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Today and tomorrow no school or work . Got a lot done and Dixie went to the groomers for 1/2 the day. Tomorrow we all are going zip lining and apple picking in Morganton NC , pictures too come ! Read more »


Was a nice weekend, got to spend a bit of time with Brents dad . We didn’t get to have the 5 mile hike , moved to 23rd. Got to see my friends and help a bit with her mom’s estate. Brent went to a nfl game today after they raced and got 2nd last night and not home till midnight, he was tired Read more »


No school today and I took off work, Brents dad is down visiting, we eat a lot then. Lol. It’s lazy today been raining on and off for a week cancelled the scout 5 mile hike till 23 , to much rain. Going to my friends estate sale at her mothers house tomorrow. Read more »


Your son had off today so I took him to get dunkin for breakfast, then to a allergist appt. got him and grandpa packed up for their camping trip. Grandma and I went shopping tonight and Brent is on way from race track . Has a 2 day event In Martinsville va Read more »


Today we went to our sons boyscout awards banquet. It was a nice weekend. Haircuts and play dates , walking training for our 10 mile hike in November. Brent has one more overnight race next weekend till November. We have Friday off so we will have to find something fun Thursday night Read more »


We have been busy doing more fall decorating, training for our 10 mile hike and celebrating our puppy’s 1st birthday.  Raining today , school work and allergy shots. Read more »


Today grandpa, our son and I went to his school where a boyscout in his troop was doing an Eagle Scout project making an outdoor classroom. It was hot but we got a it ready to pour concrete. Read more »


Well 6th grade lasted 6 days before they sent the whole grade home for the week for school cleaning, now masks are required. Guess craziness is far from over. We are Getting ready to enjoy the pool this afternoon. Read more »


Today was a good day ! Felt like I could breathe . Today our son had his 2nd day of school and meet 3 friends so far. He seems to like it and found another Boy Scout we know that goes to the school. Makes my heart happy that I made the decision to change schools . It’s a charter school and the principal is very Christian Read more »


Last night we went with friends to Carolina panther fan fest . Was not packed but was nice to hang with friends. School starts Monday so will be getting everything ready for that today. Read more »


All the family is back home .we took our son to get 2 new school shoes today,  royal blue and a charcoal , and we had a gray /red pair. Think we are ready for school only a week away ! Read more »

7-30 Friday

Today after work mom and dad got back from the trip to Ohio. Tomorrow our son will come back from camp. He’s a real trooper , texted me today cut his hand a bit , but bandaged it up , Awwh . Can’t wait for him to be home.. Brent and I going to get food from 5 guys for food   But for now cuddles Read more »

Camp parents night

Last night was scout camp parents night , oh how I wanted to bring him home. Just before I got there he got stung by a hornet I. The ear and it swelled. Gave him Benadryl then before I left rubbed cortisone on it. He held my hand till we walked back to camp and changed and went to bed exhausted. It’s a great experience but Read more »


Today I celebrated 11 years in my current position at the company I work for. Our son is at Boyscout camp day 2 . My parents are still in Ohio so it’s just been Brent and I . Parents night is Wednesday, can’t wait ! Read more »


Today surprised my son and husband with a visit from Brents parents. Brents birthday is next week and axel goes to camp. My parents head to Ohio, they are going thru my grandmas things . Read more »


Beach trip was nice Wilmington and Carolina beach was nice , although seashells were not like myrtle beach, rougher and a lot more broken. Can’t wait for another child to explore with ! Read more »


As I sit here at wrightsville beach on vacation I’m reminded of my sons innocence, although he just turned 11 he’s only 76 lbs and those waves are a lot so he grabs dads hand Read more »


Had a FaceTime with my cousin and her husband last night , they finally got pregnant after 6 years of marriage. It’s been a long road for them and I am happy!  That is not our road. I can’t wait to be a mom again. Its good but sad to see my son grow up, but can’t wait to have a little one in the house Read more »

Independence Day 7-4

While Brent was in Wisconsin the family celebrated with board games, swimming and fireworks with our friend Stephanie.Brent back tonight to celebrate with us. Read more »

