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Rainy morning, Grandpa just left with our son for school. They have so much fun. Finished our backyard projects yesterday that was an accomplishment, now we can work on getting the pool ready. Brent leaves for Indy Monday for 2 weeks. Only long term races stuff anymore. Do lots of laundry this weekend! Read more »


Last week was so busy! This week we will relax and breath better. Almost have back yard finished . Our son had a great birthday party with his friends Read more »


Today our son is 12! 9 1/2 years of being his parents has brought so much joy into our lives. He definitely lights the room with his rainbow shaped eyes when he smiles. We had our birthday at home last night since after school we go to go cart and games with his friends . Took him to wwe wrestling Monday . He’s gonna be Read more »


Last day of spring break, our son went with his friends family to a adventure trampoline park. Back to working and school tomorrow. 5 more weeks till summer break . Read more »


Today we went to get flowers, took the pool cover off and started to drain it, so we can clean it all. Had a bon fire , cooked s’mores and son swam with the girls next door , said it was freezing . Got ice cream and cones to eat after our steak dinner we are cooking now. I more day left of spring break. Read more »

4-22 night

We had a good time until the 14hole, then we started getting cranky pants. He has been good all week but got cranky when he wasn’t winning. Planted flowers and pizza for dinner. Read more »


Hope our son had a good spring break, we colored eggs enjoyed Easter . The guys go carted , grandma and I secured his bday party at the go cart track. We went to the river banks zoo and went mini golfing. We have had numerous board game challenges and lots of food and ice cream Read more »

Good Friday 4/15

Busy day today. I’m working while grandma grandpa and our son sell BBQ for scouts. We have the neighbors kid’s birthday today , 3 were born in April. Then we are ending the day with Good Friday service we are going with my friend Stephanie. Read more »


After work and school we stopped by my friend Stephanie’s house. My parents replaced her fence for her. She lost both parents and was a only child, so they wanted to help her out. Then after dinner watched The Mitchell’s vs the machines. Thought they were quirky and fun like us !! Read more »


Worked and went to pick up our son from school , mom can I have Bruster’s ice cream, yes. He’s gonna miss my weekly allergy shots. Making coleslaw tonight and have a few days of prep before the scout bbq Friday Read more »


Today is siblings day, I am an only child and I really don’t want our son to be. I have seen it as you get older with lots of siblings vs being an only child. I prefer one more child so my child has the sibling. This family really has a lot of love to give and waiting on that special child so they can see how much! Read more »


Took our son and his friend to the drive thru zoo and out for a bbq lunch. Nice weather. Kids got to feed the animals Read more »


After school and work we had scouts. I am so proud of our son. He has “board of review”next week which is like a job interview when they talk about what he learned to move up a rank. He also took 10 months but finished a personal fitness merit badge. They now say it’s for older kids but he worked at it , Finished and Read more »


Had a nice weekend. Our son and grandpa along with a friend started making a tree house. Today weed whipped grocery shopped and played board games . Trying to avoid as much pollen as possible. Brent racing in Austin tx today , will be back tonight Read more »


Brent’s team was 16th, he’s on his way home. Our son got home from his 2 night camp out. Got some cleaning , Easter shopping , and puppy cuddles, and got some much needed rest . Read more »


Brent’s team was 16th, he’s on his way home. Our son got home from his 2 night camp out. Got some cleaning , Easter shopping , and puppy cuddles, and got some much needed rest . Read more »


Brent has a race weekend in Texas and our son left today forba scouting weekend. Puppy and I are chilling alone :( Sunday can’t come soon enough. Hopefully I will get some Easter shopping done tomorrow. Read more »


Oh what a morning lol. So I didn’t sleep well I had some muscle spasms, but then yesterday I gave the puppy flea and tick med and she got hives. The our son woke up this am and fell outside his bedroom door, lost his footing on his blanket. There is a Boyscout camping trip Friday so we had to put practice putting the tent Read more »


Happy Sunday . We all Had a good time with friends from Ohio , all 13 of us went to brunch this afternoon, now all are relaxing . Grandpa, grandma and our son are getting a cold. Puppy and I are relaxing on the couch. Yea fir spring forward and longer days. Read more »


