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Brent & Kimberley

Hello Birth Parent,

We know this is a life changing decision, and we appreciate that you are considering adoption. We want more than anything to be parents again to one more child , and include you all into our family. We would prefer a child already born, and complete our family! Only USA (ages 9 months to 8 years )
We became parents through adoption in 2013 and it has been the most incredible gift! We can’t wait to share the love and joy of our family. We are fun and loving parents with a wonderful son who prays for a brother or sister! Thank you

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We were brought together in the spring of 2001, our first date was at Hops Restaurant while Kim was visiting the area with her friends for a couple weeks, we enjoyed an entertaining dinner and the rest is history. One month later Kim was back in NC signing for an apartment and applying for jobs, and moved into the apartment complex with her friend Debbie.
Fast forward to Christmas of 2010 after nine and a half years we became engaged, and our families were totally thrilled as they had all been waiting for us to make it official!
We have always had a good relationship but between our engagement and our wedding our relationship blossomed more than ever, I guess the stress was off and we could just have fun. Along with our parents we planned a beautiful wedding and reception that took place Thanksgiving weekend 2011.
Fast forward to present and 3 houses later . We live in the piedmont of North Carolina. We have built a Multigenerational home. Kim’s parents moved down to NC after retirement 3 years ago, they wanted to be with family and help raise their grandchildren. Our household also has a 7 month old Yorkie, Dixie and we have Itty Bitty and Ginger are our cats that live in the shop outside. We just lost our indoor cat Dusty , he was our first fur baby and he passed away this summer after 17 1/2 years.
We were not able to have children after 2 years of fertility treatments. Our plan was to have one and adopt one, but we went right to adoption after the failed fertility and the day we put our profile up, we were contacted, and we were parents less then 2 months later.
Kim works from home part time 730-2 renting construction equipment. She has been with this company for over 11 years. When our son came home to live with us she went to a part time schedule so she would be home to get him out the door for Grandpa to take him to school and pick him up from school. We also wanted her to be there for homework, appointments, games and anything else.
Brent has worked in NASCAR racing for 20+ years. Covid has changed the way they do the sport and Brent is home except maybe 1 or 2 days a week during the season. Back when he started they would be gone 3 at least. He has always been a mechanic or car chief, and part time spotter, but last year since he was paid to stay home because of Covid he went and spotted the Indy 500, and won. This year he has already been contracted to spot Indianapolis again and is considering a contracting spotting job for all motorsports. It would be a change for him, but a nice change for us, since he would be home.
Our son is 10 and in 5th grade , he loves cub scouts swimming , and vacationing . his favorites are visiting family , beach and amusement parks, he is quite the adventurer! We have a ziplining tour planned for him this year as long as covid lets us! He loves playing with his pets and riding 4 wheelers. You can probably hear our son and the neighbor girls playing and having fun outside swinging and running around the yard

*We are hoping for a child 9 months or older
Thank you for taking time to read our journey to becoming parents again.

Adoption Diary


Today and tomorrow no school or work . Got a lot done and Dixie went to the groomers for 1/2 the day. Tomorrow we all are going zip lining and apple picking in Morganton NC , pictures too come !


Was a nice weekend, got to spend a bit of time with Brents dad . We didn’t get to have the 5 mile hike , moved to 23rd. Got to see my friends and help a bit with her mom’s estate. Brent went to a nfl game today after they raced and got 2nd last night and not home till midnight, he was tired

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Brent & Kimberley

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Brent & Kimberley