Independence Day 7-4

While Brent was in Wisconsin the family celebrated with board games, swimming and fireworks with our friend Stephanie.Brent back tonight to celebrate with us. Read more »


Happy Saturday! Today I had my hair done, it’s been 3 1/2 months but with covid , it’s not been that important, Then we all went up town to a car show. Boy was it hot. Came home and relaxed. Ready to go swimming :) Read more »


Finished working , house was quite , Brent was out to lunch, grandpa went to work out and went out to the shop grandma and our son was playing pool. Read more »


Today we paid for our son to go to Boyscout camp for a week in July . It will be his first scout camping trip with out mommy or grandpa going and our first week with him away. Oh mommy might cry all week. Read more »

Last day of spring cleaning 6-13

We started 3 weeks ago staining outdoor and adding a new deck, and pressure washed all the concrete . We have cleaned room by room each day . we have our sons bathroom , our office carpet and living room area rug and we will be done! Read more »

6-12 back home

It was nice to get away with the love of my life,  but we were up at 730 this morning , really missed everyone and was ready to go home. Our sons hugs and puppy excitement to see us was priceless! Read more »


Quick 2 night getaway to Asheville, Brent and I. Our son didn’t like us being away but he hates antiquing , nice little getaway Read more »


Birthday sleepover success. 5 boys games food and fun. Planning once a month for the summer months Read more »

Mother’s Day

Celebrating my mom and being a mom we enjoyed a nice breakfast, presents and getting everything ready for summertime outside. Read more »


Yesterday was our sons birthday so mommy ,daddy ,and grandma grandpa and the puppy all drove to school to pick him up with birthday signs and whistles . The school has a rock to paint but I never got a chance to get in on that , but this was I think more memorable. Then the rest of night we did presents , pizza and Read more »


Excited to go home to see Brent and Dixie. Axel and I missed them the past few days. Grandma and grandpa will drive back tomorrow so we will all be home to celebrate our sons birthday this week Read more »


Todays thought was I am sad that my Grandma is slipping away and my future children and family members won’t get to meet this wonder lady. I am grateful that our son has both our sets of parents, just as Brent and I had all our grandparents, there just a lot you can learn from the older generations. And the story’s are Read more »


Went to church with our friend Stephanie today and a Easter egg hunt , and picture with the Easter bunny Read more »


No April fools day jokes here. Great grandma hasn’t been doing well so grandma and grandpa went to Ohio for a week. We went to the mall so we could get pretzels , haven’t been there in a year. Brent has to leave for a race tomorrow in south Boston va overnight so we will color eggs make cupcakes and get ready for Read more »


It’s Friday ! Weird weekend. Brent left for a overnight race in SC , Grandpa and our son are going on a Boyscout camping trip. Guess it’s me , my mom and the Read more »


Our son has been on spring break this week.  He went go karting with dad, movie Tom and Jerry with mom and dad , hike with scouts mom and grandpa Wednesday, played with neighbors and shopping with mom Thur, shooting his BB gun and put putt golf with Grandpa and Grandma today. Typically we go somewhere but with this and Read more »


Dixie is getting spayed tomorrow ,so we got her walked and showered before her surgery. Can’t say I am not sad , I couldn’t give birth I hate taking that away from someone else . But I know it’s best. Also after homework we had some ping pong Read more »


Cold rainy day in the middle of amazing 65-70 degree week ,after work and school we played ping pong and ordered pizza. Now relaxing watching tv Read more »


The past 2 days weather have been amazing 60-70. everyone got out of the house walked, rode 4 wheelers , played with the puppy. Can’t wait till spring! Read more »


Kim and her mom got hair cuts, it’s amazing to have a little normalcy in this new covid world. Boys stayed hometo play with puppy. Our son is doing more chores and helping out this morning It’s been a nice sunny day. Going to do some ping pong in the shop this afternoon. Read more »


My husband is in a Florida spotting for races , son is at school and work is quite . Puppy is taking advantage of warmth to sleep on my lap. Life is good Read more »


