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David & Maria

We have come to embrace entropy, and hope to add another laughing child to the jouyful chaos that is our home

Hello there,

We don’t know what we should call you. “Friend” seems too intimate, too soon. But what else can we call someone who is reading this letter, someone who, even if for a fraction of a moment, is considering entrusting us with such an incredible responsibility? You don’t need to be told that the decision you have to make is a difficult one — especially not by us. It requires careful consideration, and wisdom that may be beyond the capabilities of fragile human beings like us. How does a person look into the future, unroll the tapestry of a life that hasn’t yet been lived, and foresee how its pattern will unfold? How does someone then pull herself back to the present, and with the life she envisioned still in her thoughts, reach out into the world and choose the people best able to nurture, guide, and protect that life?

You have probably already read hundreds of promises from loving and hopeful adoptive parents offering your child the world. We wish we could promise those things, but we can’t. We can’t promise a childhood completely free of any sadness or struggle, but we will give him or her one filled with love, care, and joy. We can’t promise to spoil your child with unlimited material possessions, but we can offer the protection, experience, and education needed to earn them on his or her own. And we can’t promise that your child will be raised like royalty, but he or she will have friends from around the world that will provide influence, openness to cultural diversity and languages, and help to build a noble character.

There is so much uncertainly in life, that we simply can’t promise the world. But we can promise you only one thing. We promise that we will not fail you, and that we will work hard to build a future for your child.

We met fifteen years ago in Africa, where Maria was working with the Spanish Development Agency, and David was traveling and writing novels. Since that time, we’ve lived on three continents and have devoted our lives to making the world a better place. A few years ago, we moved to New York after Maria accepted a staff position with the United Nations. Since then, we have put down roots that are wide and deep, stretching from New York, to Texas, Madrid, Panama, and Brazil. We have a beautiful son named Oscar and a foster daughter as well, and we're ready to expand our family further.

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Who We Are

We met fifteen years ago in Namibia. Maria was working in development projects, while David was writing and traveling through Africa in an old pickup. After a few years dating long distance, David moved to Brazil with Maria. We’ve lived, worked, and visited nine different countries together, and hope to continue our travels as we try to make the world a better place.

We’re the perfect team - exact opposites!

David’s head is in the clouds, while Maria’s feet are planted in the ground. Our combined strengths and shared values have helped us to overcome many obstacles, and we hope to share those values with our children: education, honesty, and the rights of others. We’re a multi-lingual family, speaking English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Culture, values, and roots are very important to us, so we want to make sure that our children are aware of his or her own.

Maria is an engineer who devotes herself to helping others have better lives. She currently works with the United Nations in New York. She is very passionate about her job and she also volunteers with nonprofits.

David was a management consultant, but now offers consulting services to international organizations. In his free time he writes. Because he works from home, his hours are flexible and he devotes lots of time to our children

Although Maria works in an office, the United Nations’ flexibility allows her to be an attentive mom as well, and she will be able to enjoy a long maternity leave as she did with the arrival of our first son. Oscar is currently attending daycare at the United Nations and "commutes" every day with Maria. The daycare's close proximity to her office and its open doors policy allows her to visit him often.

We love traveling around the world, and we value being a part of the cultures and communities where we live. We’ve learned Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art); played drums; and taken language classes to avoid living inside a “bubble” and only relating with other foreigners. Oscar's little brother or sister child will get the chance to learn different languages and become a global citizen! We also love the sea, and hope to also share our love of sailing, snorkeling, and scuba! Our son Oscar, and our foster daughter Skyla are already taking swimming lessons and love to spend time in the pool and in the beach!

At home, we like to search the city on our bikes for new secret spots. Maria likes to discover the world from behind the camera and talking with people, while David observes the things a lens can’t capture, like the way people relate to each other. We both enjoy opening the doors of our home to friends and receiving guests from around the world. We cherish hospitality, family, and friends.

Our home is even more full of light, smiles, and laughter since the arrival of our son Oscar and our foster daughter Skyla. Both came into our lives nearly three years ago, and in that brief time, we've had such wonderful experiences and adventures! We're all looking forward to welcoming another child into our home to share our love and amazing experiences.

Adoption Diary

Panama Bound

We had another family trip — this time to Panama, our old home when Maria was working with UN in the Regional Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean. After a long period without traveling for work, with the exception to a mission to Antigua, Puerto Rico and Panama, and another to Chile, she had a two-week mission there. The idea of David being left alone for another two weeks with the babies and been far away from them, combine with the fact that a lot of friends wanted to meet the kids and the climate there is very good and warm, we all decided that the best thing was to head down as a family.

We stayed at the house of our old friend Maria, a former pediatrician who now works with the International Red Cross. It was nice to be able to spend a little time with old friends and visiting old hangouts.  While most of our time was spent working, we still had the chance to spend an afternoon in Casco Viejo, go to the pool, have lunches and barbeques with friends, and enjoy time in the park by the Panama Canal. We would have liked to have gone to the beach, but the rainy season had just started. We’ll have to go when we return (which will be soon). While we worked during the week, Skyla and Oscar passed the time in daycare — the first time they’d been in class together.  They took to it nearly too well, passing the days by each other’s side, even napping next to each other.  It was difficult getting them to go back to their respective daycare facilities apart from each other. There were several grumpy days between them while they readjusted, but the trip together was worth the complaints.

Ready to Grow Again

Well, we’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately, and Maria and I have decided that we are ready to grow our family again, and welcome a new child into our home.  We’ve been extremely blessed to have Oscar and Skyla enter our lives, and we’re grateful that we’ll continue being involved with Skyla and her family once they are reunited as we have agreed to be her Godparents. But we’ve always known that we wanted at least two children, and we’re as ready now as we’ll ever be.

In truth, the foolishness of waiting when it comes to creating our family has been a painful lesson for us. We’ve come to realize that waiting may seem sensible, but time has a way of sneaking up on you — stealing away the precious moments that could be spent collecting memories of a life well-lived. It’s better to strive for our hearts desire now. Otherwise we risk waking up one day to find we are without anything other the aching dreams of what may have been.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


David & Maria

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