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January is in full swing for us. Back to normal routine of school and work. Jimmy and I both lead small groups at church which start back tomorrow. Julianne will celebrate her 100th day of school tomorrow. She made a t-shirt I’ll post a picture of later. Praying for our baby and baby’s mama as we continue to wait. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to talk! Jimmyandjessicaadopt@gmail.com Read more »


Forgot about posting New Year’s. Spent it with some good friends playing Settlers of Catan and eating too much food. Since then, it’s been back to life as normal. Us back to work. Julianne back to school. Church Bible study started back from a couple weeks of break. Jumping back into our volunteer roles at church. Read more »


Afternoon family hunt. We didn’t see any deer but enjoyed being out in the peaceful woods together on this beautiful day. Read more »


Christmas day. A little quieter than normal. Missed being around our families this year because of Covid, but got to video chat with everyone throughout the day. And enjoyed our time together opening presents and eating and watching Christmas movies. Read more »


The last couple of days have been nice out so we’ve gotten to be outside more. Swinging. And got some yard work done. Also tried my hand at cinnamon rolls from scratch. And keeping the fire going at night while we watch Christmas movies. Read more »


Well Covid has finally come close to us. My mom has it, with mild symptoms. And Julianne’s teacher has it, so her class didn’t get to go to school for their last day on Friday and had to skip their Christmas party and now we are quarantining for a couple weeks and won’t get to see family over Christmas. But Read more »


Fun Thursday off with Julianne! Baked gingerbread cookies from scratch and got the lights up on the front porch. Read more »

12/2/2020 - Christmas Tree

Cut the tree down and got it in the house and decorated this weekend. Plus time of year to start having fires. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Read more »


Julianne’s 5th birthday party! She wanted homemade lunchables so we put together a charcuterie table. Bounce house, pinata, punch, food, and friends! I think she had a good day! Read more »


We decided to have a mini fall festival through our church at our house. Had some friends over for a bounce house, games, pumpkin painting, campfire for hot dogs and stores, and of course a spot for a photo op. Julianne was a black panther and I was a leopard. Haha. Read more »

10/1/2020 - 15 Year Anniversary

Took a long weekend to the Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA for our 15 year anniversary. First time leaving Julianne for more than one night. We had a great time with just each other celebrating 15 years of marriage. We enjoyed the spa, good food, golf, and horse back riding. Oh, and Jimmy wrote a new song. You can Read more »

9/7/2020 - Wedding Weekend

We had two beautiful friends get married on this beautiful weekend. So honored to get to celebrate with both of them. Congrats to Leah & Ryan and Jay & Diana! Read more »

8/21/2020 - Friday night

Friday night and Julianne is spending the night with my parents. So we ordered pizza, baked brownies, and we’re binge watching Parks & Rec. :) Read more »

8/14/2020 - Movie Night

I forgot to get a picture, but tonight was movie night. Julianne’s pick. We watched Aristocats. Such a cute movie. Plus popcorn and some sweet treats. And best of all, cuddling on the couch. We’ll finish getting the fence around the garden tomorrow and have some friends over for dinner. Happy Friday! Read more »


I would love to talk with you. Even if you aren’t sure yet. Even if you don’t choose us. I would love to get to know you, hear about your pregnancy, your thoughts, your wishes for yourself and your baby. And I’m praying for you and your baby. Please reach out. -Jessica, jimmyandjessicaadopt@gmail.com Read more »

8/9/2020 - Garden

This weekend’s project is planting a vegetable garden. We are going to start with Scarlett Runner Beans, Spinach, and Caulifower. Plan to add Asparagus, Kale, Collard Greens, Garlic, and Strawberries in the fall. It’s been a hot weekend to tackle this, but we’ve had fun, and John Mayer on Pandora helps. Read more »

7/10/20 - Florida beach vacation

Florida beach vacation was great! We’ve had 3 trips canceled this year due to Covid-19. So changed it up and came on down to Fort Walton with Jimmy’s family. The first couple days started out with a little more rain than we would have liked, but the last few days cleared up and we had a really nice time. Beach, Read more »


Haven’t posted in a little while. What have we been up to? Well, we built a bigger chicken coop for the chickens. Finished the swing set. Had worship night a little differently (at home on tv instead of surrounded by fellow Christ-followers on the downtown square. And Julianne and I finally got to go to the zoo, Read more »


Jimmy got me a rose bush for my first Mother’s Day and I bought this pot for it but I killed the rose bush. He got another rose bush this year for Valentine’s Day because I asked for it and it lives! Read more »


Had a beautiful day celebrating the day that Julianne’s adoption was final doing all her favorite things -swinging, eating Chick-fil-A, riding her bike, swimming. My parents introduced us to a new swimming spot on the Greenway. Then finished the day going to a friend’s birthday party who was born exactly one year Read more »


