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Jay saw Erik for the first time on Facebook when a college roommate posted a photo of Erik popping a dance move at his birthday party. Erik was full of life, joy, and confidence . . . and he was cute too. Jay made sure to meet Erik when he came to Los Angeles for a summer internship in 2009. We hit it off that summer, kept in touch over the next year while Jay was in Washington, DC, and started dating officially when Jay moved back to California in 2010. During our year or so apart before we started dating officially, Jay would send emails full of wit and charm, and it was those “love” emails that sealed the deal for Erik. In March 2015, about six years after we met and five years after we started dating, we got married here in Los Angeles. It was an amazing night full of laughter and dancing with family and friends.

Family is a big part of our lives, and we see them as often as we can. Erik's parents and sisters live nearby, and our nephew Jack and niece Siena are excited to have a new cousin to play with. Erik's parents are photographers who will take hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures of their new grandchild… and that’s just in the first month. Jay's family lives near the beach in Santa Cruz, California, where they have lived for almost 100 years. His parents can’t wait for their first grandchild and are already planning trips to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and rides on the Roaring Camp Railroad. And Jay’s great-grandma is excited to be a great-great-grandma!

We love the holidays and always spend them with family. Christmas is a particular favorite. Erik is in charge of putting up lights and decorating the tree, while Jay is in charge of making all the delicious food, particularly the desserts. Last year, the house smelled like a chocolate factory with his homemade fudge and toffee.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home In 2013, we bought a home together in Culver City, a smaller, more diverse neighborhood within Los Angeles with great schools, parks, and playgrounds just short walks from our home. Right after moving in, we adopted a small dog named Babbo. He is great with children and can't wait for a brother or sister because he has learned that babies and toddlers drop food all around the house!

Our home is a warm and welcoming place where we laugh, relax, watch movies, eat family dinners, and host friends. We are very close to the beach and the Santa Monica Pier, as well as the mountains with miles of trails, and the magic of Disneyland. We can’t wait to see it all again – this time with the energy and wonder of a child discovering it for the first time!

About Erik, by Jay

adoptive family photo - Erik, by Jay Erik is 33 years old and grew up near Riverside, California. He works as an attorney for the local government. He has an unflappable positive spirit and finds the good in everything. My favorite part about him is his willingness and enthusiasm for new things. If he wants to learn Greek, he will do it; Latin dancing, he will take a class! Most recently, he has started woodworking and has now built a table, bed, desk, and is working on a dresser/changing table.

Erik's adventurous spirit also applies to the vacations he plans. We have whitewater rafted down a river in Africa and climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and he keeps trying to get me to do a 17-mile kayak trip in Hawaii (my muscles are sore just thinking about it.) Even right here in Los Angeles, Erik will explore new neighborhoods and museums, and, of course, go to Disneyland (where he danced in the Christmas parade as a kid.)

I know that Erik will make a great father, and any child would be lucky to have him in their life. I can’t wait to add to our family together and see the kind of adventures he will plan for a child!

About Jay, by Erik

adoptive family photo - Jay, by Erik Jay is 31 years old and grew up near Santa Cruz, California. He is the perfect catch: he's cute, a successful attorney, and an amazing cook! The best part is how many different cuisines Jay loves to learn—we have spent our nights stuffing ravioli, rolling sushi, and throwing tamale-making parties. Jay also enjoys playing sports. He grew up playing soccer and baseball and now plays on his work softball team.

My favorite thing about Jay is his sense of humor. Everyone remembers his laugh, and it makes me smile even if what he is laughing at wasn't that funny. And if I'm in a bad mood, Jay’s laugh is the perfect medicine— I don't think I have ever met someone who is so good at getting me out of a slump with the right touch of humor. Every day with Jay is entertaining, and I can’t wait to see how he will make a child laugh. Jay is going to make for a perfect dad!

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