We got a little snow overnight so our son went out and played with grandpa and made a baby snowman Read more »

January 2021

well we are all pretty much recovered after our covid, I have a lingering cough, but dr said that may last a while, but we all made it though. Our son is back in school and its just a chilly 50 degrees and looking forward to putting our new pool table together and playing some ping pong and watching movies. Ordering some Read more »

Almost Christmas

So our whole family got covid , the 3 boys all just cold symptoms and mom and myself got a Lingering cough, no taste of smell. We all went back to school and work almost 2 weeks ago. Still praying for a adoption miracle. Read more »


Went to town, so busy glad I got most of our Christmas shopping complete. Our 15 year old cat is not fond of our & week old puppy. I had to put a child gate to split the house in half so they can both have 1/2. Almost done decorating for Christmas. ‘Ti is 2020 , figured we would enjoy the holiday season a bit longer Read more »

A glimmer of light

Today I showed our son pictures of his birth mother and told him a bit about her. I knew her and her siblings were artsy with drawing or musical , he said he’s going to draw a bit tomorrow. Although she has passed I think it’s important for him to know those things, maybe he has one of those talents. They share hair and Read more »

Sadness 9-23

So yesterday my adoption lawyer called, she had facilitated our first adoption , and is ready for our next one , thinking she had something for us but wanted to inform me that our sons birth mother passed away last month at 32. Definitely a shock. Although we didn’t see each other we still sent messages and still had a Read more »


Enjoyed a relaxing holiday weekend ,with another drive through zoo trip . We are back to the grind with school work and work . Finally getting caught up. 5th grade in not short on work that’s for sure ! Read more »


So today our son got a cast. He was driving his newest four wheeler and hit the back staircase of the shop 3-4 weeks , end of swimming for the summer :( Read more »


It’s been mommy son weekend , grandpa and grandma went to visit great grandma in ohio and daddy got a opportunity to work as a spotter for the Indianapolis 500 and won! He gets to come home tomorrow night so he can do home school with our son the rest of the week ! Proud family ! Read more »


Rainy afternoon playing rayman ledgends together on the Xbox. Getting ready for virtual school Monday Read more »


Went to the lazy 5 Ranch today, had a good time , nice weather and lots of animals. It’s a drive thru zoo, takes a few hrs. Then bought school supplies needed for virtual school. Came home and FaceTimed with great grandma, she’s 91 and health is deteriorating, so try to see her at least once a week. Then cooled off in the Read more »


Organizing our shop fit the last week. Put up shelving so there is more space to play inside. Axel was entertaining grandpa grandma while face timing with a Great grandma yesterday Read more »


Brents birthday was last weekend and I surprised him with his parents for the weekend. Read more »

Independence Day

Our family loves America , we love our red white and blue ! We are so Thankful and blessed to live in this country! We can’t wait to share this love for holidays and this country with another beautiful child Read more »


I got a day off to spend with the family and sleep in a bit. We got groceries made food for tomorrow and the 5 of us shot some of Our fireworks tonight since our Neighbors had some family over. Since we live in the country in the woods they had a good view and clapped for us . Ready to lounge and enjoy tomorrow in the Read more »


Brent and our son went and got Waffle House for breakfast then he had a swimming play date with 2 of his cubscout buddies. After they went home , we all sat and watched The woody woodpecker Movie. Only 2 more days of work this week . Read more »

June 25

As I walk around the property this evening I look at the decorations, I love decorating For all holidays but I love Memorial Day thru Labor Day , and being patriotic and loving this country and disliking the people trying to tear it down . There’s no better place out there then the good USA!!!!, anc I want to raise my Read more »

Father’s Day 2020

My husband has now 7 Fathers Days under his belt. He’s a good dad, they have a lot of fun together. I can’t wait till we can add another child into our mix. We have a great village with my parents living with us and a great dad and to awesome grandpas to help be role models for our children, Also to wonderful grandmas to Read more »