Julianne’s first friend sleepover and our first date night since quarantine started. The Alley for dinner, box mix brownies for dessert. And The Office for entertainment. It was a good night. But we missed our girl. Today is her last day at her babysitter. Starting preschool next week! Read more »


Jimmy made this pretty amazing swingset out of trees from our backyard. Along with a little help from me and my dad. Read more »


Lazy weekend at home. Is quarantine over yet? We did discover the Series The Chosen, about Jesus’ life. It is really cool. Read more »


Beautiful morning to eat breakfast on the front porch. Julianne and I ate breakfast bars on the porch swing while Jimmy was turkey hunting. Then Jimmy went off to work (to the spare bedroom because we’re still under quarantine). Then we switched and I went into the office in the afternoon. I don’t normally work on Read more »


We’ve been enjoying the warmer weather. We got chickens again. (Used to have some a couple years ago.) Went for a walk and found a turtle. And made some Easter sugar cookies. Read more »


Beautiful day. Great night for a movie on the back patio… Monsters University. Read more »


Got to get outside Tuesday. Then enjoyed scrolling through coronavirus memes because what else can we do? Read more »


Friday dentist appointment for me and Julianne. Then Jimmy took Julianne on a daddy / daughter date to the rodeo while I had a nice quiet evening at home. Watched a chick flick for the first time in a long time. Cooked breakfast for an organization in town called Endure Althetics this morning. Followed by tree cutting and log Read more »


Our friends from Kentucky (Jimmy’s best friend growing up) came to hang out with us for the weekend. We mostly just hung around the house, cooking, playing board games, watching movies, baking cookies. Good fun with good friends. Read more »


Beautiful sunrise this morning. Julianne and I went to stand at Planned Parenthood for a while. If you are considering abortion, we would love to talk with you about the option of adoption instead. Read more »

2/7/2020 - Tennessee Snow Day

First snow of the year (probably only snow of the year) and first snow at the new house. I was off work already because it’s Friday and Jimmy was able to go ahead and take the day off too. Had a snowball fight, a little pull sledding in the yard, and made a tiny snowman. Then inside for hot chocolate, a fire, and some Read more »

2/2/2020 - Superbowl Sunday Funday

Went to church last night. Cleaned the house this morning. Friends over for lunch. (One of Julianne’s best friends - June.) A couple hours to chill out. Then over to my parents to hang out, eat some party food and watch the big game/commercials and half time show. Read more »


Movie night! Got dinner fixed early enough to watch a movie before bath and bedtime. Dinner - yummy chopped salad, pan seared chicken, green beans, and jasmine rice. Movie - Pocahontas II. And a show - Julianne wanted to dress up like Pocahontas when she goes to the ball. Read more »

1/20/20 - Normal Day

Today was a very normal day for us, so I thought I’d share what a normal day looks like for us. Jimmy and I up at about 6, reading the Bible, jumping in the shower to get ready for work. Waking Julianne up at the last possible minute, 6:45, to get her dressed, teeth brushed and out the door by 7. Breakfast is usually on Read more »

1/19/20 - New friends in GA

Spent a lovely weekend at the house of a coworker and his wife that Jimmy got to know in his training classes. Went to the zoo and Julianne got to feed a rhino! Had some good bbq for lunch, grilled hamburgers followed by s’mores. Jimmy and Greg went hog hunting (but didn’t see anything) while me and Francie and Read more »

1/17/20 - Haircuts

Julianne and I got our haircut today by the always wonderful Ms. Tammy. Julianne showed her a picture of a girl in a magazine with curly hair that she wanted her hair to look like and Ms. Tammy made it happen. :) Read more »

1/11/20 - We’re back!

We just got our home study approval yesterday and are excited to start the adoption process for our second child! We were matched through Adoptimist before, so of course, this is where we want to start again! Read more »


Well, this weekend was pretty low key. Worked half day on Friday because I had to take a continuing education exam in Brentwood in the morning. My mom works in Brentwood, so met her for lunch. Then Jimmy and I just took it easy around the house Friday evening. Worked a little Saturday, then went to an art festival with mom Read more »

9/12/15 - Tiffany & Andy

Our friends Tiffany and Andy are moving back to Florida to be closer to her family. We celebrated Tiffany’s birthday tonight at Carrabba’s and then bowling. It was a really fun night! Gonna miss them! Read more »

9/12/15 - Beautiful Day

Great day for a walk with the folks! Then hanging out on the back deck. And dinner and bowling later with some good friends that are moving back to Florida. Read more »

9/7/15 - Labor Day

Well, we originally planned to get to the lake at some point this weekend. Today would have been a good day for it. 95 degrees and very few clouds. BUT, we decided to mulch around the back deck instead. Need just a little more to finish it out, but it looks really good. Productive day! Read more »