Picked our son up from school this afternoon, allergies got the best of him. Got him resting and taking zertec. Puppy got her allergy shots. Praying weather isn’t severe over night. Have friends coming down from Ohio again this weekend. Always enjoy having coming Read more »


After a weekend of spring yard work, hopefully these next couple days of rain wash some pollen away. Our son had 3 play days with his friends. Read more »


Oh how I dislike Allergy season. The whole house is full of sneezing and blowing our nose, and burning eyes.I even get shots for almost everything and it still gets me. Yesterday we painted our shed out back and our to porch rockers . Did we need another shed? No but putting the dirt equipment outside gives us more room to Read more »


Had a nice time with friends this weekend. Booked a couple day vacation to myrtle beach in may while Brent is in Indy for the 500 lazy rainy day today. Read more »


Tonight my friend Michele from Ohio and her husband are coming for a visit for a couple nights. We’ve been friends 30 years and definitely don’t see her as much as I like . This picture is from a wedding we were in in like 1995 maybe. Tomorrow we have scouting stuff planned :) Read more »


Tonight my friend Michele from Ohio and her husband are coming for a visit for a couple nights. We’ve been friends 30 years and definitely don’t see her as much as I like . This picture is from a wedding we were in in like 1995 maybe. Tomorrow we have scouting stuff planned :) Read more »


Today got wonderful news! Our sons had an normal echocardiogram. We found out his birth mother died a couple years ago and they had a history of heart problems. We decided to get this done to make sure there were no issues since her Aunt had informed us this could be an issue from their side. We Thank god all is good. Feels Read more »


Today was scout Sunday at church, then I helped grandpa and grandma put the roof on the shed. Also cleaned some red more flower beds Read more »


Since no school Friday and Monday, Grandpa and our son did I fly yesterday, then picked up dinner to take home. Picking up Brent tomorrow morning at airport. He would have came home 2 days ago if he could. Read more »


Yesterday was Valentines Day our son and my parents celebrated with gifts and food from Red Robin’s. Brent is in FL all week spotting . We had our Valentines early. Today we have to lay some stone after school and work. Mom and I decided to move our angel memorial garden to a bigger area behind our new shed. Even the puppy Read more »


Yesterday was Valentines Day our son and my parents celebrated with gifts and food from Red Robin’s. Brent is in FL all week spotting . We had our Valentines early. Today we have to lay some stone after school and work. Mom and I decided to move our angel memorial garden to a bigger area behind our new shed. Even the puppy Read more »


Today had to take our son to scouts for a pet care class. Grandpa and grandma went to look at 50 acres north of us. Brent had a couple people here buying stuff from his vintage racing store. Dixie has had hives from itching so I’ve been with her all afternoon. She’s still miserable so-the boys bought her some oatmeal soap Read more »


Snowed an inch , not enough to play in. We were supposed to sell donuts for scouts today but that’s canceled. Brent does the 24 hrs at Daytona , he we will home tomorrow night. We will have to see what today brings, Read more »


So there was a scout ski trip to WV sunday. Our son has never went skiing nor 3 hrs away without a family member. We chose for him not to go and Brent and I will take him the first time. He gets anxiety when trying things the first time, till he gets it. This way next year if he wants to go , he will feel confident. Grandma Read more »


So this weekend I have watched a lot of hallmark and Netflix movies and I pray every day that my son doesn’t have to be a only Child. I was a only child but I had lots of cousins around and close by. I want him to have a sibling, he’s such a loving child and we have so much love to give as a family. Read more »


Last night another round of snow, we all went out and played this morning ,even the dog, before it melts again. Today probably another round uno and board games. Glad we got errands done yesterday Read more »


Wow quite except for my work phone ringing this morning. Grandma and grandpa took our son to school and Brent to the airport. He has the roar before 24 and Rolex 24 for the next week . Just me and Dixie till the parents get back from Walmart Read more »


Oh my about 5 inches of snow and sleet. All 5 of us and 6 neighbors hung out had our 2 4 wheelers and sleds , all 5 kids kids were wet tired and had a great time. We pulled them around till almost dark. Probably do it again tomorrow and I can watch out the window while working . Read more »


