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Berry Pie in our Future!!

We love heading to our favorite local farm up in the mountains:  this time of year it’s all about berry-picking!  Fresh, plump blackberries today… and that means tomorrow is yummy, colorful mountain berry pie at our house!  Come on over! Read more »

Playing with Our Dream

Sometimes it’s important to let our imaginations run wild!!  As we send our wishes and prayers, in hopes of finding our baby (or babies!) soon… some days it’s fun just to play and create things like this imaginary birth announcement, or buy a new baby outfit, or a new book of lullabies.  We can’t wait to hold Read more »

Visit to the elementary school

It’s hard to tell in this photo… but this is Cindy and our growing puppy Kopper, visiting Kestin’s school!  (you can’t even pick out Kestin lol)  All the kids loved visiting with the puppy so much, she was the center of the crowd! Soon, we’ll be taking Kopper to train as an official ‘helper Read more »

Memorial Day

Many in our family have served over the decades, and on days like Memorial Day we enjoy talking about them and remembering their life stories. My 5th great grandfather, Abraham Hawkins, joined a regiment in Rhode Island to fight in the Revolutionary War.  He was just thirteen and survived the war, and lived to be in his eighties.  Read more »

Sweet Hatchlings

I know I post a lot of photos of our pets… but I can’t help it!  We have a fun, lively homestead and there’s always something new going on…  In the past few weeks, four of our hens have hatched out babies. When Kestin had a playdate last weekend, the kids spent most of their time visiting with the Read more »

Our Homestead

Here is a recent photo of our sweet homestead.  It’s nestled on a pristine nook of the river in the beautiful woods…  And of course we are cradled by the old Blue Ridge Mountains, beneath the wide blue sky.  These days, you can catch a hint of honeysuckle fragrance in the crisp air. This week, we’ve been seeing Read more »

Spring Garden Growing!

Cindy’s garden is looking delicious!  I see some yummy salads in our future!  (and our house-rabbits Stewart & Eloise are particularly grateful too!)  Kale, spinach, onions, garlic, cilantro… and out of the picture frame are potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries… and in the far patch are corn, watermelon and Read more »

Happy Easter!

We haven’t colored eggs yet this year (will be doing that tonight or tomorrow!)... but I thought it would be fun to post a picture from when Kestin was itty bitty :)  We love having family traditions! Read more »

Marianne’s new video class

I’m excited to share that we’re putting together a video series, called ‘My Mindful Toddler!’  I will be showing caregivers, parents and parents-to-be easy ways to adapt items at home to create learning activities for kids, ages 14 ms through 3 years and into preschool as well.  It’s going to be so much Read more »

Painting on a Spring Day

We live on a beautiful, winding river…  Some days it’s just a great idea to get out the paints and let the amazing scenery inspire us!  This weekend we chose to paint on feathers (courtesy of our ducks and chickens) and Kestin also painted on a canvas - she painted a waterfall flowing out of a cave.  Great afternoon Read more »

Our puppy is growing!

Pretty soon, snuggling Kopper in our laps won’t be quite so easy!  But for now, Cindy is having a good time taking a break this afternoon for some puppy-love.  Kopper has such a fun, sweet temperament - we all love that she’s now part of our family!  She’s starting to go on adventures with Kestin around the Read more »

New puppy!

Our new puppy Kopper is making fast friends with feline sister Cora on our walks!  So cute :) Read more »

Spring almost here??

Can’t believe the buds are appearing already!  And the bulbs are beginning to peek their heads above ground too.  And the frogs in our pond are beginning their new songs. It’s been a mild winter, but we are all very ready for the green and light that springtime brings.  It is always such a beautiful time of year! Read more »

Cora, Resident Lovebug

We have three warm & wonderful cats…  And here is Cora snuggling with me (Marianne) on a chilly winter’s evening.  What you can’t hear by looking at this photo is her sweet, ongoing purr :)  As you can probably tell from our profile, we LOVE the animal members of our family!  They add so much joy, Read more »

Valentine’s Day…

Had to share this photo again, b/c it reminds me of you, Little One!  We are still so eager to meet you, and some days it’s harder than others to be patient! This Valentine’s Day, we are thinking of you with love and sweet hopefulness! XOXO Read more »

Newest Member of the Family!

It’s fun to live on our homestead!  Yesterday one of our new hatchlings was having a little trouble coming out of her shell, so we helped things along.  Last night at 11:40pm she hatched free from this last bit of shell, and now we are happy to announce Baby Wavy as the newest member of our critter family!  She’s Read more »

Happy MLK Day!

It was fun today to join with our community in marching through Asheville, in honor of MLK and in support of greater equality! Read more »

Yay!  It’s Wintertime!

Wow, it is FREEZING!  But that doesn’t stop the Puechl-Sproul Family from having fun in the snow!!  We’ve enjoyed lots of sledding, snowball fights and of course making snowmen and snow angels. We’ve also been keeping our chickens and ducks warm - when we built our little barn, we made sure to run electricity so we Read more »

First Snow??

