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Panama Bound

We had another family trip — this time to Panama, our old home when Maria was working with UN in the Regional Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean. After a long period without traveling for work, with the exception to a mission to Antigua, Puerto Rico and Panama, and another to Chile, she had a two-week mission there. The idea of David being left alone for another two weeks with the babies and been far away from them, combine with the fact that a lot of friends wanted to meet the kids and the climate there is very good and warm, we all decided that the best thing was to head down as a family.

We stayed at the house of our old friend Maria, a former pediatrician who now works with the International Red Cross. It was nice to be able to spend a little time with old friends and visiting old hangouts.  While most of our time was spent working, we still had the chance to spend an afternoon in Casco Viejo, go to the pool, have lunches and barbeques with friends, and enjoy time in the park by the Panama Canal. We would have liked to have gone to the beach, but the rainy season had just started. We’ll have to go when we return (which will be soon). While we worked during the week, Skyla and Oscar passed the time in daycare — the first time they’d been in class together.  They took to it nearly too well, passing the days by each other’s side, even napping next to each other.  It was difficult getting them to go back to their respective daycare facilities apart from each other. There were several grumpy days between them while they readjusted, but the trip together was worth the complaints.

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