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Tulips!  Tulips!  Tulips!!

Cindy and I had a great Easter.  It turned out to be the one nice, sunny, warm day in a season of cold and rainy ones.  Our friend, Stacey, met us and we rode our motorcycles to meet up with Cindy’s group of women riders.  They led us on a ride along the water to La Conner, WA where tulips are in full force this time of year.  Apparently everyone else within a couple hours of La Conner also went to this one farm because it was crowded.  Still nice to get out, ride some twisty roads, see some spring colors and hang Read more »

Sad day for us today

Our beloved dog, Whiskey, finally got too sick to carry on.  It came on quickly which is in, some way, a blessing.  I (Scott) am also very happy that Cindy missed her flights this morning and was with me to make this difficult decision. I started looking for a dog just before Cindy and I started dating.  I generally liked larger Read more »

A good read

We are part of a monthly meeting group that is partially led by a woman who works as a social worker at WACAP.  She recently posted this article on our group’s facebook page. Read more »

birthdays and anniversaries

September has been fairly busy for us.  Both of Scott’s parents have birthdays within 2 days of each other followed by Cindy and her sister’s birthday 2 days after that!  Scott’s father turned 81 (though he still insists he’s only 79) while his mother turned 80 this year.  We all celebrated by a large Read more »

Trip to nNew Orleans

Scott and I took a trip to the best city in the south. Growing up in Texas, New Orleans always had a special place in my heart. We love the music, food and mysterious places that are only found in Lousiana. Read more »

Guitars mounted!

Scott here… I’ve been wanting to mount my guitars on a wall since the days when my, then young, German Shorthaired Pointer, went sliding into one of my guitars on a floor stand and broke the headstock off.  Luckily that one was pawn shop find and not a very good one at that.  Weekend project completed!  Now to just Read more »

Back from Tel Aviv

Cindy’s sister had a work trip to Tel Aviv this week and she decided to go along.  I believe they had about 4 days there.  Jet lag was tough as they never ate dinner, but also helped out when they hiked to the Masada at 4:30am before the sun came out.  They spent a day at the Dead Sea, a day in Jerusalem and they both made Read more »

Great visit

Had a great visit with the Fam in Colorado. Worked a few days to help offset the time there which worked out even better than expected. My parents were very good about letting me sit at their dining table and work all day with lunch breaks. Got to my nephew’s track meet on Friday and drove them around Ft. Collins for errands. They both Read more »

Scott visiting with family for Mother’s Day

Scott took a working vacation type of trip to Colorado this weekend to visit with his family.  We had just seen them for a quick trip a couple of weeks ago when we went down for a Sounders game, but this trip will give him more time to spend with him parents, sister and nephews.  His brother-in-law is currently in Munich for a month Read more »

Mt Washington

Cindy has gotten into hiking with the goal to hike either a section or a State or maybe even the entire Pacific Crest Trail.  She’s done an amazing job starting off from not hiking much at all to doing overnights with her sister. Sunday, we had time for a day hike and she picked Mt Washington which was a trail she and her sister had Read more »

It’s Game Day!

Ah yes, another Sounders game today.  Cindy and I are very much looking forward to a good game on a beautiful, sunny day.  Go Sounders! Read more »

Mailer set to mail

We had this idea last week of creating a mailer to send out to clinics and hospitals and OBGYN doctors.  I guess we’ve had this idea for awhile, but just got things going last week.  Scott collected addresses into a spreadsheet, created a flyer in Photoshop, wrote an introduction letter, learned how Staples printing works and Read more »

Denver-bound, maybe

I (Scott) was riding my motorcycle to work this morning when I noticed the car in front of me had a Sounders FC license plate holder.  If you’ve seen our photos, you know that Cindy and I are big soccer fans AND big travelers.  It occurred to me that the Sounders game tomorrow is in Denver.  My parents live outside of Read more »

Prince - oh man

Just hearing about the passing of Prince today.  What a loss.  I didn’t start out as a fan in my youth, but I recognized the error of my ways.  I had heard from so many people “Go see Prince.  It will be one of the best shows you’ve ever seen.”  I got the opportunity in early 2000s at Key Arena Read more »

Hop trellis is done

One of my (Scott) many hobbies is brewing beer.  I’ve been a homebrewer for about 20 years now and would love to someday turn this hobby into a business of some sort.  The brewing process to me is pretty fascinating and really satisfies my interest I had in chemistry when I was in school. Over the years, I’ve grown and Read more »

congratulations to the happy couple

It was fantastic to go to the AWAIT meeting last night see a successful adoption from a couple I had met in the group late last year.  One of the things I noticed about them was how relieved they looked.  This is a stressful process and as Tom Petty says - the waiting is the hardest part.  Congrats again to the happy couple! Read more »

AWAITS meeting tonight

Tonight is our monthly AWAIT meeting.  It’s a collection of other hopeful adoptive parents waiting to be matching with their future child.  December had been a rough meeting with multiple parents having adoptions fall through.  3 months later, we had multiple matches.  Tonight one of the couples is Read more »

To Caucus or not to Caucus

About a month ago, I decided to attend my precinct’s caucus to help pick a candidate for president.  It was engaging and thoughtful and wonderful to meet my neighbors and community respectfully discussing politics.  At that meeting, I volunteered to be a delegate at the next, Legislative caucus which was held today. If 2 Read more »

Pasta making

This happens pretty regularly at our house.  I decide to make pasta around 7 for dinner.  10pm we start eating!  Ok, so that only happened once when I was first learning how to make pasta.  As my sister-in-law said last night - “I think you’ve got it down now, though.” Pasta is actually very easy to make. Read more »

Camping trip thwarted

In Cindy and her sister’s ramp up to hiking at least a section of the Pacific Crest Trail, they have been taking these quick , mid-week backpacking trips to overnight somewhere.  This week’s looked tough to fit in with weather, but they decided at the last minute to give it a shot. They picked Pete Lake out near Roslyn, WA Read more »

Sounders 2 game

Cindy and I seem to go to maybe too many soccer games these days!  I’m about to head out to Starfire to watch the Sounders 2nd team play Rio Grande Valley.  They are the USL affiliate of the Houston Dynamo, so it caps off the great weekend we just had down there.  Bad news: it’s raining.  Good news: my seats are Read more »

Houston Weekend

This past weekend, we made a family trip back to Houston.  What a great time to be in Houston - mid-spring.  The weather was just terrific. We flew down to have a little mini-reunion with a variety of friends of ours.  It was great to see so many people from different times of our lives - childhood, high school, college and Read more »

Backpacking bug

Cindy and her twin sister, Kim, have decided that they would like to hike portions of the Pacific Crest Trail and possibly the entire trail if timing ever works out.  Last week, Cindy went on her first overnight backpacking trip starting out light with a 5 mile roundtrip hike and camp. They just left for their 2nd overnight trip and are Read more »

Lisbon, Barcelona, Prague and Berlin

Cindy and I just returned from a trip to Lisbon and Barcelona.  The original plan was to go to Lisbon for a long weekend.  However, a blizzard hit the east coast, cancelling flights left and right, which left us stuck in Lisbon for 4 days.  We decided to take a detour to Barcelona.  Altogether, we were there for a whole Read more »

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