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Where we live - Rockvale, Tn
How long we’ve been married - 15 years
How we met - At a church youth camp in 2004
Faith - Christian
Our Family - Daughter - Julianne, age 4. Dog - Betty. Jessica’s parents nearby, Jimmy’s parents in Kentucky, lots of supportive extended family and friends.

Why we are adopting - We had a desire to adopt, but thought we would have biological children first. After having 3 ectopic pregnancies, we decided that growing our family through adoption was the right thing for our family. We adopted our daughter, Julianne in 2015. And we are ready to welcome another child to our family to love. Julianne is so excited to become a big sister!

I’m Jessica. My husband is Jimmy. We are from the Bluegrass State. I’m from Louisville, KY, home of the Kentucky Derby. Jimmy is from Eastern KY - a city called Ashland, right on the border of Southern Ohio and West Virginia. We now call Tennessee home. We live in Middle Tennessee, about 25 minutes south of Nashville.

We met at a church youth camp the summer of 2004. I was hanging out on the bleachers by the basketball court and some guy came over and sat by me. Jimmy, observing that I wasn't interested, came to my rescue and sat on the other side and pretended to be my boyfriend. The other guy left and mine and Jimmy's friendship began.

I started college, and we lived two hours apart, so we talked constantly on the phone and visited each other as much as possible. By the end of my freshman year, we knew that we were going to get married. I decided to move to Ashland, where Jimmy lived. He proposed in June. And we were married October 1st.

We moved to West Virginia, right across the border from Ashland, so that I could go to Marshall University, but we soon realized that we wanted to make a change. Jimmy, who is a musician, had always dreamed of moving to Music City - Nashville, TN, so we decided to make the move.

We have just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and our 14th year living in Middle Tennessee.

We live in Rockvale, a suburb of Murfreesboro which is a suburb of Nashville. This area is the perfect mix for us because it has somewhat of a small town feel that Jimmy was used to, but has everything you need in a city like I was used to, and Nashville is just about 25 minutes away. Rutherford County has an incredible public school system, the largest university in the state, and our county is consistently among the fastest growing counties in the nation. The Middle Tennessee area has a vibrant music and arts scene as well as a professional football and hockey team, a minor league baseball team, and much more. It is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

We have a daughter, Julianne (5), who we adopted in 2015 and have had since birth. Julianne is the sweetest daughter we could ask for. She is very smart and enjoys learning. She talks very well, even with adults. She is most definitely an extrovert. She likes to sing and has told us she wants to be on stage when she’s older. She LOVES animals and babies. She wants to be an animal doctor when she grows up. She enjoys playing board games, watching movies and being outdoors in the summer, swimming, going to the zoo and going to the playground - she loves to swing.

In addition to myself, Jimmy, and Julianne, our family also consists of a confident, independent black lab mix named Betty. Julianne loves animals and Betty is very good with her.

My parents moved to Middle Tennessee the year before we adopted Julianne to be closer to us, especially as we started a family of our own. They absolutely love being grandparents and getting to be close to their granddaughter and future grandkids. Jimmy’s parents are still in Ashland, Kentucky along with his sister and her husband and their two sons (Julianne’s cousins). They are about 6 hours away, but we see them about 5-6 times a year. My sister lives in Los Angeles and we usually just get to see her around the holidays, but face time keeps her connected as she loves being an aunt.

We also feel very blessed to have many friends, especially through church, that we consider our extended family.

Jimmy and I are both financial advisors with Edward Jones Investments, a financial services firm. We run independent offices. This is my 10th year and Jimmy’s 4th year. Because we both run our own businesses, we are able to have very flexible schedules. This has been good for our family. And I have been able to take off and stay home with Julianne on Fridays (in addition to the weekend) since Julianne was born.

We both love the outdoors. Jimmy likes to hunt and fish. We used to have a boat and love the lake, hope to get one again one day. We both love to travel. We were able to visit Hawaii this past year through a bonus program with my work. Our two favorite places we’ve visited are Rome, Italy and Aruba. Jimmy is also a singer/songwriter and plays guitar. I have recently gotten into furniture painting. We also like playing board games, cooking, watching movies, and just spending quality time with family and friends.

You may be wondering what led us to adoption. I always had a desire to adopt. I’m not sure why. I guess I just always felt that there were so many children without homes and that one day I might be able to provide a good home for a couple of them. But, I thought I would have biological children first.

Jimmy and I started trying to have a biological child October 2013. I then had 3 ectopic pregnancies. We did all kinds of tests and the doctors couldn’t seem to find anything wrong or any cause for why it kept happening.

As we explored our options with our fertility doctor, we just kept coming back to adoption. And as we prayed, we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was the right thing for us to do.

We got approved to adopt and started searching for birth parents who wanted to choose adoption for their child in February of 2015. Julianne’s birth mom contacted us in September of 2015 and Julianne was born in November. We had finally become a family of 3 and our lives were changed forever!

We have a very good open relationship with Julianne’s birth mom. She allowed me to be in the delivery room when Julianne was born, and Jimmy and I were able to have Julianne in the hospital and have her with us since birth.

We are more than ready to welcome a new child into our family to love on. Julianne is so ready to become a big sister!

We’ve had an emotional journey growing our family but it has been so rewarding. I’m sure your journey making the decision to place your child for adoption has been emotional as well. We hope to make the process as rewarding for you as we know it will be for us.

Lastly, but really most importantly, we are believers in Jesus Christ. We are actively involved in a church in Murfreesboro called Experience Community Church (www.experiencecc.com). Our relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in our lives and is central to our relationship with each other. If you place your child with us, your child will be raised in a Christian home, learning Christian values, and be actively involved in a church community.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our Home
We actually just moved to Rockvale from Murfreesboro (same county) December 2019. We bought land in Rockvale in 2018 and spent the last 12 months building a house here.
We live in a spacious and cozy three bedroom all brick ranch on 85 acres in the county. We enjoy burning a fire in our fireplace in the winter and hiking trails in the summer.


adoptive family photo - Jessica I am 34 years old, from Louisville, KY.

I am personable, ambitious, and generous and I absolutely love being a mom!

I enjoy being outdoors, painting, cooking, traveling, playing board games, going to plays, going to baseball games, watching movies, and just spending quality time with friends and family.

I enjoy trying new recipes. One of my recent favorites is a garlicky honey chicken stir fry. And I also like baking fresh bread and cookies from scratch. In my spare time, slowly but surely, I am refinishing some dining chairs.


adoptive family photo - Jimmy I am 36 years old, from Ashland, KY.

I am a sociable, laid-back musician and outdoorsman.

I like hunting and fishing. I like to play guitar, sing, and song-write. I love doing anything outdoors, and also enjoy traveling, playing board games, and have recently gotten into golf.

When I'm not working, you are most likely to find me doing something outside at our house. Definitely hunting during deer season. And I make a mean deer jerky and deer chili! If not hunting, I might be cutting down firewood or working on some other project, like recently building a pig pen for us to raise pigs.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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