9/6/15 - Drive-in

We went to the drive-in tonight with my mom and dad. It was the drive-in’s 10th anniversary, so it was $10 per car load, we got free popcorn,  and there were door prizes afterward. Guess who won 4 free tickets?! We saw Minions. It was cute. So many kids there. Can’t wait to do this with our kids one day Read more »


Shared our profile on Facebook again today and had more than 65 shares. Overwhelmed by the amount of people who took the time to share our profile. Feeling so blessed to have so much support. Read more »

8/28/15 - Chris Stapleton

So, Jimmy was supposed to go to Ashland to see Chris Stapleton in concert at the Paramount Arts Center in July, but Chris rescheduled due to illness. I couldn’t go with Jimmy in July, but I could go to the rescheduled concert. Only problem was, the show was sold out and I couldn’t find a ticket anywhere. But I Read more »

8/23/15 - Lake Day

Finally back out on the lake today! Haven’t been out all month. We thought we better get a lake day in since we may not have many more weekends left this season. Great end to the weekend! Read more »

8/22/15 - Busy Day

Got Jimmy’s mom and dad’s futon. Spray painted it and got a cover for the mattress. Spray painted a tater holder that I got at a yard sale a while back. And Jimmy refinished his mom’s old rocking chair that we’ve had for more than 2 years. I’d say it was a productive day. Read more »

8/18/15 - Mamaw & 5 Year Celebration

Mamaw passed away on Friday. Beautiful home going ceremony yesterday. So comforting to know that she was ready to meet Jesus. And today, I celebrated 5 years with Edward Jones. The celebration turned out better than expected. So thankful for my family and especially my husband for all the support. Happy 5 years to Read more »


Mamaw’s still hanging on. Good visit with the family and these two. Read more »

Jimmy’s Mamaw/Rough Week - 8/7/15

Well, I haven’t posted since last weekend, so thought I’d give an update. It’s been a hard week. Jimmy’s Mamaw, who is 93, had a stroke on Monday and hasn’t woken up. My birthday was on Tuesday and we spent the day driving to Ashland. Got to see Mamaw in ICU. Then Jimmy stayed and I left at 4:30 Read more »

Perfect Day - 7/31/15

Just want to share about my perfect day. First, got to meet an astonishing woman, a General Partner and legend at my firm - Penny Pennington. Then got to spend some time on the lake with two dear colleagues and friends. (Took the boat out by myself for the first time.) Then, if Jimmy wasn’t amazing enough already for Read more »

Working from home - 7/29/15

Doing a little work from home today and watching the sunset behind the trees while hanging out with the doggies, and of course, getting bitten by mosquitoes. :) Read more »

Mom Completes Half Marathon - 7/25/15

My mom completed her first half marathon today! She decided to do this on her own, (instead of doing a formal race). She completed it in just under 3 hours.  My dad, myself, Jimmy, and my office administrator Cheryl served as her cheerleaders. She can now proudly place the 13.1 magnet on her car. I am so proud of Read more »

Lake Day - 7/19/15

Finished the weekend on the lake with our good friends, Scott & Ashley. A hot day! Everyone got a little burnt. Came home to fry some fish that we caught this week along with corn on the cob, zucchini, mac & cheese, and hush puppies. Good way to end the week before going back to the real world of work. And check out Read more »

Kenny & Varina’s Wedding - 7/18/2015

Made the trip up to Louisville this weekend to see my childhood best friend’s brother get married. The reception was at the Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville. Very cool building and great food by Lady Fingers Catering. We decided not to spend the night which makes for 6 hours of driving in one day, but Read more »

With Florida Family and Friends - 7/17/2015

Family emergency turned into spontaneous mini vacation this week with our family and good friend Jay in Fort Pierce, FL. Got a beach day in, some good seafood, and a full day deep sea fishing before heading back home. Wish it would have been under better circumstances, but made lemonade out of lemons nonetheless. Read more »

Happy 4th of July - 7/4/2015

Spending time with Jessica’s dad’s side of the family. Cookin’ in the rain and sittin’ around on the back porch. Thankful for all those who serve our great country to keep our freedom. By the way, Aunt April makes the best broccoli casserole ever. Read more »

Tuesday - 5/19/15

Shared our profile on Facebook. Had more than 40 people share it! And received lots of comments from friends who have committed to pray for not only us but our birth mother and baby who we do not know yet. We feel so blessed to have so many people take the time to share our story and are especially thankful for those taking Read more »

Sunday - 5/17/15

Today is a lazy Sunday. Church this morning, a short nap, then took dinner over to a new mom. Her daughter, Isla, is beautiful at 3 days old. Praying that the baby we don’t yet know is growing just as healthy as her. Read more »

Home Study Approved! 5/14/2015

After what we feel like has been a long journey already, we officially received our approved home study on Thursday! Friday we were able to have our profile posted on this site! Though we don’t know who you are, we are praying for you and your baby and can’t wait for you to enter our lives! Read more »

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