Got our running done today, loaded the neighbor with wood for her fireplace. Now relaxing waiting for Brents flight to come in, made it for today so he would be home before the storm, and see what overnight and tomorrow brings us . Read more »


As I’m sitting here working , i looked at the weather changed to more snow and ice . While I’m grateful we don’t have anywhere to be and Monday is a day off school, Brent will be in Tulsa from today till Sunday am. Told him to pack extra clothes in case he gets stuck there. After work and school we will have to go get Read more »


Today I made an appointment for our son to go get checked by the doctor. His birth mother passed away 2 years at 36, of what they think was heart problems and it runs in the family . We have been back and forth in the vaccine and it’s heart conditions for young boys . Least we will have an answer. he is to precious to take Read more »


Last day of the year. Ran a few errands and our son had a outdoor play date since it’s in the 60s today. Tonight just family board games and good food and Hoping the new your brings good health and a new family member Read more »


Refinished 3 pcs of furniture, watched lots of Christmas movies and put some Christmas stuff away today. Now relaxing on the couch with the hubby and puppy Read more »


Another wonderful Christmas, with my beautiful family. I think the dog even had a good day. It was beautiful and 70. Got to enjoy walking the dog outside . Tomorrow mission to the antique store for paint to redo a couple pieces I got for the kitchen. Our son spent all day playing with toys , or board games. He has great Read more »


So grandma and grandpa have had friends here all week , they leave today or tomorrow. I have been working still but I’m home and still in the mix, and today’s my last work till next year. Brent had father son night last night to wrestling in Greensboro nc, they got home at midnight , sounded like lots of fun. Last week Read more »


This morning Brent had surgery,He had a cyst just above his ankle so we figured now was the time to relax and be able to be off his feet for a week. Grandma and Grandpa got our son up and off to school. Read more »


Today, I’m tired . My dog had an allergic reaction yesterday and was sick and the medicine made her wired , neither her or I slept. I got our son ready for school , worked and picked him up from school and took mom to eye dr. Now boyscout meeting in 10 min. Think I need to go for some coffee. Thank goodness we don’t have Read more »


Today we have scouts , tomorrow Dixie gets allergy shots and our sons school has an art show. You get a Read more »


Today Dixie got to go to her doggie spa day to get her hair cut. We went shopping to get some of our last Christmas presents, early so there wasn’t many people. Grandma and grandma are on Ohio, lots of people are Covid positive that they we’re supposed to see and are ready to come home and Brent went to an auction. Read more »


Happy Anniversary. Today we celebrate 10 married years and 20 together years, and one beautiful 11 year old boy who we wouldn’t trade for the world ! Read more »

Thanksgiving 11-25

Thankful for our family and health! Thankful for each of you reading this and blessing our families with the greatest gifts! I’m thankful for our sons both mother over 8 years ago for making us parents with this beautiful precious boy!!! Read more »


Took the beginning of the week off, went to the parade in our town yesterday, actually got to sit and watch it this year , the scouts were on a float , not marching. Today ran a couple good errands prepared food for tomorrow. Celebrating with family tomorrow, work Friday , anniversary is Friday . Birthday is Tuesday. Big Read more »


Yesterday we collected food for feed nc for Boy Scouts , did more outside decorating and today our son his having a couple friends over . Read more »


Our son was sick over the weekend but he went back to school today. After school he came home and got a little fresh air playing football with dad Read more »

11-11 Veterans Day

This morning I’m at the dentist to get a crown replaced, the allergy shots and home to spend with my family. We are starting to put Christmas up early and this weekend our new tree. Our son has been asking since Halloween. Just want to to spend and enjoy again this year with our family Read more »


10 mile hike in the books, now to food drives &  red kettles service projects till spring. Putting more outside Christmas up today . How much We would like another child to share these holidays with . Read more »


It’s Friday. Puppy Dixie on my lap while I’m working. Our son and grandpa are doing a scout 10 mile hike tomorrow, Brent has antiquing today and tomorrow. Also trying to work on a go cart for our son . Read more »


Went to a modified cat shoe trick or treating and now amateur wrestling. Been a fun family day . Read more »