The weather report is calling for some accumulation tonight!  The wind is blustery and the sky is hanging low, and BRRR the temperature’s dropping!  Lots of excitement here, because so far this season we’ve only had a spit of flurries.  So some real snow would be fantastic! This is a picture of Kestin and her cousin Read more »

Looking forward to a Bright New Year!

Dear Future, We are enjoying a beautiful holiday season, but honestly can’t wait to spend special moments like this with you…  hopefully very very soon! We can’t wait to hold you, our new Little One, and also to meet your birthmom and welcome her too in to our circle. The holidays are such a sweet reminder of the Read more »

Happy Holidays!

Last weekend, we headed to Atlanta to visit with family and friends in celebration of the holidays :)  Later this week, family from Pennsylvania and Georgia will come up to our house to spend several days with us, including Christmas Day.  Yay!  It’s so much fun to gather together, sing around the piano, watch a holiday Read more »

Coaching the Team

This season, Cindy and I are coach and assistant coach for Kestin’s basketball team.  And last night, our girls won their first game!!  How exciting!  Here’s a pic of Cindy, going over the plays just before gametime.  ...These are those amazing moments that are wonderful to share as a family! Read more »

Holiday Baking!

YUM!!  Our house smells like molasses, ginger and cream cheese with lemon zest!  Here are our first couple batches of cookies - Kestin helped me decorate :) :) :)  Soon we’ll be making our famous chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream frosting for our family holiday get-together.  Can’t wait!  All these Read more »

Fun with Family

A visit from little cousin Hardin!  He is growing up so fast, can’t believe he’s now eight months old! We have a lot of fun watching him grow, as he learns how to belly laugh and figures out how to crawl…  Kestin likes to practice holding Hardin, so she’ll be an expert by the time her baby sister or brother Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s such a fun time of year!  We love gathering with family and friends to celebrate and most of all, enjoy one another’s company. This past week, our niece Lauren and her baby Hardin visited… and for the first time Cindy taught her the famous Sproul pumpkin cookie recipe!!  It’s been in the family for Read more »

With Kestin’s cousins

We love spending time with Kestin’s biological family!  Her cousins, Erik and Caitlin, are near her age so the three of them have a lot in common.  They love to play games together:  board games and yes, of course electronic games! This side of our family lives in Pennsylvania - we visit as often as we can and it is such a Read more »

Happy Halloween!

We love celebrating holidays as a family, and now that Fall is upon us… we’re just about to enjoy Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…  We also like to honor the magical change of seasons at the Winter Solstice.  It’s a time of year where we talk a lot about our gratitudes, gather with family Read more »

Our spirited dinnertime conversations!

So the other night at dinner we were discussing whether or not we’d like to be among the first Mars colonists… Cindy said no, she thought she’d be too bored… Kestin said no, because she doesn’t think fairies or elves on the shelves exist on Mars and that rules it out for her. I mentioned that I really had doubts Read more »

Guest Blog Post :)

I had the opportunity to write a blog post for our adoption agency’s website.  It was just posted today!  Hope you enjoy… And btw, if the link doesn’t click over automatically please cut and paste the URL into your browser! http://www.adoptionhelp.org/blog/ Read more »

Fun weekend

We headed over the mountains to visit Gatlinburg again today- this time to check out the aquarium!  One of Kestin’s favorite new places!  It was really well done, and we loved seeing the big, interesting habitats:  seemed like the animals were happy.  We got to touch jellyfish, see sharks up close, and dance with a Read more »

Our Pets

Our pets are a special part of our family!  Here is Cora, hanging out on the riverbank, like she often does especially when we are tubing or rock-hopping.  She loves to be involved and know what everyone’s up to! Our other pets include two more cats, Brody & Bridget…  Two house-rabbits, Stewart & Read more »

This Great Adventure

One of our favorite things about parenting is helping our daughter Kestin explore and discover her own interests.  Over the years, we’ve tried to continue to expand our experiences as a family, always with the highest priority on simply having fun :)  ...and also to continue bringing new opportunities for Kestin to grow and Read more »

Beach Vacation!

We had so much fun in Charleston this past weekend!  Waves galore!  Kestin and I (Marianne) both love to body-surf - we stay in the water for hours :)  We also got to see family, try several wonderful restaurants, and take a ferry ride around the harbor to soak in some of the area’s history.  Great family fun! It was Read more »

Today’s plane trip :)

Flying over several states today as I make my way to Texas, for one of our business events.  It’s always so amazing, these views from the sky!  I spend much of my time on the plane with my head pressed against the window :)  Today it made me wonder in which state our second child will be born??  I can’t wait to Read more »

Museums are amazing!