Well we spent this past week painting everyday , whiten building our home almost 3 years ago they used flat dry chaulky paint , and Witt little hands and some big ones touching it we decided to repaint the same colors with glossy paint . Supposed to start getting hot today so we will put it away and do 3 more rooms this fall Read more »

June 14

Nice weekend ! Nice weather! We had a play date and a friend came to visit Friday , I had to work for a while Saturday then we got carry out and we watch jamangi with grandma . Today Brent will be back from his visit to his family in Pennsylvania and we are hung to enjoy the outside. My friend “aunt Janet” is down she is Read more »


Got my hair done today ! Haven’t had it cut in 31/2 months so I needed it. Watered all our flowers and plants , my parents and I called my grandma and just relaxed. Probably enjoy the pool later on. Our son has had 2 play dates with the neighbor girls this week and 2 with his best friend. Finally letting a few people over Read more »


No rain , Looks good till mid week , nice weekend. Mommy and daddy got a little us time and went to a outdoor antique farm. Definitely social distancing. Our son And grandma and grandpa swam in our pool. Today dad and I walked through the woods, we have 8+acres with atv trails . We are still working on some landscaping Read more »


Good long hot day . Dad , Brent our son and I started another landscape project . Everyone got in pool , I did about 1/2 way. Just not warm enough yet for me. Grandma and our son had a water fight. Got a lot of sun, then rain. Mom made a wonderful pork chop dinner. And the cat slept , except during dinner. Weird to have race Read more »

May 20

Well it’s mid week soggy raining pajamas all day type of day , at least for our son. I get up and get myself ready everyday before I go into the front room “my office “ to work . Brent has been working 6-noon . We went to a couple places for curbside pick up to get grandma birthday presents. Definitely changed the way Read more »

May 11th

Yesterday and today the family landscaped around the pool , Brent got it full and upgraded and we are ready for warmer weather here in N.C. Ready for family swim time. Won’t you consider adding your child to our family ? Read more »

May 10th Mother’s Day

Although I feel blessed everyday I get to be a mother and I thank the woman who gave us the opportunity to be parents to such a wonderful child. I can’t wait to be given the opportunity again soon to be a mother again!!!! Read more »

May 4th

Today is our sons 10th birthday . We have celebrated over 7 birthdays with this sweet boy! He definitely makes me smile everyday and thankful I’m his mom! We opened presents and got his favorite pizza and watched Trolls World Tour. I’m glad we were able to have a weekend of fun with all this Coronavirus stuff . Read more »

May 3

Sunday Funday , 2 day birthday celebration. After French toast breakfast we had a 2 1/2 hr 9 hole golf game with another game/ challenge at each hole then grandpa and grandma gave a present after each challenge. Then got thrown in the pool. We will finish off today with Applebee’s to go and cake . We surprised him with 2 Read more »

April 28

Made some cookies today for fractions in math class. Great benefit. Working on getting the pool refilled after draining to clean it. Nice weather we got out and played yard games this week a couple times. Can’t wait to have another child to do all this with ! Read more »

April 20

Today I just sit and wish my son had a sibling already , I wish he wasn’t an only child and stuck home with 4 adults for over a month. I wish he could play and teach his little brother or sister to do things. Laugh and have fun! We all have been doing stuff with him but I see the 3 neighbor girls out playing together but he Read more »

April 11th

Today we had a Easter egg hunt outside since we a getting rain tomorrow. We also decorated our eggs today that he Easter bunny will hide tonight . Read more »

April 9

I’ve been working at home for a few weeks now, This week I decided to move my work stuff into the front room because our office doesn’t have a window. This afternoon I looked out and I saw our son and Grandpa our playing catch. So glad that we have this beautiful 8 acres to play and enjoy during theses different times Read more »

April 3

So yesterday after working at home I found a lumber yard to get fencing and you stayed in truck the whole time , score ! On the way back we were sitting at the light and my mom said that lady is carrying Toliet paper out of CVS, so I went in and scored a 12pk. Still did our walks and bike rides up and down the driveway. Mowed Read more »