Today and tomorrow no school or work . Got a lot done and Dixie went to the groomers for 1/2 the day. Tomorrow we all are going zip lining and apple picking in Morganton NC , pictures too come ! Read more »


Was a nice weekend, got to spend a bit of time with Brents dad . We didn’t get to have the 5 mile hike , moved to 23rd. Got to see my friends and help a bit with her mom’s estate. Brent went to a nfl game today after they raced and got 2nd last night and not home till midnight, he was tired Read more »


No school today and I took off work, Brents dad is down visiting, we eat a lot then. Lol. It’s lazy today been raining on and off for a week cancelled the scout 5 mile hike till 23 , to much rain. Going to my friends estate sale at her mothers house tomorrow. Read more »


Your son had off today so I took him to get dunkin for breakfast, then to a allergist appt. got him and grandpa packed up for their camping trip. Grandma and I went shopping tonight and Brent is on way from race track . Has a 2 day event In Martinsville va Read more »


Today we went to our sons boyscout awards banquet. It was a nice weekend. Haircuts and play dates , walking training for our 10 mile hike in November. Brent has one more overnight race next weekend till November. We have Friday off so we will have to find something fun Thursday night Read more »


We have been busy doing more fall decorating, training for our 10 mile hike and celebrating our puppy’s 1st birthday.  Raining today , school work and allergy shots. Read more »


Today grandpa, our son and I went to his school where a boyscout in his troop was doing an Eagle Scout project making an outdoor classroom. It was hot but we got a it ready to pour concrete. Read more »


Well 6th grade lasted 6 days before they sent the whole grade home for the week for school cleaning, now masks are required. Guess craziness is far from over. We are Getting ready to enjoy the pool this afternoon. Read more »


Today was a good day ! Felt like I could breathe . Today our son had his 2nd day of school and meet 3 friends so far. He seems to like it and found another Boy Scout we know that goes to the school. Makes my heart happy that I made the decision to change schools . It’s a charter school and the principal is very Christian Read more »

Carolina Panther Fan Fest

Last night we went with friends to Carolina panther fan fest . Was not packed but was nice to hang with friends. School starts Monday so will be getting everything ready for that today. Read more »


All the family is back home .we took our son to get 2 new school shoes today,  royal blue and a charcoal , and we had a gray /red pair. Think we are ready for school only a week away ! Read more »

7-30 Friday

Today after work mom and dad got back from the trip to Ohio. Tomorrow our son will come back from camp. He’s a real trooper , texted me today cut his hand a bit , but bandaged it up , Awwh . Can’t wait for him to be home.. Brent and I going to get food from 5 guys for food   But for now cuddles Read more »

Camp parents night

Last night was scout camp parents night , oh how I wanted to bring him home. Just before I got there he got stung by a hornet I. The ear and it swelled. Gave him Benadryl then before I left rubbed cortisone on it. He held my hand till we walked back to camp and changed and went to bed exhausted. It’s a great experience but Read more »


Today I celebrated 11 years in my current position at the company I work for. Our son is at Boyscout camp day 2 . My parents are still in Ohio so it’s just been Brent and I . Parents night is Wednesday, can’t wait ! Read more »


Today surprised my son and husband with a visit from Brents parents. Brents birthday is next week and axel goes to camp. My parents head to Ohio, they are going thru my grandmas things . Read more »


Beach trip was nice Wilmington and Carolina beach was nice , although seashells were not like myrtle beach, rougher and a lot more broken. Can’t wait for another child to explore with ! Read more »


As I sit here at wrightsville beach on vacation I’m reminded of my sons innocence, although he just turned 11 he’s only 76 lbs and those waves are a lot so he grabs dads hand Read more »


Had a FaceTime with my cousin and her husband last night , they finally got pregnant after 6 years of marriage. It’s been a long road for them and I am happy!  That is not our road. I can’t wait to be a mom again. Its good but sad to see my son grow up, but can’t wait to have a little one in the house Read more »

Independence Day 7-4

While Brent was in Wisconsin the family celebrated with board games, swimming and fireworks with our friend Stephanie.Brent back tonight to celebrate with us. Read more »


