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Panama Bound

We had another family trip — this time to Panama, our old home when Maria was working with UN in the Regional Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean. After a long period without traveling for work, with the exception to a mission to Antigua, Puerto Rico and Panama, and another to Chile, she had a two-week mission there. The idea of David being left alone for another two weeks with the babies and been far away from them, combine with the fact that a lot of friends wanted to meet the kids and the climate there is very Read more »

Ready to Grow Again

Well, we’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately, and Maria and I have decided that we are ready to grow our family again, and welcome a new child into our home.  We’ve been extremely blessed to have Oscar and Skyla enter our lives, and we’re grateful that we’ll continue being involved with Skyla and her family Read more »

Traveling to Spain

After nearly a year away, we finally took our trip to Spain to introduce Oscar and Skyla to Maria’s side of the family – we were able to be all together in Texas in October. It had been a long-time coming, with many challenges that created one delay after another: getting a passport for Skyla (which took nearly eight Read more »

Announcing changes

It’s been a while since we’ve posted on our blog, so please forgive us.  A lot has been going on, and it would take forever to get everyone caught up.  So, let’s keep things short and stick to the big things. Because they are really big!!  The first big thing is that we became foster parents in Read more »

The Ancient Beast

“An ancient beast.” This is what I called New York. This phrase, it could be called a lie by any measure. The city is approaching its 400th birthday, which perhaps makes it old by North American standards — but London and Seoul are around 2,000 years old. Beijing is 3,000, Quito and Madrid are 1,100, and Damascus… Read more »

Riding the Trains

Like most people who live in New York, we don’t have a car. Car non-ownership — this is new to us; in any other place on the planet, a car is usually a prerequisite for adult life. We’ve both been driving for as long as local laws have allowed it, and we have a combined fifty-two years of experience behind the steering Read more »

A Question Answered

Reading is important. It allows us access to knowledge suspended in time. Whether written a day or a millennium ago, the act of reading allows us to absorb it as though fresh. The dead communicate with us through our ability to read. Through reading, we gain access to the thoughts of kings, saints, philosophers, and gods. The Read more »

A Question Asked

The adoption agency we were using closed in February.  This shook us — momentarily. To be honest, the shock passed quickly… quickly… almost too quickly, perhaps. This agency was supposed to be the path to our family. We had entrusted its adoption coordinators and advisors with our dreams. Then one day it ceased to Read more »

Now on Instagram!

So, we’ve decided to try to keep a more active record of our lives, and one of the ways we’re doing this is by opening up to everyone through our daily routines and adventures via an Instagram account. You can find us through our Instagram Id: davidmariaadopt Or directly from a web browser via Read more »


Occasionally, like just about everyone, one of our friends gets married, and we have a wedding to attend. Like just about no one, this usually means international flights have to be booked, vaccinations need to be up to date, and passports need to be checked to ensure there is free space for entry visas. Our friend Maaret’s Read more »


Traveling usually offers a great opportunity to spend time surrounded by babies, toddlers, and children of just about any age. That’s because most of the places we go, we can usually count on having friends or family living there — it’s definitely one of the benefits of working in international development. This means Read more »

Maria’s Birthday

Last week, Maria passed a huge milestone — her 40th birthday. Our plan was to try and do something special, and take a long trip to a faraway place. We’d considered Asia, or perhaps even returning to Africa where we first met. Maria’s boss was traveling, and David had a brief lull in his consulting work, so it looked as Read more »

Moving Day

Although we’re only writing about it now, we moved out of our old apartment back in March. The reasoning for the delay wasn’t particularly cryptic, we simply hadn’t thought to include it as a post. We were happy with our apartment near the East River — unfortunately, that meant that other people would be as well, so Read more »

Traveling back to Texas

Last week, David went to Texas to see his father, John, who was going to need to have surgery. This is an ongoing treatment for a tumor that started in his kidney. Back then, the doctors told our family that if you had to have cancer, it’s the best kind to have. There’s no bloodstream or lymph nodes to deal with, no Read more »

Talking about open adoption

It’s strange, talking about our adoption plans with friends and family — not only for us, but for whoever is on the other side of the conversation as well. With normal family planning, things are a bit simpler. Perhaps people are more used to that type of conversation. “We’re trying to have a baby” or “we’re Read more »

We are now an Aunt and Uncle

David’s sister called a while back. “I have something to tell you,” she said. “I wanted you to be the first to know, so you wouldn’t hear it from someone else.” He sat and waited.  He took a deep breath and allowed exhaled thought and feeling in preparation of bad news. “I’m pregnant,” she said, and Read more »

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