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Andi & Mike
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Hello from Long Island, New York!

Thank you for looking through our profile. Words cannot express how excited we are to become first time parents, and look forward to loving and nurturing a child. We hope these stories and pictures give you an insight into our lives, family, friends and home.

In the face of infertility, we have always considered following the path of adoption. Raising a child would allow us to experience the joys that only parenting can bring. Seeing a child look to us for love, care, fun and excitement, to kiss the boo-boos and dry the tears, to attend their sporting events or recitals – all the delights and sorrows of nurturing a child. We don’t want to miss these moments in this life. We have tons of love to give and our arms are just waiting for the opportunity share our lives with a bundle of joy.

We would love an open adoption, but understand that contact levels are the birth family's decision - and we promise to respect that. The decision you are contemplating must be the hardest thing in the world. We can only hope that by getting to know us better, that decision may become easier.

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Who We Are

We first met when Mike was a senior and Andi was a sophomore in high school. We were both members of the choir, and we met courtesy of a mutual friend. Andi loves to tell how Mike teased her for days on a chorus trip the first time they met - and wouldn’t let a friend date Mike because he was a “jerk”. (In Mike’s defense, Andi was a klutz. Mike was just a jerk for making fun of her for it.)

We started dating a year later. Mike was attending a local university, but the following year Andi decided to go to Michigan for college. This tested our relationship, but we made it work. Mike worked and went to school, using all his extra funds to fly out and visit almost every month.

We got engaged a few years after Andi graduated--officially. We had known for years that we were going to be together for the rest of our lives--getting engaged just made it “official”.

One of our happiest memories is the day we got married in March 2000. The great part of our marriage is that we are best friends!

Since getting married, we have continued to worked hard on our relationship. Shortly after the wedding, we bought a condo and learned to live within our means - not easy after living with our parents. Our families have had their ups and downs - and we've been there an supported them. Mike had surgery and Andi and our families rallied to help.

We supported each other through rounds of infertility treatments - facing the highs and lows of that struggle - like everything else - together! Our last artificial insemination did not go well for Andi and we came to the realization that having a biological child was not going to happen. We are very excited and hopeful that we will complete our family via adoption.

As a couple, we enjoy traveling (Disney world especially!), games, movies, camping, music, reading, and many other pursuits. We are looking forward to a sharing all these activities with a child, but will happily slow down and adjust when a child is placed with us.

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Happy Friday

Just wishing everyone out there a happy Friday!  I’m spending mine working from home in my favorite leggings!

Beautiful Summer Day

Just took a walk during my lunch hour to a little preserve about 3 blocks away - sat under a tree and enjoyed the weather…

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Andi & Mike

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Andi & Mike