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Jimmy’s Mamaw/Rough Week - 8/7/15

Well, I haven’t posted since last weekend, so thought I’d give an update. It’s been a hard week. Jimmy’s Mamaw, who is 93, had a stroke on Monday and hasn’t woken up. My birthday was on Tuesday and we spent the day driving to Ashland. Got to see Mamaw in ICU. Then Jimmy stayed and I left at 4:30 the next morning to finish out the work week. They have given Mamaw less than a week to live, so things are kind of up in the air right now. I’m driving back up tomorrow and then we’ll come back together on Sunday. Altogether, it’ll be about 24 hours of driving in one week. The good news is that Mamaw at 93 when she walked herself in to the hospital with blood pressure issues told the family that she was ready to go to heaven whenever the Lord decided to take her. She is a strong woman. If you’re reading this and want to say a prayer, please just pray for comfort for the family. Even though we know she’s had a long life and is ready to go, it’s still rough.

I continue to pray for our child that we don’t yet know. More than ever, I’m ready for them to be in our life.

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