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Loving couple wanting to open our hearts and lives for a child. 877-717-0996 or mjadopt@yahoo.com.

...for learning about us as you consider this important decision for you and your baby. Were honored you're reading our letter. There are no words to express the love and joy we feel as we wait to welcome a child into our home and you into our lives.

We look forward to meeting you and learning about you, including your hopes and dreams for your child.

If you are seeking an open adoption, we hope this begins a lifelong relationship. We will follow your lead and be open to your level of comfort, from letters and pictures, to Skype or visits. If you want a closed adoption, we will honor that, too.

We love being parents. It's a privilege we don't take lightly and a role that hasn't come without struggle. Shortly after marrying, doctors said fertility treatments might help us start a family, but the odds were low. Without hesitation, we chose adoption.

In 2013, our first dream came true when our son Zachary joined our family through adoption. Today, we hang on to our dream, hoping to adopt again. The joy a child brings into the world is inexplicable and we cannot wait to share in that agin. Our hearts are full of love, ready to give to a child.

We cannot imagine how difficult this must be for you. We are here to support you and show you our lives. Hopefully, this letter gives you a sense that we're loving parents who will dedicate ourselves to your baby's safe, secure and happy future.

If you feel like we can be a part of your adoption plan for your child, or if you would like to talk with us about the possibilities, please reach out to us thru this site, email mjadopt@yahoo.com or call us toll free 877-717-0996. (Please forgive us if you call and we're a little nervous.)

xo - Michelle & Jeoff

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Who We Are

Ours was an office romance years in the making!

Michelle tried her best to avoid Jeoff around the office, while Jeoff made up excuses to talk to her. As our jobs grew, we ended up working closely together. After 3 years, Jeoff started to win Michelle over with his charming ways.

We’ve been happily married since 2010. We’re best friends and each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

We’re close to our family & friends and your child will be loved beyond words by us, a big brother, two sets of doting grandparents, aunts, uncles, and many (many) cousins and friends – some who were also adopted.

We love the outdoors, cooking together, and spending time with family and friends. We read lots of books and build cool forts. We traveled a lot before becoming parents and couldn’t be happier that today, our lives are set up in a way that’s best for our young (hopefully growing) family.

We love activities that allow kids to discover and learn. Some of our adventures include exploring parks, zoos and museums. Zach and Michelle go to music & sports classes and the Thomas and Friends Train Adventure Day was great fun! Fall means pumpkin patch time and summertime is blueberry picking season!

Adoption Diary

Hanging out at a coffee shop

Getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend with NO PLANS!!  Grandma and Grandpa are babysitting and I got a few hours to myself, so I am sitting in a local coffee shop catching up on the time suck that is Facebook!  Boy does everyone’s lives look perfect!  LOL!!

If you are considering adoption and looking for REAL, down-to-earth parents to connect with, we may be the one’s your looking for.  Get to know us by calling 877-717-0996, emailing mjadopt@yahoo.com or checking out our website www.mjadopt.com.

Hope you’re okay and looking forward to hearing from you.

XO - Michelle

Scams and suckers!

This second adoption wait has been long, emotional, and rough! I’m not going lie. We’ve been having a difficult time and we pray that we are blessed with a second child very soon.

About 6 weeks ago, I received a call from S, a married mother of 3. She shared a heartbreaking story about being raped by an acquaintance and had a 4th child who is not her husband’s child. They know this because her 4th child is 1/4 AA.

S asked if we would be open to adopting this sweet, precious baby girl, who was almost 3 months old at the time.  I said of course and promised her that this child would be accepted as a part of our family and adored.  We talked for over 90 minutes. She said she felt in her heart that she had found the right parents for this girl. I got teary-eyed and felt butterflies in my stomach. We hung up with the plan that we would talk later than evening after we each spoke with our husbands, but assuming all was a go, we would meet on Monday. I called our adoption agency and they were on standby in case S called them directly. They were excited for us.

That night the phone never rang. I texted her but no response. With each phone call or text, I’d jump a mile high thinking it was S. Nothing.  As a hopeful adoptive parent, we must put the situation out of out mind and clear our heart. Something changed and we are not privy to the details. 

Last night S called again. I recognized her name and number. My heart started racing and beating out of my chest. This is it. I answered and it was the same, articulate woman on the other end. Ahh…..

Different story. This time S. stated that she is single and due in 6 weeks. Baby will be born with downs syndrome and boyfriend ran out on them. S. stated that she is not in a position to raise this baby. Silence. My mind was racing. My heart dropped. I realized that I was being duped a second time by an “emotional scammer.”

I casually reminded S. of our last conversation and asked her if she found parents for her 3 month old. She hung up.

If someone is going to get their kicks from messing with hopeful adoptive parents emotions, shouldn’t they do a better job remembering which story they are telling which family???  Pfffttt…..

We hope to be contacted by a legitimate expectant mom who is sincerely looking for a family to love her baby as our own, who wants to share in an open adoption, and who will all us to respect and honor her.

XO - Michelle

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


michelle & jeoff

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michelle & jeoff