to go to bed before OT started.  I had an early day at the hospital, so i had to get my rest.  But I found out the results when Bill came in shortly.  Plus, Read more »

Super Bowl

Woohoo!!  Super Bowl weekend is here.  This house loves football and we are excited to watch the big game.  We are not having anyone over, but that’s OK.  I’ve got some of Bill’s favorite foods that I’m going to make.  I make great wings and that will start us off.  Then comes the homemade Read more »

Winter Fun

This past weekend, Bill and I finally took down the inside Christmas decorations.  Once that was done, we went to a maple sugaring festival.  It was so much fun.  I know from past experiences with family how long making maple syrup takes, but doing it adds a whole new dimension.  It’s such a great experience to tap the Read more »


Snow!  The first big storm on Long Island.  We got about 10 inches yesterday.  It snowed all day long.  It was beautiful as long as you did not have to travel anywhere.  Bill went out early this morning to remove it.  Then we finally got to see my best friend, her husband, and two children for a late Read more »

Rainy Day

It’s a rainy day here in NY.  That’s ok though. We make the best of it.  We’ve only had a few harsh cold days but snow is coming upon us later in the week. We loved snow as a kid.  We still do- if you don’t have too go anywhere!  Making a snowman, building forts, and of course, a good old snowball Read more »

Happy New Year

Christmas and New Year’s have past and again we built some beautiful memories.  Christmas was very busy for us.  Bill’s youngest brother along with his wife and new baby came in for Christmas, so we were able to spend some quality time with them and our Godson.  We hosted Christmas night dinner for my family.  It Read more »

Happy New Year

Christmas and New Year’s have past and again we built some beautiful memories.  Christmas was very busy for us.  Bill’s youngest brother along with his wife and new baby came in for Christmas, so we were able to spend some quality time with them and our Godson.  We hosted Christmas night dinner for my family.  It Read more »

Christmas Time

Last night, we had a light snow dusting.  Seeing all the lights with a bit of snow on them really got us into the spirit of Christmas.  It was just beautiful to watch. We called our niece and she immediately begged her parents to go outside.  She wanted to try to make a snowman.  Too bad there was not enough snow for Read more »

Birthday Celebrations

Today we celebrate Mary’s birthday.  She was born at the right time of year- lights, trees, all things festive!  We make sure the house is decorated inside and out by her birthday.  Today we went to a wonderful support group meeting, by her choice.  Later I will take her to dinner at one of our favorite Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a one of our favorite times of the year.  Yes, it can be hectic, but it centers us to remember what we are thankful for.  Every year, we host Thanksgiving.  In fact, we host all the holidays. We don’t mind it.  Since we are close in distance to Bill’s family we go there for a bit and then back Read more »

Gotcha Day Remembrance

Today marks 6 years ago that my brother and sister-in-law received that magical call that my niece was up for adoption.  She was born at 28 weeks, 2 pounds 9 ounces, and her birth mom made the difficult and selfless decision to give her a forever family. They met her in the PICU and she was 2 months old already, but only 6 pounds.  Read more »

Great Anniversary

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Bill and I.  We celebrated early over the weekend by going to see the musical Jersey Boys.  We finally saw it before it closes.  Then we had dinner at a great burger place.  Afterwards we headed to Rockefeller Center where you can go to the top of it.  They have 3 levels of observation Read more »


It’s going to be a busy weekend.  Tomorrow, we are headed into the city for an early anniversary celebration.  We are going to see Jersey Boys!!!  So excited.  Then it’s off to dinner, Top of the Rock observation at Rockefeller Center, and hopefully a visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Can’t go Read more »

Awards Night

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my hospital awards dinner for service and longevity.  I started there straight out of school and although I worked a few other places on the side, I always stayed where I was.  It is a family where I work and we all support each other.  It was such a great night.  To see some people Read more »

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!  We hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween night.  We have had many trick or treaters come by and some adorable costumes.  It so much fun to relive Halloween through a child’s eyes.  We always get a little nostalgic and think back to some of our costumes.  Bill remembers dressing up as a Read more »

Minion Fun

Our niece, Gwendolyn, who is six years old is getting into music. Mary has taught her to play a few “Doe a Deer” from “The Sound Of Music”.  She really picks up quickly.  She is learning notes too.  Right now she is really into the Minions.  She loves them!  Well, the other day she took some Read more »


We went to our Adoptive Parents Committee meeting this past weekend.  Bill and I had not seen many of the members since June, so it was great to catch up with everyone.  It was also beautiful to see two new babies to celebrate.  We really enjoy these meetings.  Everyone is in a different stage of the process, whether it be Read more »

Birthday Fun

This weekend, we got together with family and friends to celebrate our niece’s 6th birthday.  Gwendolyn is such a beautiful little girl. She is smart, funny, kind, polite, and has a heart of gold and a smile full of dimples.  She never ceases to amaze us.  Gwendolyn was given the gift of life through adoption.  She was Read more »

Weekend Fun

Summer is winding down, but we are still enjoying some of our favorite pass times.  Last night we went to the Long Island Ducks baseball game.  Bill had won free tickets to the game which included dinner at the corporate suite.  We had a great time, despite the team being shut out.  We even got to meet and take a picture Read more »

A Relaxing Weekend

Bill and I had a very relaxing weekend.  We did some chores around the house, had a nice dinner Saturday night and ended it with a little shopping.  Bill even surprised me with some flowers! Sunday was a day filled with some cooking for the week, belly rubs for Sugar, and attending Church.  We enjoy simple weekends like this Read more »

Being Strong

Be strong!  It is something many of us hear throughout the course of our lives.  We hear it when we are children in some way, when we are teenagers going through the motions, when we are adults looking for jobs, mates, etc.  We also hear it in good times and bad.  We have so many people telling us to be strong, as we look to Read more »

Beach Days

Yesterday we went out to the beach house.  We were happy to surprise our nieces and nephew with a visit.  We also celebrated Bill’s brother’s birthday and were able to visit our friends from London who were here on vacation.  Bill and I love “staycations.”  It is great to take a drive out to the North Read more »

Family Moves On

This weekend Bill and I said goodbye to one of his brothers who is moving to Tennessee.  Our sister-in-law, April is from the Chattanooga area and they are headed close to her hometown along with their 3 boys.  We had one final goodbye with them on Saturday.  We know that this is the right move for them, but Bill and I will miss Read more »

Baking cookies

It’s been a little while since I have been able to bake some cookies. Between work and some extra training, it’s been challenging to find the time.  Today was the day.  I baked chocolate chip cookies for the weekend.  We will be with Bill’s family on Sunday and there will at least 20 people. They love my Read more »

Summer Fun

Summer brings us so many things.  Flowers blooming, BBQs with friends and family, birthdays and other celebrations.  Somehow it goes by all too quickly.  Bill and I are looking forward to seeing many of our families over the impending July 4th weekend.  We look forward to hosting a small BBQ for our close friends.  The Read more »


Summer is officially here!  Looking at the strawberry moon lat night was so much fun.  After a hectic weekend, it was nice to sit back and relax a bit.  We went to my Godson’s 3rd birthday party and then on Sunday celebrated father’s day with Bill’s dad and all of his brothers and their families.  Read more »

Family Weekend

We are having a great weekend.  Yesterday, we attended a beautiful candle lighting ceremony given by our adoption support group.  We sat with some good friends that Mary has from her high school days who recently adopted an adorable baby boy.  It was amazing to see so many people come together and celebrate.  Today, we have Read more »

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