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Our Story

We fell in love more than ten years ago, though it doesn’t seem that long. We met at the DMV, which is not widely regarded as a romantic place. But despite where we met, we became the best of friends and counterparts in love and life. We have a lot of fun together.

We can’t wait to share the things we love with a new and curious life: taking the train down the California coast to Disneyland, toasting marshmallows around a campfire in Yosemite, or exploring the
sea life at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We look forward to helping with homework, teaching our kid to ride a bike, and shopping for ridiculously cute clothes that only a kid can pull off.

Theo works as a software engineer and helps to create maps used by people all over the world. He once met Steve Jobs in the campus cafeteria (there’s an anti-climactic story there). Billy works at the offices of a milk plant, and helps coordinate the delivery of milk to the Starbucks and Safeways of Northern California. But Billy can’t wait to be a stay-at-home dad!

Our Home

We live in a century-old house in the town and island of Alameda. It’s a diverse town of great schools, tree-lined streets, drawbridges, marinas, and neighborhoods that are still neighborly. We’re a 20 minute ferry ride from San Francisco and its museums, baseball games, and shopping.

We share our home with a little dog that enjoys barking at his arch-nemesis (the mailman), and a cat that enjoys purring and capturing flies that make the mistake of buzzing in through the skylight.

Our home is an open, sunny, happy place. We can’t help but get excited about displaying our kid’s art on the fridge, transitioning the middle bedroom into a fun kid’s room, and enjoying the day-to-day moments around the house. For family movie nights, we’ll take over the couch and watch our favorite Disney and Pixar movies. Around the dining room table, we’ll eat tacos and mandatory vegetables while the kid wonders if there will be dessert. Then we’ll tuck our kid in and read “Where the Wild Things Are”, probably for the millionth time.

About Billy (by Theo)

adoptive family photo - Billy (by Theo) Billy’s the type of person whom everyone loves. He’s funny, patient, kind, and a kid at heart. I think it’s his personal mission to make those around him laugh or smile. After a rough day, he’ll do whatever he can to distract me, whether it’s a funny dance or butchering a popular song.

He’s also the resident chef. While I would need a recipe, luck, and possibly supervision, Billy can somehow transform mismatched ingredients into a delicious meal. When I try to get him to add his latest concoction to our recipe box, he usually replies, “What, this?”

Billy is constantly reminding me how cute our nieces are (they are cute), and he engages with them so completely. He enjoys turning their tears into smiles. Billy already has advanced diaper-changing skills!

About Theo (by Billy)

adoptive family photo - Theo (by Billy) Theo is kind, trustworthy, and selfless. He helps family and friends whenever he can, and will come to the rescue without a smidgen of hesitation. That’s the sort of dad I see him being.

Theo loves running along Alameda’s slender beaches and otherwise being outdoors, even if that means braving the wind, rain, or darkness. I can picture him running through the sand with a little one, laughing and pointing out the seagulls and pelicans.

Theo enjoys playing along with our nieces; no matter how silly the games make him look, and engaging in nonsensical conversations that only a kid could appreciate. Once, when babysitting our inconsolable niece, Theo picked up his cello and played a beautiful lullaby which, quite successfully, lulled her to sleep.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Billy & Theo

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