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I'm ready for another set of footprints to join mine in the sand!

Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my goal of becoming a dad through adoption. I admire your consideration of me as you make this very selfless and loving decision for your baby!

I guess you can say my profile is unique...as I am a single man looking to adopt a child. Never having found “Ms. Right”, but always wanting to be a dad, I’ve decided to adopt as I can provide your child with a lifetime of love and opportunities. Perhaps, marriage will be in the cards for me in the future but I don’t want to wait any longer to be called “dad”!

Feel free to call, text, or email me anytime to chat (973-715-4627-Jeffadopts@gmail.com). You can also follow the link to my digital Shutterfly portfolio. Thank you!

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Who I Am

Even though I am a single I can guarantee a home filled with love, as your child will be raised by me in a multi-generational household bursting with warmth, education, experience and support including live-in grandparents and an aunt.

As an experienced teacher, I have won the respect and trust of many students and have received multiple teaching awards. I am now ready for my own child to love and nurture. My teaching job is secure, I am financially stable and I own my home.

I will be a complete hands-on Dad! I can't wait to be your child's biggest supporter, confidante, class parent, fan and ultimate role model. I am lucky to be surrounded by friends who have small children who are ready for me to join them on play dates, trips to local zoos, parks and events. I look forward to embracing all the challenges that accompany parenting and cant wait to celebrate all the accomplishments. I know these experiences will forever change my perspective on life and continue to make me grow as a person and as a father. I also look forward to having the expertise of live-in grandparents to help me along the path of parenthood.

As a I child I was raised in an multi-generational household because my Grandmother, 'Mema', lived with my family. I believe I had an extra-special childhood because of it! To me nothing was better than having my Mema read me a story anytime I wanted or coming home from school and having the excitement of sharing good grades or a special accomplishment with my parents, my siblings and my Mema! This is why I am excited to raise your child in a household with live in grandparents, as they will have a limitless network of love and support.

During my childhood I was also fortunate to grow up and watch some of the best TV sitcoms that portrayed all sorts of families. Some were like mine with two parents and a grandparent (Family Matters), some were different and featured a single parent and relatives raising children (Full House) or a grandmother raising a grandson (Mama's Family) but all were wonderful examples of a loving family! I think early on, although it was only TV, these shows shaped my opinion that all families are special even though they can look very different from one another.

Adoption Diary

As one year ends another begins.

I am filled with such anticipation for 2017…I hope and pray this upcoming year will be blessed with the realization of my goal of adopting.

Awesome photo!

What a great picture..by famous photographer Anne Geddes.  A good friend, who knows of my adoption goal, sent this image to me today…

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