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************ Barbi Jo & Egan ***********


************ Barbi Jo & Egan ***********
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Your baby will grow up loved, adored and cherished by us and his/her loving sisters!

Our names are Barbi Jo and Egan. We have been happily married for 12 years. We are extremely fortunate to have two daughters and we are hoping for another child to complete our family. We live in Seattle about seven miles from downtown in a fantastic neighborhood that is close to many parks, restaurants and only a couple blocks away from our elementary school. We have three sets of Grandparents who our children are very close to. Our kids are also lucky enough to have eleven cousins who we see as much as we can.

To dig into our life a bit we have to begin with our two daughters, Faith and Alexi. Faith is 9 years old and Alexi is 7 years old. Both are very excited to have a new sibling. The girls are active in swimming, soccer, and gymnastics as well as whatever weekend activities we have planned with friends and family. As a family one of the things we enjoy doing together is playing games. These days its mostly Monopoly, Headbandz and for an hour or two on the weekends we play video games. We enjoy cooking and let the kids help. Anything cookie related is their favorite to join in. Measuring out the flour and sugar as well as breaking the eggs and making a huge mess seems to be their favorite part. Art projects are also a hit in our house. The girls just finished making pencil holders and bookmarks for the school craft fair. Last but not least we all enjoy being active in sports and almost any activity that involves being outside. As soon as that sun is out you will find us on our trampoline, on a hike or kicking around the soccer ball.

The two of us have structured our jobs to revolve around flexible work schedules as we realize that time with our young kids is very important to us. We believe our family time together is very valuable as it allows us to slow down and enjoy one another's company. The two of us try to parent in a way that teaches children to have a positive identity, be respectful of others and make good choices.

We know you have a big decision in front of you in picking a family for your baby. We hope to be that family. We will 100% honor your choice of an open or closed adoption and will ensure your child grows up knowing exactly what YOU want them to know about you and your reasons for planning adoption. They will grow up knowing your love for them. We are excited and extremely grateful for this opportunity. If you do choose us, the best way to truly thank you is to cherish and love the child you entrust us with for the rest of our lives.

Please contact us at any time. You can call or text Barbi Jo at 206-496-7847. Or email ludlock2015@gmail.com.

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Hi, we are Barbi Jo, Egan, Faith and Alexi. We are excited to add a child to our family through adoption. We look forward to providing him or her with a life that is full of love, happiness and adventure.

We met a little over 14 years ago at an Irish Bar. Egan was headed for Africa the next morning and Barbi Jo had just returned from Africa a few weeks before. The rest of the night was a blur as stories of travel took over the evening and we figured out how much we had in common. We began dating as soon as Egan returned from his Africa and we married two years later. We spent our first years of marriage trying to travel as much as possible. We went to Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico and also traveled within the United States. Three years later we had our daughter Faith and a year after that we had our other daughter Alexi. We are at a place in life where we would like to grow our family by one more. ❤️ We will provide a child with what we believe are core values. Honesty, love of family, dear friends, the best education, a passion for staying active and a healthy self esteem.

We wish you only the best in your journey, wherever it may take you. We realize the decision to choose an adoption plan is difficult and hope you find peace and comfort in choosing the best parents for your child.

Adoption Diary

Fathers Day in Canada

One of the great things about living in Seattle is we are so close to the Canadian border.  For Fathers Day we headed up to Canada for the weekend.  We took a high speed ferry boat and spent two days doing what Egan loves.  Hiking, biking and found a cool little spot to play board games. Discovered a new game called Codenames - Duet.  It was a nice weekend celebrating one of the best dads I know, Egan.

Love this picture

Very excited for adoption and found this lovely photo so thought I’d share.  Hope everyone has an amazing weekend.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


************ Barbi Jo & Egan ***********

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************ Barbi Jo & Egan ***********