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We are a nature loving family who cannot wait to share giggles around the fire pit, and fun with big sis at the beach!


We are Mark and Jodi, and we live in a laughter-filled home with our 8 year old daughter, Anneka. As a family, we love snuggling, exploring new places, and celebrating everything with ice cream. We can be found ice skating or at a local theatre, catching a live show, or very likely, at the pool or beach because water play is our favorite. We know another child would thrive as part of our warm, loving, adventurous family.

Mark is a Doctor of Chiropractic, and I am a stay-at-home mom and an aspiring artist. Anneka is so excited to be the best big sister! After several years of being unable to conceive and one miscarriage, we found ourselves openly and lovingly on the journey of adoption. We are ready to welcome you, your child, and your connection with each other if that is your wish. We look forward to hearing more about how you see the future for you and your child.


Mark, Jodi & Anneka

Reach out to us! Call us at 855-941-1616. Or, you are welcome to contact our attorney at 206-728-5858 and ask for Joan. Please reference file #1200.

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Who We Are

By Jodi

Mark and I met in 1996 when I moved from NY to Seattle to begin my massage therapy practice. In addition to my private practice, I also accepted the office manager position in Mark's Chiropractic office. We quickly became good friends, had a great time working together, and eventually fell in love.

We were married in 2004 and began the best adventure! On our honeymoon in Maui, we experienced amazing hikes, beautiful beaches, and nurtured our love for travel. We continue to enjoy traveling together and have been to Italy, Canada, and Mexico, with plans for many more trips with Anneka and the child we hope to welcome.

Our family enjoys warm snuggles on the couch while watching a movie or planning our next adventure. We love to explore new places, appreciate the arts, and spontaneous dance parties are a common occurrence. We find delight being in nature, whether hiking a trail, swimming in the sea or jumping in rain puddles and we make the time to do the things we enjoy as much as possible.

As parents, we are committed to connection and providing an enriched environment full of love and learning. We encourage our daughter to explore the world around her, and make decisions for herself. We support her in following her interests. We educate on best choices, suggest solutions, and keep her safe. We strive to model for her how to be a strong, smart and kind person and develop a great sense of gratitude for all she has.

We look forward to sharing the same great love, joy, connection and enriched environment with the child we hope to welcome, as we have with our daughter.

Adoption Diary

Let’s Play!

Anneka and I checked out a new park the other day after school.  It was a beautiful, but crisp spring day and the park was awesome!  It had a biking/walking trail, lots of trees to run around in and fun playground equipment for all ages.  We tested out the tandem swing together with lots of giggles.  And she needed a little help getting out of it.  I look forward to swinging and playing here with the child we hope to welcome.

We met some new friends there and it was fun to watch Anneka play with the little 3 year old and her 5 year old sister.  They both wanted to be pushed on the swings and Anneka was the provider of underdogs for giggling girls.  She can’t wait to play with her little sibling all over this great park!

Always time for play

Anneka invited Mark to play paper dolls with her.  So sweet!  The next day she created another room out of a cracker box and hot glue for her paper dolls; a library. 

We love going to the library and visit every week.  Our home has several book shelves but never enough room for ALL the books.  It’s so helpful to rotate through bunches of books with the library.  Next week we’ll check out the Spanish story time after school.  We still have a lot of Spanish to learn.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


❤️ Jodi & Mark ❤️ 855-941-1616

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❤️ Jodi & Mark ❤️ 855-941-1616