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We met in 2004 at college - when we decided to go on a midnight run for ice cream! It turned out to be a great way to get to know each other since the tubs of ice cream lasted us weeks. We had lots of time to bond over our favorite music, action movies, and our shared Christian faith. For our first Valentine’s Day together, Ali decided to make a lobster dinner, something she never attempted before! We’ve continued this tradition ever since, swapping whose turn it is to make a “fancy” dinner every year and always making something new. In the process, Chris discovered he’s a really good cook and Ali discovered she doesn’t like some exotic meats! We married in 2006 and are now excited to start more fun family traditions when we welcome a son or daughter into our lives.

Our Home

We live not far from San Francisco, in Mountain View, CA, and we love it here because of the many day trip spots nearby (the beach and the zoo!) and of course the great weather. There is a bicycle path and park in walking distance and we are close enough to a community pool to hear the sounds of kids having a great time splashing around when our windows are open. Saturday mornings in our place mean bacon and eggs, and we look forward to adding Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes to the mix when we have kids! We can’t wait to cuddle on the couch with our future son or daughter, drinking hot chocolate, or running around the living room, playing hide and seek!

About Ali, written by Chris

adoptive family photo - Ali, written by Chris Ali is caring, creative, outgoing, and is always encouraging me to try new things and go to new places. I always enjoy hanging out and talking with her in the kitchen when she is baking, usually in preparation for hanging out with friends or when I convince her to make chocolate chip cookies just for me! She also loves reading stories out loud and coming up with voices for all of the different characters. I can’t wait until I walk in on her reading “The Cat in the Hat” or “Green Eggs and Ham” to our future son or daughter.

About Chris, written by Ali

adoptive family photo - Chris, written by Ali Chris is quiet and reserved when you first meet him, but his witty sense of humor soon comes out after a few conversations. Not only is he a great listener and encourager, he also makes me laugh everyday! He is also incredibly nurturing. I remember seeing him interact with his friend’s niece while we were dating in college and how much she loved to hang out with him. I knew at that moment he would be a great father one day!

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Ali & Chris

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Ali & Chris