Happy Saturday! Today I had my hair done, it’s been 3 1/2 months but with covid , it’s not been that important, Then we all went up town to a car show. Boy was it hot. Came home and relaxed. Ready to go swimming :) Read more »


Finished working , house was quite , Brent was out to lunch, grandpa went to work out and went out to the shop grandma and our son was playing pool. Read more »


Today we paid for our son to go to Boyscout camp for a week in July . It will be his first scout camping trip with out mommy or grandpa going and our first week with him away. Oh mommy might cry all week. Read more »

Last day of spring cleaning 6-13

We started 3 weeks ago staining outdoor and adding a new deck, and pressure washed all the concrete . We have cleaned room by room each day . we have our sons bathroom , our office carpet and living room area rug and we will be done! Read more »

6-12 back home

It was nice to get away with the love of my life,  but we were up at 730 this morning , really missed everyone and was ready to go home. Our sons hugs and puppy excitement to see us was priceless! Read more »


Quick 2 night getaway to Asheville, Brent and I. Our son didn’t like us being away but he hates antiquing , nice little getaway Read more »


Birthday sleepover success. 5 boys games food and fun. Planning once a month for the summer months Read more »

Mother’s Day

Celebrating my mom and being a mom we enjoyed a nice breakfast, presents and getting everything ready for summertime outside. Read more »


Yesterday was our sons birthday so mommy ,daddy ,and grandma grandpa and the puppy all drove to school to pick him up with birthday signs and whistles . The school has a rock to paint but I never got a chance to get in on that , but this was I think more memorable. Then the rest of night we did presents , pizza and Read more »


Excited to go home to see Brent and Dixie. Axel and I missed them the past few days. Grandma and grandpa will drive back tomorrow so we will all be home to celebrate our sons birthday this week Read more »


Todays thought was I am sad that my Grandma is slipping away and my future children and family members won’t get to meet this wonder lady. I am grateful that our son has both our sets of parents, just as Brent and I had all our grandparents, there just a lot you can learn from the older generations. And the story’s are Read more »


Went to church with our friend Stephanie today and a Easter egg hunt , and picture with the Easter bunny Read more »


No April fools day jokes here. Great grandma hasn’t been doing well so grandma and grandpa went to Ohio for a week. We went to the mall so we could get pretzels , haven’t been there in a year. Brent has to leave for a race tomorrow in south Boston va overnight so we will color eggs make cupcakes and get ready for Read more »


It’s Friday ! Weird weekend. Brent left for a overnight race in SC , Grandpa and our son are going on a Boyscout camping trip. Guess it’s me , my mom and the Read more »


Our son has been on spring break this week.  He went go karting with dad, movie Tom and Jerry with mom and dad , hike with scouts mom and grandpa Wednesday, played with neighbors and shopping with mom Thur, shooting his BB gun and put putt golf with Grandpa and Grandma today. Typically we go somewhere but with this and Read more »


Dixie is getting spayed tomorrow ,so we got her walked and showered before her surgery. Can’t say I am not sad , I couldn’t give birth I hate taking that away from someone else . But I know it’s best. Also after homework we had some ping pong Read more »


Cold rainy day in the middle of amazing 65-70 degree week ,after work and school we played ping pong and ordered pizza. Now relaxing watching tv Read more »


The past 2 days weather have been amazing 60-70. everyone got out of the house walked, rode 4 wheelers , played with the puppy. Can’t wait till spring! Read more »


Kim and her mom got hair cuts, it’s amazing to have a little normalcy in this new covid world. Boys stayed hometo play with puppy. Our son is doing more chores and helping out this morning It’s been a nice sunny day. Going to do some ping pong in the shop this afternoon. Read more »


My husband is in a Florida spotting for races , son is at school and work is quite . Puppy is taking advantage of warmth to sleep on my lap. Life is good Read more »


We got a little snow overnight so our son went out and played with grandpa and made a baby snowman Read more »

January 2021

well we are all pretty much recovered after our covid, I have a lingering cough, but dr said that may last a while, but we all made it though. Our son is back in school and its just a chilly 50 degrees and looking forward to putting our new pool table together and playing some ping pong and watching movies. Ordering some Read more »

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