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Silly Selfies

  • Our family :)

Our Family

  • Father's day.
  • In our backyard when Isaac was a baby
  • At Disney World.
  • On a family zoo outing.
  • On a canoe ride.
  • Isaac's Kindergarten graduation.
  • Visiting Howe Caverns
  • At the pink firetruck parade.
  • Holiday gathering with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
  • A walk through the vintage plane display after enjoying a family brunch.
  • Water Table fun with Uncle Nick and Zachary.
  • Enjoying cousin time at our annual Father's Day Barbecue.
  • Enjoying the character breakfast at Disney World.
  • Our wedding photo.
  • Welcoming Cousin Russell.
  • Family weekend vacationing in Florida.
  • Cousins are forever friends!
  • On our backyard swing set with Grandma Risa.
  • Enjoying lunch at Grandpa Steve's apartment!
  • Celebrating Pre-K Graduation with Grandpa Phil!
  • Trying on a Disney Souvenir with Grandma Elyse.
  • This is one of our favorite photos of us from when we were dating. We love how it captures the comfort and ease that we feel in one another’s arms.
  • Mother-son Selfie
  • Celebrating as a family at our annual Father's Day barbecue.
  • Family time on our summer vacation.
  • Sunday evening selfie!
  • Relaxing together after Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Of all the reasons to choose our family,  having Isaac as your baby's big brother or sister is head-and-shoulders above the rest!

Silly Selfies

Our family :)

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Alana, Michael & Isaac

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Alana, Michael & Isaac