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Saturday Morning Vids

Finally its Saturday!  Barbi Jo’s favorite day of the week.  It’s family day and the day to slow down and hang out together.  Saturday mornings are slow moving around here.  The girls get up and enjoy some video game time downstairs in the movie room while Egan makes breakfast upstairs.  It’s usually a choice of either Dutch Babies or Swedish Pancakes.  Both are favorite recipes of Egan’s passed down from his mom. Read more »

Shark Shower Curtain

We needed a new shower curtain so I let the kids pick it out.  It took them a while to agree on one but I love the one they finally chose.  We put it up yesterday and it makes me giggle every single time I go into the bathroom. Read more »

Busy Busy Busy

This weekend was busy.  Friday, Egan and I attended a memorial for my best friends dad who passed way too early of cancer. Saturday the whole family went to a community fair that our neighborhood has.  Both girls said the henna tattoos and ice cream were the highlights of that.  Sunday we went to the Sounders game (Seattle Read more »

Summer = Cousin Time!

We have three of the cousins staying with us this week.  All five kids are going to acting camp together.  Harry Potter and Lion King.  I thought would be a hard week feeding, transporting and putting FIVE kids to bed every night but so far it’s been great.  A few arguments between the kids here and there but for the most Read more »

1st Week of Summer

Week one of summer is officially over.  The girls spent two days with their grandparents and then we headed to the lake.  We are lucky to have friends that have a summer home on Lake Chelan and invite us every year.  This is one of the kids favorite places to go.  Sun, water balloons, shaved ice and floaties pretty much sums Read more »

School’s out!

Last week was finally the last day of school!  We celebrated by having 25 kids (and their parents) to our house for a BBQ.  Now its on to vacation, summer camps and amazing weather.  This really is the best time of year. Read more »

Fathers Day in Canada

One of the great things about living in Seattle is we are so close to the Canadian border.  So for Fathers Day we cruised on up to Victoria, Canada for the weekend.  We took a high speed ferry boat and spent two days doing what Egan loves.  Hiking, biking and found a cool little spot to play board games. Discovered a new game Read more »

Love this picture

Very excited for adoption and found this lovely photo so thought I’d share.  Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Read more »

Raising our kids

Both Egan and I grew up Catholic.  He grew up going to church every Sunday and going to Catholic school until 8th grade when he then switched over to the public school.  I grew up as a holiday Catholic meaning we went to church on the holidays and sometimes sporadically throughout the year.  We decided for our children that we Read more »

Fun Facts About Us

1.  Egan is afraid of heights. 2.  Barbi Jo lived in Mexico on and off for four years. 3.  We served blackberry pie instead of cake at our wedding. 4.  Egan and Alexi have superior SKILLS in the matching game! 5.  Alexi is 7 years old but is taller than Faith who is 9 years old. 6.  Barbi Jo went skydiving and Read more »

About This Diary

We hope that pictures, videos and diary entries help to give you a glimpse of what our family life is like and what kind of life your child would have with us. Please feel free to contact us at any time in any way that you find the most comfortable. We can only imagine the first step is hard to make and to tell you the truth, we are nervous too. But we are here to listen to you and support you and together we can make this a decision you are comfortable, peaceful and happy with.

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******* Barbi Jo & Egan *******

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******* Barbi Jo & Egan *******