March 22

Sunday , relax day. Pollen is high and we have been outside everyday day the past week and a half. Decided to watch the iracing , little weird sitting next to Brent watching racing when typically your trying to find him on television. But great !!Grandpa, Grandma , Brent , our son and I have started ordering Easter stuff Read more »

March 18

Well working from home , racing won’t start again till may .our son got his school work to start on. Brent drove him to the school and they handed the packet through the window . I think he likes sitting listening to me talk to customers, he thinks it’s interesting. We had an Irish jig meal to celebrate. Today after I Read more »

Weekend Fun

Had a nice weekend since none of us went anywhere , got in some family movie and game time. , 4 wheeler riding. I’m back to work brining my computer home just in case . Brent is off till wed but no races for the foreseeable future and no school for 2 more weeks . No one in our county yet , but we have grandpa and grandma Read more »


Today I have no picture I just had a bad day. Your on sites each day waiting for that glimmer of hope to send you a message but almost every page hasn’t been updated in over 12 hrs or more. Definitely this corona virus is on the minds of most Americans and while almost the whole country is shut down I am laying her Read more »

Why 6 months ?

I have been asked why I choose to start for children 6 months or older , why not a newborn ?  The honest answer , I want the birth mother to see what it is like , if they are on the fence ,if they want to parent or give someone else that chance at a beautiful miracle. That is why we chose are son, he was already born Read more »

Sunday Funday Outside

Well we have Easter decorated on our front porch , mowed lawn , played tetherball. Pushed our son on his swings and watched Daddy’s race and top 15 finish. Glad we got to spend some time outside getting fresh air. Read more »

Ash Wednesday

After celebrating Ash Wednesday with Grandma and Grandpa , we ate some cheese pizza and it was bath/shower time. Well our little guy had a question ran to our room where my husband was packing his suitcase and I was getting stuff ready for the next day .My husband says”what the” l turn around and bust out in laughter cuz Read more »

Scouting Sunday

Church was fun today , been spending the last 6 weeks earning the god and family badge and received them during church , Grandma and Grandpa were with us since daddy’s at the racetrack , we sent him plenty of pictures! Read more »

Valentines Cookies

Yesterday we came in from work/ school and my mother is baking and says Happy Friday Eve, my son looks at here and says “Grandma” you baked sugar cookies without me? Lol He thinks he’s going to sell them someday so he likes to help her bake them. She made most of them to send to Afghanistan for my cousin, and had to get Read more »

Pine Wood Derby

Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby morning. We usually like our 730 sleep ins on a Saturdays in the winter, but always make an exception for this family event. Read more »


Saw this today it’s so true. I think of our sons birth mother often.  And what a blessing she gave our family.That women truly is our angel. I have so much anticipation waiting for the next part of our journey, and the next child to love and our next angel! Read more »

Breaking ground

My parents moved down a little over a year ago and are building onto our home. Broke ground yesterday , the coldest day so far this year! Read more »

2020 Happy New Year!

We decided we wanted to complete our family and after 3 months our new home study came in the mail so we’re back in business. So excited to see what 2020 brings our family :) Read more »

1st day of school

Our son had his first day of first grade, its defiantly harder on Mom dropping him off and walking down that long hallway. I thought 1st grade wouldn’t be as hard as kindergarten, but boy it was :) Read more »

Busy Tuesday

Swim lessons then to the NASCAR HOF for a family team dinner. Tomorrow is Brent’s birthday, time to celebrate !!!  Checking out the track banking :) Read more »


Went and enjoyed a drive in movie Saturday ” the life of pets” , it was really good. Had been 20 years since I had went to a drive in and our sons first time. Sunday mowed lawn and went swimming, the neighbors came too, it was a good time. Read more »

Independence Day Weekend

We had a fun filled weekend of swimming , the park , fireworks and going out to eat a few times. Our son was so afraid his daddy was going to miss Sundays fireworks in our town, but we went up to eat and see the fireworks and Brent’s plane came home early so they got to enjoy dinner and the fireworks together. Monday Read more »

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