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Today I have no picture I just had a bad day. Your on sites each day waiting for that glimmer of hope to send you a message but almost every page hasn’t been updated in over 12 hrs or more. Definitely this corona virus is on the minds of most Americans and while almost the whole country is shut down I am laying her recovering from the dr giving me a antibiotic I was allergic too, waiting to take my next round of Benadryl. Thank goodness for Brent and my parents to keep our son busy today. I took spring break to be with him and I was down, while watching the county shut down too. Brent still has to leave for ATL tomorrow for race weekend. School will probably shut down for a while and I will probably be working from home waiting and praying for all of you and your families. Bless all of you !

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Brent & Kimberley

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Brent & Kimberley