When we travel, if we can find a way, we love to check out the local museums… We’re visiting Pittsburgh this week, and spending time with Kestin’s birth family, and having such a fun time!  To start things off, her aunts took us all to the dinosaur exhibit at one of the local museums.  Great interactive family Read more »

Wow!  A Rainbow In Our Yard~

How amazing!  Today we had showers on and off, and LOOK!  Kestin got the chance to look for a pot of gold in our own front yard!  She was so gleeful and excited.  What great summer fun!! Read more »

Critter Neighbors :)

Our neighbors have a really friendly family of goats and two horses… It’s always a treat when we’re driving by to stop and say hi, feed them some carrots, apples or even grass…  pet and talk to them.  The view of the sunset from their pasture is also awesome!  We live in such a truly beautiful area. We Read more »

Fun Day in Gatlinburg!

Summertime is such awesome family time!  We drove ourselves over the mountain to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the day, and played endless putt-putt golf, had sweet treats, cooled off in the arcade, learned some of the town’s amazing history, and had a great bbq lunch!  Can’t wait to return this Fall, when it’s just a Read more »

Nature Walk

Today Kestin and I took a hike in our hometown of Asheville…  There are so many beautiful places in our little town!  Today’s venture was at the bird sanctuary, next to our favorite library, and we got to see a variety of wildlife:  this little water bird, waiting patiently to try and snag a fish, cardinals, a Read more »

Happy Fourth of July!

We are having a nice long three-day weekend and really enjoying a little stay-cation!  Saturday we took a long drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and took in some of those breathtaking long-range views… then stopped to hike down to a waterfall near the quaint mountain town of Little Switzerland.  After the long hike we stopped in Read more »

Time with G-Ma!

We got to visit with G-Ma and Paul-Paul this week.  Fun stories were shared!  Kestin brought one of her workbooks from school and was reading her report about Yosemite…  G-Ma chimed in about her past vacation there…  It got to be great fun to listen to these two swap tales.  Kestin was born on September Read more »


We were married in 2000, in a small commitment ceremony on Cumberland Island, GA.  Surrounded by friends and family, it was an intimate celebration, filled with fun, wonderful food, wild horses… and really crazy weather!  The shifting changes in wind, clouds and sunshine foretold just how dynamic our relationship would be :) Read more »

Our facebook page…

Another fun way to learn more about us is to check out our adoption page on facebook.  We appreciate you getting to know our family, and look forward to hearing from you! Just cut and paste this URL into your browser: https://www.facebook.com/psfamilyadopts/ Read more »

Bowling Night!

A great way to spend a Friday night - family time at the bowling alley!  Here is our Top Pick silly selfie from the evening :) Read more »

Dance Recital

Tonight was the dress rehearsal for Kestin’s dance recital.  She loves hip hop!  It was of course so much fun to watch her and her friends dance together and do their routine.  More than that, it was really a treat to sit and chat and connect with other parents:  It’s really wonderful how, as dance parents (or Read more »

Fun & Busy Weekend for the PS Family!

We had such a busy weekend, and it was capped with a really sweet & tender moment…  From a short excursion Saturday morning to the library and out for breakfast at a new local bakery, to time together at the park playing basketball, walking our country road to find (and eat!) fragrant, yummy honeysuckle flowers, and welcoming Read more »

Dear Sweet One…

Since we began the adoption process for our second child, I started a little hand written diary, with letters to our baby.  I look forward to someday sharing these words with him or her; in the meantime, writing these little notes makes me feel connected to that Little One who is already so cherished in our hearts.  Here is a recent Read more »

Our Beautiful Hometown

We love where we live, in the mountains just north of Asheville NC.  It is such a great place, with quite a lot of history and the natural beauty of this area is amazing.  The old mountains cradle us, and every season has its own special charm. We live on a bubbling river, in a rural area.  Our daughter & her friends get to Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day to All Mothers :)

We are so grateful for the gift of parenting!  Nine years ago our daughter’s birthparents placed their precious baby in our arms, and ever since our daughter Kestin has been such a blessing to us.  The story of her adoption has elements of coincidence and magic, and this ongoing journey of being a family continues to amaze us. Read more »

Pregnant on Paper!

We’re so excited to think about our new little one joining our family soon!  The waiting is not easy, but we do try to keep the anticipation going with hopeful optimism, and fun little photo shoots like this one.  Love makes a family! Read more »

Meeting Nephew Hardin!

This past weekend Cindy had the chance to meet our new nephew, Hardin!  Such a cutie pie :)  He is full of expressions and loves to ‘chat’, but always wants to know where his pacifier is! One of the wonderful things about the business we own is that we travel often, and several times a year this means we’re able to Read more »

Springtime Promise

Cindy is the avid gardener in the family, and having gotten through a winter of snow and cold, it’s always so wonderful to plant new seeds together and look forward to gathering fresh strawberries, corn, tomatoes, beans and squash.  Cilantro, too!  Our famous family salsa recipe is amazing! When Kestin was little, it was so Read more »

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