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Cub Scouts

We recently celebrated another cross-over ceremony with our Cub Scouts! Both boys have loved their experiences with Daddy and the other guys in our Pack this year.  Aiden moved up to become a Webelo and Jackson moved from a Lion into the Tiger Den. Both boys earned many belt loops and are anxiously awaiting Cub Scout Camp at the end of the month! I love all the things they are learning and the bonds that they’re creating with each other, with Daddy, with the other Scouts and their families too.  We enjoy spending time outside together and our Scouting program reinforces that. The smiles we see when we set up the tent or ask the boys to help get our gear out of the shed are genuine and better than anything! Maybe someday soon we will be packing for a family of 5 trip!

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Sunday, March 20, 2016
As we are getting ready to go celebrate St. Patrick's Day at our local Irish Center, I can't help but wonder if we will be able to grow our family again this year?! We have been blessed with 2 amazing, handsome sons and are feeling like there is more love in our hearts. What an awesome feeling!
The boys are always asking me why we have so many empty seats in our car. They can't wait till we have kids in all the seats!!

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Steve, Megan, Aiden & Jackson

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Steve, Megan, Aiden & Jackson